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About QuestLine Library

QuestLine is a library to help you to make quests in RPG's maps. The system is customizable, and allows you to make a quest system as World of Warcraft quests.

Functions included

            Constant - Set Text Tag Values
            Defined Text Tag
            Create a new Category Quest
            Create a new Quest
            Define Start Text for Quest Id
            Defined Information Text
            Define Progress Text for Quest Id
            Define End Text for Quest Id
            Define Quest Name for Quest Id
            Add Item Requirement to Quest Id
            Add Kill Requirement to Quest Id
            Add Trigger Requirement to Quest Id
            Add Item Reward to Quest Id
            Add Quest Item to Quest Id
            Set Experience Reward to Quest Id
            Set Gathers Reward to Quest Id
            Check Triggered Requirement by Quest Id for Player
            Add Link into Locked Quest Id And Completed Quest Id
            Add Event to Quest Id
            Launch Quest Id for Player.
            Set the Escort Requirement to Quest Id
            Launch the Escort verification by Quest Id for Player
            Unit - Talk with Unit from Unit

            Get Last Created Quest Id
            Get Last Created Category Quest Id
            Get Quest Id by Name
            Get Last Event Player Id for Quest Id
            Get Name for Quest Id
            Get Status Name by Quest Id for Player
            Get Quest Count by Unit for Player

Check the entire Functions List.


  • Able to create quests categories
  • Able to create quests
  • Rewards: Items, Experience, Gathers, Items choise.
  • Requirements: Custom (triggered), Kills, Items.
  • Quest Items (earn when the quest is accepted, lost when the quest is finished or dropped).
  • Quest Book system.
  • Following sytem.
  • Multi-units system.


  • 50 quests (*)
  • 25 different unit-types for all quests (*)
  • 1 Quest book by player
  • 25 units of each unit-type used by quests (*)
  • 16 players
  • 5 kills requirements by quest (*)
  • 5 items requirement by quest (*)
  • 5 triggered requirement by quest (*)
  • 1 escort requirement by quest (*)

(*) Can be edited by constants.


Only GUI is supported for the moment.


Tutorial - Playing between quests

Upcoming changes

See upcoming changes.

Any problems ?

See this page.

You can find here all the changes for the next version of the library:

Resolving bugs

A huge wave of bugs will be resolved with the 1.2 version of the library.

Talk to Unit from Unit

Solved a a huge bug when this funtion is used.

Quest Log Bug

Solved a bug about the Quest Information Dialog (in Quest Log).

Text Tags Bug

Solved an issue when a unit appears on the map. A created unit-type used by any quest will have the quest tag, as others starting units.

Item Stack Bug

Solved an issue with the "Set Number of Stack of Item" in Stacking Library. Solved an issue with the "Get Number of Stack of Item" in Stacking Library. Solved an issue with stacking items.

Text Tags Constants Bug

Solved a bug that makes the Constant Text Tags useless.

Player Alliance Bug

Solved a bug with some triggers in the QL Library when you use the "Kill Unit" trigger.

Validation Window Bug

Solved an issue that provokes error when required items don't have the same Id as the button. Solved an issue with the count of required items if the required number of items is more than 9.

Funtions changes

Constant - Set Experience Effect Constant to Effect.

Deprecated with GE 1.1.

Dialog - Show/Hide Quest Dialog for Player.


  • Showing Mode - Show/Hide

New functions

Game - Constant - Authorize/Unauthorize movement when accepting a quest.


  • Authorization Mode - Authorize/Unauthorize

Game - Get Quests Units Group

Use this function to retreive all units who proposes quests.

Game - Get Quest State by Quest Id for Player


  • Integer - Quest Id
  • Integer - Player

Returns the status of the specified quest id for this player.



The next version will be released with 2 localizations:

  • French
  • English

Portraits on units

The Quest windows has now a portrait at the left side.


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