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About Achievement Library with Animations

There are other achievement libraries out there, but this is the only fully animated one out there. It is easy to use, as long as you follow the instructions in the comments.

An achievement showcase dialog will be added as soon as it is completed (1-2 weeks, as I don't have much time).


-Neat animation.

-Easy to use.

-Allows multiple achievements to show at the same time for the same player (they will be spaced apart).

-When multiple achievements are shown at the same time, new ones will replace the areas where others faded out. For example, let's say that two achievements are shown 3 seconds apart. When the first achievement fades away, a third achievement will appear, filling up the first "slot" instead of the third.


As this uses custom images made in photoshop, follow these directions closely in order for it to work in your map:

1. Go to the Imports section of the editor. There you will see a bunch of images.

2. Select those images, right click, and export them to a mostly empty section of your computer (Desktop, most likely).

3. For efficiency, at this time, select the action function and the two variables next to it and copy them.

4. Open up the map you want this in. Import the images first from where you saved them. Then, paste the triggers in (if this is done in a different order, you might end up with blue images instead of the ones you want).

5. Set your bank to have a section for the achievement achieved variable and set the achievement achieved variable to equal what was in the bank.

6. Go to the achievement function, scroll to the bottom of it, and add an action to save the bank file of the player who received the achievement.

7. When you want to award an achievement to a player, use the imported function, where you can set the achievement number, name, description, image, and points, as well as the specified player.

Special Thanks

Khalani - because I'm taking the image files of achievements for the showcase dialog out of his asset.

Zeldarules - For providing information for something that could be useful in the showcase dialog.

Zeldarules/SoulFilcher - for being kind enough to take the time to try converting some of my .dds files for me when my program glitched, even though I didn't use those images because I felt like I had to do some more fine tuning.

All of the people who supported me.

And you guys, the users!


1.0: Released.

1.5: All but one known bug fixed, much more simple layout, multiple achievements (as many as you like, I even tried out 3) for the same player going at the same time allowed.

1.6: Known bug fixed, achievements will no longer randomly stack.

1.61: Fixed a bug where if a player completed a task to get an achievement multiple times within a few seconds space, the same achievement would appear multiple times as well.

1.62 (BETA): Achievement animation is now much faster.

1.9 (BETA): Animation has been changed to resemble Blizzard's. However, there are two parts that are not done.

1.95 (BETA): Added a secondary shine for the icons/points and changed the icon flash appearance to be earlier in order to match the sound effect.

1.96 (BETA): Made the icon/point shine more subtle and quicker.


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