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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Apr 17, 2017
  • Created Oct 30, 2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v2.0.1

About Yay Mounts

Please comment with any bugs, errors that occur, or with any additional features you'd like to see added.

If a mount is not showing up, try "/ym reload" to force a reload and check if it shows up then. If it still doesn't show up, leave a comment about it.

Provides a one button solution for mounting; allowing you to ground or flying mount, dismount, exit vehicles. Some classes also can use the same keybindings for certain class abilities, such as shape-shifting as a druid or shaman. It includes a GUI for selecting which mounts you want to use. Yay Mounts is most useful for players with a large number of mounts, but only a handful that they actually want to use regularly. Players with very few mounts can still find it useful though.

The GUI can be accessed by typing "/ym" or from the Blizzard options window. You can set the keybinding from the /ym GUI options or the Blizzard keybinding menu.


  • Standard Mount = /click YayMountsButton
  • Ground Mount = /click YayMountsButton2
  • Passenger Mount = /click YayMountsButton3
  • Repair Mount = /click YayMountsButton4

Class Extra Features

  • Druids - Supports Flight Form, Swift Flight Form, Travel Form and Aquatic Form, as well as normal mounts. When trying to use Flight form in the water, you may have to jump and spam the keybind to get it. You can use a flying mount while not moving at the water's surface, but Flight Form is sometimes buggy while treading water.
  • Shaman - Supports Ghost Wolf when in combat, moving or indoors.
  • Priests or Mages - Supports casting Levitate or Slow Fall when you are falling, or when you are moving and in combat. Pressing the keybind a 2nd time will cancel Slow Fall or Levitate, but will also trigger a GCD. This is an optional feature that defaults to on, but may be turned off in the options. WARNING: Mashing the keybind to cast Levitate/Slowfall will also probably instantly cancel it!
  • Monks - Supports using Roll when in combat, or moving. Also supports using Zen Flight while moving.
  • Rogues - Supports using Sprint when in combat, or moving.
  • Paladins - Supports using Divine Steed when in combat, or moving.
  • Death Knights - Supports using Wraith Walk when in combat, or moving.
  • Special Mounts - Supports Flying Broom, Oculus mounts, Northrend Loaned mounts, Abyssal Seahorse, Subdued Seahorse, Sea Turtle. Also prioritizes Water Striders while swimming and unable to fly.

Localization - Nespirah and L'Ghorek (in Vashj'ir) are not localized for anything except English and zhCN. Option text is not localized for anything except English and German (Thanks heinzschen).

-Removed no mounts message

-Added no flying in Legion (I think)

-Fixed non-monk class abilities (Thanks monks!)

-Monks with Zen Flight can now use it similar to Flight form. Some issues with swimming though.
-While swimming in a ground mount only area, prioritize using water striders if known.

-Fixed issue with wtf files and filters

-Characters without riding skill trained will use Chauffeured Chopper if available

-Added filter ability to mount GUI
-Removed profession tab and moved profession mounts to ground/flying respectively

-Changed new mounts enabled to false by default

-Fixed issue preventing selected mounts from being remembered/used
-Can now close the GUI with ESC key
-Reduced memory usage
-Improved Class Options GUI
-Massively improved logic for class options
-Added option to not enable new mounts upon learning them
-Moved keybinds to separate tab in GUI

-Fixed error clearing or select All for profession mounts
-Mount lists are sorted alphabetically again instead of by ID
-Fixed chat spam when entering combat for certain classes (Sorry!)

-Fixed druid while moving logic. Glyphs don't exist!
-Added Divine Steed to main keybind for paladins
-Added Wraith Walk to main keybind for death knights
-Fixed in-combat events not registering properly

-Updated for Legion Pre-Patch.

-Addon will select flying mounts in Draenor once "Draenor Pathfinder" is obtained.

- Added Mystic Runesaber

- Dustmane Direwolf is now correctly under the Professions tab.
- Azure Water Strider was moved to Ground Mounts tab.
- Updated for 6.1 (sorry!)

