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  • Updated Jul 31, 2013
  • Created Mar 24, 2013
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  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: Hunger Games 1.1.3

About Hunger Games

Hunger Games


Hunger Games is a minecraft server mod which enables any user to host Hunger Games on their server. The plugin has features which include, and not limited to, everything you see in the classic movie. The plugin features hidden chests, sponsorships, and sudden deaths! Not only does this plugin include all of the confusing details from the actual event, it automates them all for you! When downloading this plugin, we know you have two things in mind: Does it work to the extent that I want it to, and how much space is this going to take up? Easy. This plugin has been extensively tested and fleshed of all erroneous code, and made sure to be efficient as possible, while using only a fraction of data. Here, we made sure to emphasize that ANYONE can run a successful games on ANY server. Using this plugin, you can have the server that booms with a huge number of users playing, and a dedicated server for only Hunger Games, and the only thing you need is this plugin!. Also, if you're a smaller server owner, you can use this plugin alongside your other favorite plugins and still play a game or two with some friends. The plugin has NO dependencies, but also works with other plugins if you wish. Storing your players' stats is now a breeze. With large databases or just simple text documents, player kills, wins, deaths, points, and total games played are stored in either a MySQL database or a text document. What makes this plugin the best, is that everything that could possibly turn your games from boom to bust are configurable! Nearly everything is configurable and if there is something that is not but you want configurable, just ask or submit a ticket and we will try to accommodate you. Also when we update the default config, you don't have to let it regenerate or anything. It just adds the options that were missing for you.


  • MySQL - When available and specified in the plugin's configuration file, the mod will take full use of database provided by you locally or externally. Simply enter the database information, and player stats will be stored safely away in the database. Changing data is also as easy as a command, or the administrator can choose to push data through a GUI. No confusing SQL queries!
  • YML File - If you don't have a MySQL Database available, the plugin will use a yml document to store player data. Although this is not recommended, this provides an easy way for users to view and edit player stats.


No plugins required! There are no other plugins required to run this plugin. Although, it is suggested that you get plugins for anti-cheating and multi-world to make it easier to use this plugin.


For a list of permissions, go to the permissions page by clicking pages and going to permissions. Or, click this link. This is not always fully updated so ask if you need help.

For a list of commands, go to the commands page by clicking pages and going to commands. Or, click this link. This is not always fully updated so it is best to use /hg help.

If you would like your server added to a list of servers using this plugin, just leave a comment at the bottom, and we will add it to

Our to-do list can be found here, if you have any suggestions you can post them there also.

Our server: <Down for maintenance>

How to set up an arena for Hunger Games 1.1.0 and above:

NOTICE: This plugin should work when bukkit updates. Please do not ask us if the most recent version of Hunger Games works for the most recent version of bukkit. We will deny answering you, because it has already been answered here. If it does not. tell us, and we will make changes to make sure it works.

Reporting Bugs

While you can post the bugs in the replies, we would rather you post them as a ticket. The reason being, both sides can easily tell how we're doing with the bug when trying to fix it, and it creates a lot less spam for the replies section.


The best way to contact the developers of this plugin directly is to email us at [email protected] and we will be sure to respond to you ASAP! Additionally, you can contact the developers at

If you would like to help us create this plugin please contact one of the developers or apply on our website.

For the most constant and most frequently updated plugin builds, feel free to check here for new builds. NOTE: The builds updated here are not necessarily approved by BukkitDev yet.

If you'd like to view the source for this plugin, click here.

Visit our website for community, development, and game news and updates!


Added 10 second countdown for when players can move and how much time until deathmatch

Fixed a bug if not connected to internet

Fixed players keeping potion effects from before game.

Added option in config to let players get kicked on game end.

Fixes players being able to take damage while not being able to move

Fixed a bug if language was null

Added a way to disable showing the score before name

Added a way to put players in spectate mode after they die (this is disabled by default)

Changed way player inventory is cleared (should now not sometimes not work)

Fixed working with all number of arenas except 2 (testing in progress that why this pre release)

Might have fixed bug with spigot and other teleporting bugs.

Hopefully fixed timers at long last

- Found Bug: Arenas don't work properly if their name has a number in them (may also be true with underscores and such)

- Added a command /hg remove arena arenaName to remove an arena


Finally fixed the issue with game crashing (hopefully) still doing some tests though


Added ability to disable update check (was needed for bukkit to accept build)

Fixed error on reload if no arena set

Hopefully fixed timers at last


Made it so players can jump during pregame teleport

Added a updateMotd option in config to dictate weather or not update the server motd about the stage of the game

Fixed spectators being able to interact with blocks

Fixed players not respawning in proper location

Fixed players not dropping items on death

Fixed forcestop

Added in the lightning and thunder on a tribute's death to simulate the cannons (this will strike the spot they died but not do damage to players or dropped items)

Added dropped items clearing after each round

Added in /hg forcestop

Fixed players not respawning in proper location

Some bug fixes that have been reported

Fix not clearing winner's inventory

Make it impossible to vote if one map instead of throwing an error to console

Invincibility for x seconds after game start (configurable in config.yml

Setting a spawn for players to go to when they die or game ends (/hg setworldspawn players also sent there on reload now)

A way to tell the console and ops on log in if there is an update to this plugin (we will update the thing it checks within a few hours of bukkit accepting a build)

Added minPlayers to start the game

Added cooldown after teleport before players can move

Fixed not emptying or clearing chests on reloads

Fixed not sending a player who leaves back to spawn

Added in ability to modify how much time before deathmatch (this means for now have to remove countdown and only show the first time how much time is left [hopefully will be able to figure a way to do countdown with the modifiable time soon])

Added in ability to set players needed to start the death match

Added a chest finder to find chests after a command to stop lag on game start

Thanks to a free online translation api, we now support multiple languages (changeable in config)

Made message timings more customizable

Made message colors more customizable

Fixed a bug causing a crash after playing one round

Fixed a few major bugs


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