Census Signs

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About Census Signs

Census Signs

By: Quinn Henckel
Have you ever wanted to show players how many people where in an area?
Ever needed to make an online staff wall?

Now you can!
Using Census signs is very easy all you have to do is create a region with world edit and the /censussign.
Create a sign with the first line "[census]" and the secound line what area to dysplay the count for.
Or create a sign with "[online]" with the player name on the secound line and it will let you know if they are online or not!
The sign will automaticly update every 2 secounds!


  1. Install Worldedit (skip this if you already have it.)
  2. Dowload the .Jar.
  3. Move it to your /plugins/ folder.
  4. Restart/reload your server.
  5. The config will create automaticly.

Use the Plugin:

Create a census area
Select the area
This is the Area that will count players. Make it big. Make sure to select the floor not the wall. It can only be a WorldEdit cubiod region.
Type the command:
This command is: /censussign new (area name). For example: /censussign new city (this would be for an area call "city")
Create a display sign
Place a Sign
You can place a sign anywhere you want. Just make sure People can see it ;)
Fill in the sign
there are two types of signs: Census and online.
Census sign Online sign
The first(top) line should be: [census] The first(top) line should be: [online]
The secound line is the name of the region The secound line is the name of the player
Leave blank The third line is the color you want the player name to be
Picture of how to make it Picture of how to make it
Make as many signs as you want!
Just fill it in like all the rest!
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See the page for defaults.


/censussigns new (area name)
This defines a new area. You can then place signs to display the number of players in this area.


Allow this user to create signs


This is a HARD dependency. You must be able to select a rigion or census signs will throw an error.

Upcomming changes!

  • deleting areas
  • fixing errors from missing signs
  • Commands to count areas with out signs.
  • Better help messages.
  • More sign types
  • Better colors.
  • Counting other things (mobs, items, blocks...)
  • Feel free to leave suggestions!

Added colors.
Added Players online signs.
Added Error detection.
Added some help.