- Fixed the Sea Turtle/Riding Turtle mounts. They are now found under the Special tab.

-Added option (defaults on) to force Telaari Talbuk/Frostwolf War Wolf while in Nagrand
-Fixed bug preventing druids from dismounting into Travel form while mounted it the water and moving.
-Fixed bug that forced flying mounts in the Tanaan Jungle intro area.

-Hardcoded disabled flying in Draenor

-Fixed Dreadsteed/Felsteed/Charger/Warhorse not showing up as known mounts.
-Fixed bug preventing a passenger mount from being used when the "Force Passenger Mount" button is pressed if the user knows a ground passenger mount but doesn't know the Sandstone Drake mount.

-Fixed a bug that prevented repair mounts from being used when durability was low
-Added a keybind to force repair mounts
-Updated old libraries

-Druid shapeshifting should once again work properly
-X-53 Touring Rocket now counts as a flying Passenger mount in flyable areas
-Force Passenger Mounts should no longer attempt to use flying mounts that the player does not own

-Flying mounts should no longer be used in non-flyable areas unless the option to force them is checked

-Horde should no longer try and ride Alliance mounts and vice versa
-Profile options are re-enabled
-Removed chat message when using the mount keybind
-Cloud serpents are no blocked
-Profession mounts have been moved to their own tab
-Profiles are re-enabled and should be working
-The 1st profile in the profile list should no longer be occasionally disabled

-Stripped out mini-pet support. It's probably not going to get re-added to this addon.
-Redid everything for 6.0.2 and the new mount api. Still buggy, but the basics should be working.

-Fixed characters without Cloud Serpent Riding attempting to use Cloud Serpents
-Mounts that require skills/talents/reputation that the player lacks are visible, but disabled, in the listing
-Stripped out all the hunter aspect swapping; it's too buggy and difficult to maintain
-Fixed druid in-combat shifting; now will prioritize cat form while indoors instead of cheetah
-Guild Herald and Guild Page can no longer be summoned ever by the add-on
-Added a keybind for Passenger Mounts; please comment if it doesn't work or if a mount is missing

 - Added the Sky Golem which apparently went missing!
 - Feldrake is back in but is still labelled under Flying. No big deal! :) Hooray.
 - Swimming is still not functioning correctly, and I am attempting to figure this out.

 - Removed the Hunter option to swap Aspects during combat due to Blizzard's dislike of the dynamic re-assignment of buttons in conjunction with entering/leaving combat. I felt it was best to remove this functionality because of the overwhelming report of bugs with it, and there was simply nothing I could do to fix it in the current model of YayMounts.

 - Changed Feldrake from Scaling to Flying. Blame Blizzard. :(

Added the following mounts:
 - Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast
 - Reins of Galakras
 - Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf
 - Kor'kron Juggernaut
 - Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent
 - Tyrannical Gladiator's Cloud Serpent
 - Grievous Gladitor's Cloud Serpent
 - Prideful Gladiator's Cloud Serpent
 - Reins of the Vicious Warsaber
 - Reins of the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse
 - Lucky Riding Turtle
 - Stormcrow

Also added the following mounts in anticipation of their release:
 - Enchanted Fey Dragon
 - Hearthsteed

Added the following missing mounts:
 - Malevolent Gladitor's Cloud Serpent

 - Added the Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast
 - Added the Armored Bloodwing
 - Fixed the Grand Gryphon, Grand Armored Gryphon, Grand Wyvern, and Grand Armored Wyvern so they now appear under the flying tab rather than the scaling.

- Added the Armored Red Dragonhawk and Armored Blue Dragonhawk.

- Fixed an error and the Grand Gryphon should now be useable. You'll find it under the Scaling mounts options.

