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About NitG


Forum Thread


Did you ever had this "dream" about having lots of items in you map?
Did you tried to make this dream come true?
How much your mental health suffered in this process?

With Nerfpl's Item Generator this never been easier!

  • Tier, Prefix, Suffix based. Any combination with any amount of base item templates is possible.
  • Any amount of levels.
  • Availability of tier, prefix, suffix per level.
  • Availability of prefix, suffix per class.
  • Automatic tooltips.
  • Supports custom attribute behaviors.
  • Session saving.
  • Everything customizable.
  • XML Output
  • Possiblity to Inject data into map (Thx to SBeier)
  • Short Manual

How to use

Well, everything is explained in tooltips also theres Tutorial button if you need.
It goes something like this

  • Define base item - skeleton/template. This item can have base values like 10 damage etc. Also it defines certain aspects like button or class.
  • Optionally at this stage you should define any attribute behaviors you want to use.
  • Define base growth if you need. This will cause item to 'grow' in stats with each level.
  • Define list of Prefixes and Suffixes. Those are created for each possible combination of item unless they are filtered for defined conditions.
  • Define list of Tiers. Those are multiplers for item's stats. For example 'Weak' item can have 0.7 multiper for stats were 'Epic' 2.0 etc. In addition those define item color name and global actor per tier.
  • Configure how you want all stats to be named, how to display thier values in tooltips etc.
  • Hit Generate
  • Now you can either copy paste XML Data (right click to avoid paste limit) or use Inject to save directly to your map.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Should be on any modern system)

Please use This Thread for questions etc

  • few tweaks.
  • added "additional info" for getting list of all used IDs; in XML Data tab
  • Injecting will now remember map path
Known issues
Currently if you use inject and your data is ~40Mb+ the compression may fail.
This will cause your file to be saved in uncompressed form.
To fix this just open saved file in editor and save it there. Editor will compress it.
This bug will not be fixed as its caused by external library.

  • fixed base growth formula

  • fix: typo preventing item generating
  • changed version naming to mach this of program
  • changed way loading works. Aimed to prevent data loss when certain part does not have to be reset due update
  • adjusted and added options to manual data resetting


  • added 'available until level' option to prefixes, suffixes and tiers
  • 'total size' now tries to predict packed data size.


  • generation process is now ~300% faster


  • added summary view for prefix and suffix
  • slight core rework
  • bugfixes
  • changed how 'start at' and 'use every x levels' interact. Now it is more correct. If it starts at 8 and use every 3 it will go 8,11,14 etc.


  • fast fixed adding custom attributes to new prefixes, suffixes, tiers >.>


  • added list sorting for prefixes, suffixes and tiers
  • fixed issue with adding new prefixes, suffixes and tiers


  • fixed custom attributes saving
  • added local name field for prefix suffix and tiers


  • fixed error when deleting base item
  • fixed adding custom attributes to base growth


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