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  • Updated Mar 26, 2017
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About World Quests List

Compact list of all world quests in current zone or whole Broken Isles. New quests will be highlighted, so you can easly check them. Factions with active bounty quests are marked with green color.

Reward filters:

  • Gear
  • Artifact power
  • Order Resources
  • Gold
  • Other

Sort options:

  • By time left
  • By zone
  • By faction
  • By rewards

How to start: open your map in non-fullscreen mode or use "/wql" chat command for list-only window.

Some features:

  • Icon on the flight map for recently chosen quest
  • Enigma (Kirin-tor) quest helper
  • Arrow to selected quest (Exorsus Raid Tools required for this feature) Arrow
  • "Barrels o' Fun" helper 

ver. 3.1

* Added dalaran quests to general map
* Added option for AP numbers formatting
* Added header line for quick sorting (and option for disabling it)
* Added switcher to regular quests (not WQ) for max level chars
* Tooltip with icons for all factions if quest can be done for any emissary
* Added option for disabling highlight for new quests

* 7.2 toc update


ver. 3.0

* More "Ignore filter" options
* 7.2 Updates (Note: this version works on both clients: live 7.1.5 and ptr 7.2.0)


ver. 2.9

* Added scroll (use mouse wheel or interface buttons for navigate) [still in testing]
* AP numbers divided by 1000 for artifact knowledge 26 or higher
* 7.2 PTR Update (Note: this version works on both clients: live 7.1.5 and ptr 7.2.0)

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