- Faldoncrow has stepped down as the add on developer and has handed the reins over to askander_kt.
- Added the following mounts:
    Ghastly Charger's Skull
    Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer
    Spawn of Horridon
    Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor
    Reins of the Black Primal Raptor
    Reins of the Green Primal Raptor
    Reins of the Red Primal Raptor
    Reins of the Amber Primordial
    Reins of the Jade Primordial
    Reins of the Slate Primordial
    Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn
    Clutch of Ji-Kun
    Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent
    Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent
    Reins of the Golden Primal Direhorn
    Reins of the Crimson Primal Direhorn
    Challenge Mode Phoenixes
    Swift Windsteed
    Grand Gryphon
    Grand Armored Gryphon
    Grand Wyvern
    Grand Armored Wyvern

-Added missing mounts(Both kites)
-Fixed a riding crane (fly->ground)
-Fixed monk roll not disabling in combat even when set to disabled
-Fixed (I think) hunter aspects not updating when talents are changed
-Fixed auto-pet summoning interrupting fishing or eating
-Updated Pet summoning for 5.1 API changes

-Fix for Magic Broom

-Fixed an issue with the Pet Selections resetting
-Fixed an issue with Pet Filters not restoring
-Added Roll to mount button for Monk
-Added Sprint to mount button for Rogue
-Added missing mounts (Tiller goats, Red Flying Cloud)
-Added some in-game help text for user adding new mounts

-Should no longer call a pet while you are stealthed
-Pet GUI and calling shouldn't clear itself as often

-Fixed Druid Cat Form while indoors
-Fixed Hunter aspect swapping when Aspect of the Iron Hawk is useable
-Added profiles
-Put class options in the GUI into their own tab

-Added an option for using repair mounts and setting the min. durability to use them at

-Fixed a small issue with pet summoning
-Cleaned up the filter code.
-Finally fixed the dissapearing scrollbars (I hope!)
-Changed the pet tab to prioritize named pets, and higher level pets
-Set Guild Herald/Pages to disabled by default
-Automatically use a repair mount if equipped or in bag durability is under 40%
-Fixed moonkins always using flightform

-Added options to control pet summoning delay
-Mount and pet tabs now display totals

-Added pet support back in

-Fixed a bug with scaling and special tabs clear/select all
-Fixed non-profession classes attempting to use profession specific mounts

-Fixed an issue with Ghost Wolf (Shaman)

-Updated ToC interface #

-Fixed some issues with some classes in-combat special abilities not functioning correctly

-Fixed taint on certain classes while in combat

-Fixed keybindings not saving
-Updated libraries for 5.0
-Fixed some issues with water mounting while at the water's surface
-Added an option to only use scaling mounts while in flyable areas (off by default)
-Added new Cata mounts
-Added current MoP mounts
-Removed mini-pet support

-Fixed a few bugs when mounting in ground only areas
-Fixed a bug with mounting underwater

-Updated to include new mounts added in 4.3.0
-Limited functionality for cancelling Levitate/Slowfall with a 2nd button press
-Fixed Levitate/Slowfall from casting even when that option is off
-Added a keybind for summoning mini-pets
-Fixed a bug when trying to clear keybinds
-Updated zhCN localization

-Added an option to use certain flying type mounts in ground only areas and underwater
-Maybe fixed a bug with low level Worgens hitting level 20
-Fixed a mounting while Swimming bug
-Fixed a Subdued Seahorse bug

-Added patch 4.2 mounts
-Added hunter secondary aspects swapping
-Fixed a few Seahorse bugs
-Added Guild Page/Herald back into the petlist (defaulted to unselected)
-Added an option to always dismiss mini-pets while stealthing

-Fixed a bug with low level shaman without a mount trying to use Ghost Wolf
-Added new mounts
-Added a database size check. YM should enable mounts in the GUI displays when adding new mounts manually.
-The GUI should refresh if you are looking at it while a mount or pet is learned.

