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  • Updated May 19, 2017
  • Created Sep 9, 2016
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About World Quest Tab

World Quest Tab adds a new tab to the quest log in the world map.
Depending on what zone you are looking at, it will show a list of all world quest in that zone, or a list of all quests in all zones.

Quests can be filtered by different criteria such as faction, type or reward, much like you can sort your professions.
They can also be sorted by the following criteria:
  • Time: Less time left ends up higher in the list
  • Faction: By faction where currently selected Emmisary quest are at the top
  • Type: By default, proffession, dungeon, ...
  • Zone: By zone
  • Name: By name
  • Reward: By reward type where bigger amounts of the same type (e.g. more gold) are higher in the list
With the lack of an active subscription and limited time, this addon has become semi inactive.
Updates can still happen when I find the time and have access to a PTR, but they are not guaranteed.



  • Added TomTom support. If you have TomTom enabled, you right click a quest in the list and click "TomTom add/remove" to add or remove a waypoint to that quest.
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