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About CraftZ

CraftZ - Massive DayZ Mod Recreation In Minecraft


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CraftZ has all the features needed to create the full DayZ experience, including zombie spawning, a player spawn system, medical items, kits, backpacks, loot, bleeding, thirst, breaking your bones... the list could go on some more.

Do you need any other plugins to get started? No! CraftZ comes with world protection, a ranged chat if you want, spawning limits and other useful stuff. This doesn't mean you can't use anything else with it. The plugin integrates with Vault for rewards and Dynmap for displaying all kinds of information. People have also successfully been using CrackShot together with CraftZ to integrate weapons into their server.

The configuration files offer high customizability, so everything you just heard about can be adapted to your specific needs.


Automated spawningBlood level, no natural regeneration
Spawn pointsThirst (Display: EXP level)
Lured by noise or rapid
movement (Display: EXP bar)
Bone breaking, Morphine
Zombies don't burn at dayBleeding; Bandages, Blood Bags
Infections when bit by zombiesAntibiotics
ItemsServer features
Grenades (ender pearl), barriers (cobwebs)Lobby, player spawnpoints
Kits with in-game editorWorld protection (against player & environment)
Loot chestsChat: DayZ format, ranged + walkie-talkie (clock)
BackpacksPer-player scoreboard
displays session statistics
Custom names for the itemsA highly infected world border
Players are "zombified" upon
death, items kept by the player zombie
Real-life time (in-game time
equal to outside time)
Fireplaces (harvest wood by right-clicking
iron axe on tree, place down log)
Integration with Dynmap,
Vault for rewards

Things I am planning on implementing

  • Support for more than one CraftZ world
  • Disabling logout while in combat
  • Configurable items for bandages, morphine etc


This plugin doesn't work properly with a few other plugins:

  • If you have problems with player spawning, you maybe have to uninstall or reconfigure Essentials (possible solution: Comment #324)
  • If you have problems with zombie spawning and you are using WorldGuard, be sure to uninstall it or to set "block-plugin-spawning: false" inside its configuration.


CSTAT made a video explaining how the world setup works:

Thanks to Wukkit for this tutorial!


(You can submit your server IP, I might join to check and then put it here!)


Please consult this before reporting an issue.

  • Q: Players do not take damage, do not break their bones, etc.
    A: Have you set up a lobby, and do players join via '/craftz spawn'? If you have a lobby, are you outside of it when testing?
  • Q: Can I use CraftZ for a different world?
    A: Yes, you can; change the "world: name: " entry in config.yml to your preferred world's name.
  • Q: What does "You're in an infected area" mean?
    A: That is the world border. It is intended to serve as a help for limiting the map size; you can disable it in the config.
  • Q: Can you add <feature>?
    A: Please check whether that idea is already on the to-do-list, if it is, I am probably already working on it.

Donate via PayPal

If you encounter an issue,
please create a ticket instead of a comment,
that makes it easier for us to help you!

NOT compatible with 1.7! Only for 1.8.X

Please visit Updating!


  • Added: Backpacks
    • They are physical items (displayed as chests).
    • Can be obtained in kits or loot chests.
    • Create with '/craftz makebackpack <size> <name>'.
    • Add to loot lists in the form of '<backpack:18:British Assault Pack>'.
  • Added: Enemy types can be defined in a new configuration file. All previously zombie-only properties can be set individually.
  • Changed: Enemy health can now be higher than the Vanilla maximum.
  • Changed: The log harvesting limit can be configured.
  • Changed: The tree detection algorithm was improved.
  • Changed: The lobby reset can be disabled.
  • Added: Loot chests drop contents when punched.
  • Fixed: Loot chests refill 1 more item than they should.
  • Fixed: Auto zombie spawns queuing up when no player is online.
  • Fixed: Campfires don't cook food.
  • Fixed: Exception when non-playing person was targeted by an entity.
  • Fixed: Armor stands create blood particles.
  • Fixed: Zombies sometimes setting players on fire.
  • Changed: Zombies burning in sunlight can be enabled.
  • Changed: Bleeding and poisoning damage intervals can be configured.
  • Changed: The visibility bar can be disabled and EXP drops can be enabled.
  • Changed: Different bandaging message when not bleeding.


  • Added: Kits (spawn with start stuff); ingame editing, per-kit permissions.
  • Added: Loot chests can despawn after some time; you can set the maximum player vicinity for them to respawn.
  • Changed: Blood particles are now working again.
  • Added: Campfires can cook food; drop an item in there and receive the cooked version.
  • Added: Respawn countdown, permission 'craftz.instantRespawn' to bypass.
  • Added: Full tab completion for every command.
  • Added: Players with permission 'craftz.spawn.choose' can select a spawnpoint ('/craftz spawn [spawnpoint]').
  • Changed: Permissions have default allocations, e.g. '/craftz spawn' is by default available to everybody.
  • Changed: Invulnerability time can be configured.
  • Changed: Dead player inventories are stored directly on the zombie -> no leftover data stored.
  • Changed: Baby zombie properties can be configured separately.
  • Fixed: Players getting poisoned by zombies while not playing.
  • Fixed: Disabling tree harvesting does not disable respective inventory limits.
  • Fixed: Disabling thirst does not fully disable it.


  • Added: Many new config options, e.g. players can keep lobby items.
  • Added: Rewards with Vault (get money for killing players and zombies and for healing players).
  • Added: Campfires! They use armor stands, so they look pretty neat indeed. Only of aesthetic use for now.
  • Added: Dynmap integration! [EXPERIMENTAL] World border, loot chests and player spawns show up as markers. Loot categories each have their own icons, and when clicked, they display their contents in a popup.
  • Added: Radio, or walkie-talkie, with 10 channels (ingame item: watch), switch through them with left and right click. Allows talking across map, even with ranged chat.
  • Added: Loot categories can have their own settings which override global ones (ex. custom respawn time, custom item count).
  • Added: Permanent highscore list with '/craftz top'.
  • Added: '/craftz purge' to kill all zombies in the world.
  • Added: Zombies can pull players down if they are 2 blocks above them.
  • Fixed: Statistics as well as thirst are now not being increased while in creative mode. Hunger not applied in lobby.
  • Changed: Zombies can be spawned by dispensers.
  • Changed: Grenades were rebalanced.

For older versions, please go to the respective files.

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