-Fixed a bug with Running Wild when updating YayMounts from a version before 1.1.93
-Fixed a bug when learning a new mount or pet

-Added an option to disable/enable levitate and slow fall on priest/mages (default on)
-Improved some code with selecting and clearing mounts and pets from the GUI
-Improved database reset code
-Removed Guild Page and Guild Herald from the pet list
-Prevented YayMounts from trying to summon a Tiny Snowman when the player lacks snowballs
-Blizzard has fixed shifting out of Moonkin->Mount error. Moonkin mounting should be totally fixed now
-Fixed a small Running Wild selection bug
-Fixed a Wintergasp timer bug
-Fixed a bug; Yaymounts wasn't updating properly when a player performed a race change
-Fixed a bug with OnEnable database reloading detection

-Fixed Moonkin Shifting again!
-Fixed AQ40 filter bug
-Gave priority to AQ40 mounts if they're selected while in AQ40
-Fixed possible Oculus bug
-Fixed Pet summoning bug when only 1 pet is selected
-Fixed Pet list bug when learning a new companion

-Fixed Moonkin Shifting

-Fixed a bug with pet auto summon option not working
-Prevented auto pet summoning from occurring while flying, falling, mounted or in a vehicle
-Added: YayMounts will now dismiss any active mini-pet when entering stealth and PVP flagged

-Tried a bugfix for level 20 Worgen and Running Wild
-Improved Hunter Aspect swapping with an improved selection GUI
-Added pet choosing and summoning support

-Added some additional hunter options for Aspect swapping

-Fixed a bug if a character race changes and can't use old mounts
-Fixed a seahorse/Vashj'ir bug along the outer edges of Vashj'ir
-Fixed a bug with low level Worgen's hitting level 20 and not having Running Wild show up
-Fixed a translation bug with Running Wild
-Changed Druids: Aquatic form to use when moving and mounted underwater

-Fixed some mounting detection; Yay Mounts should more accurately choose the correct mount now
-Mounting at water's surface should work a lot better

-Fixed a problem with new cata flying mounts
-Fixed ground mounts in Deadmines dock area
-Added cat form indoors when 2/2 Feral Swiftness
-Added "no dismount while flying" option
-Added option to use flight form while on a flying mount and moving

-Fixed a ton of Vashj'ir/Abyssal Seahorse stuff. Still really rough, this zone sucks to work with
-Fixed Running Wild. It will show up at the bottom of ground mounts, for now
-Fixed Vortex Pinnacle. Why is this place flagged as outdoors but unmountable?

-Fixed Flight Master's License

-Fixed Sea turtle in non-flying areas
-Added Moonkin unshifting with keybind to help fix moonkin not shifting into a mount
-Ghost wolf changed slightly; it now fires when moving in water
-Fixed Aquatic Form Priority over Sea Turtle
-Changed it so druids use flying mounts at water's surface instead of flight form if not jumping

-Changed Tailoring and Engineering mounts to scaling
-Added Running Wild
-Added Cataclysm mounts
-Added Abyssal Seahorse in Vashj'ir
-Fixed Sea Turtle
-Fixed Spell checking bug
-Fixed Mount checking bug
-Fixed a Druid swimming bug
-Fixed a Vehicle Exit error message bug

-Fixed Oculus issues
-Fixed a giant bug I made cause I am really stupid

-Added support for Sea Turtle while in water
-Hopefully fixed a bug with Druid flight form not working in some cases

-Fixed Yay Mounts trying to use a flying mount in Azeroth without Flight Master's License

-Minor fix for a Chinese localization bug that would occur on startup

-Added Support for Slow Fall and Levitate
-Fixed a bug with AQ40 mount filtering
-Fixed a bug with flight form's priority
-Added Support for all Localizations

-Fixed some druid Flight Form bugs
-Fixed a bug with Ghost Wolf not working in combat

-Fixed some druid shifting problems
-Fixed some non-flying area bugs
-Added keybinding buttons to the GUI options
-Added a keybinding to only use ground mounts

-Added support for Loaned Gryphon and Loaned Windrider mounts
-Added Aspect of the cheetah (and pack) while moving for hunters

-Rewrote all the mount selecting code
-Added Localization support
-Added a remount option
-Fixed some misc bugs

V1.0.2 - Beta release

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