Cops and Robbers

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
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About Cops and Robbers

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Upon creation of a new game, all players become either a cop or a citizen. Once a citizen commits a crime, he will become a robber. Upon the killing of the robber by a cop, the robber will spawn in the designated jail becoming a prisoner. He can either remain there until released by a cop or attempt to escape.

Key Aspects of the Game

  • Little to no protection will be over jails; so watch the inmates carefully!
  • Criminals must be killed by a cop in order to be arrested!
  • Cops are allowed to kill and assault anyone without risk of being jailed!
  • But cops DO become robbers for doing, making, or selling drugs!
  • Some crimes are easier to get caught doing than others!
  • Prisoners that commit crimes are still prisoners so if they die by any means, they respawn in jail!

Future Features

  • Custom crimes list
  • Bail
  • Ranking/reputation system
  • Tazers
  • Recruitment for police force and gangs


  • /car new - Starts new game.
  • /car end - Ends current game.
  • /car laws - Lists active laws.
  • /car cops - Lists all cops.
  • /car robbers - Lists all robbers.
  • /car prisoners - Lists all prisoners.
  • /car citizens - Lists all citizens.
  • /car role <player> [role] - Sets the role of the given player.


Download and install Spout as well as Spoutcraft. Then simply, place the jar in your plugins folder.

Next Release

To learn more about the coming release check out this page!

I welcome suggestions. Tell me what you like and don't like. Just add your thoughts in a comment.


  • Updated for CB 1.2.5-R4.0


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