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About wMmap

Is a lightweight Minimap, with a sleek look & custom imagery. --=-- Over the years various addons that are similar seem to fit the bill, but there is always room for one more, and always room for improvement.f --=-- Features include ! Square or Round minimap and 4 types of Images "see photos" ! Custom zone text. ! Clock change colour if you have pending calendar invites. ! Shows day, date and month. ! Zooming with mouse wheel & Auto zoom-out, ! Left Mouse Button to ping the minimap. (with Guild wars style who pinged) ! Middle Mouse Button to open calander. ! Right Mouse Button to show tracking dropdown menu. ! Saves placement of minimap, "see commands to move." ! Hides all default minimap buttons. ! Coordinates - To move hold Alt & Left mouse. And more!! Moved Battleground icon,Raid difficulty icon,Looking for group icon. to look a bit better. Custom commands ! /wmp for Command information ! /wmp mouse for mouse button assignments ! /wmp reset to set "frames", to default position. ! /wmp unlock to move the "frames". ! /wmp lock to lock the "frames", from moving. ! /wmp rl to reload the ui "frames" - Minimap,Ticket,Durability,Quest,Vehicle Frame. --=-- --=-- TO move and do things Please read the READ ME inside the addon folder. -+- "" Please note if you use "MBB" addon you will need to edit "MBB.lua" and under "MBB_Ignore" add at the bottom [29] = "MiniMapLFGFrame", [30] = "MinimapZoneTextButton", this due to "MBB" Will hide the LFG and Zone info. "" -+- please leave your feedback! thanks to Blooblahguy, Quokka, xonefobic, Goldpaw, Dawn, Ferous, Zimran, Vrul and everyone that has helped me with this over the months.,


toc update


Update TOC for 6.1


fonts update for zone and clock, date. thanks to gmarco


compass fixed


hidden the world map button.
moved the Garrison button.
quest size has a comment to the side, if you want
it to the old way change from 1.1 to 0.8
compass should be hidden now.
added hide clock option.
added hide zone option.


Added a set to true or false to show the garrison icon.
hidden the zoom and compass buttons.


Small Garrison Report Button Placement fix.
re-sized quest log, you can change it back in the .lua.


Small fix to the quest log
(Note if you still have an issue with the box stretching try remove some other addons, just in-case any conflicting.)

And added a new image for the addon of all the skins for the map.


Added Garrison Report and Challenge Mode Button Placement
Added two new map skins cpass and crossh (compass and crosshair)


Two new skins added Ring and Spike, check them out. enjoy.


Updated the error in the quest tracker, and added a new skin for the map "ship wheel" thanks to OligoFriends.


Toc update only, I will be going though the ad-dons within
the next month to update any errors, if you have any fixes
in meantime please let me know.


Updated TOC for 5.4


A few fixes.


A clean up of code.

Added: Pet Battle minimap:
        This will hide the Minimap when you go into Pet battle, and will show again after.
        to turn this off set to false at the top of the code.


Updated TOC for 5.3


Updated TOC for 5.2


Updated Toc


more changes,.
and working LFGQIcon., Thanks to Dridzt


MOP Updates


Set lfg frame Strata to high. so it shows over everything else.
like it did before patch.

and set mapScale back to 1 from 1.2.


Updated Zone,time and date.
now you can change the sizes of them by going into the lua.
and under "-- Zone text,-- Time,-- Date"
change "SetFont 13,10,8, on the 3 settings.

Added LFG size back. see lua, and under "-- LFG" "SetScale .8 ect"

"See new note on main page on "MBB" users.


more commands update,
plus no luck on the lfg flag, still moves around on reloadui.

Fixed commands, now /wmp


Updated: Toc for 4.3
and a fix for the LFG.


Updated: Toc for 4.2


Updated TOC for 4.1
and a few changes.


cleanup of the slashcommands: Thanks to zynix
and a few edits


Add toggle Calendar, command = /wm cl
and code cleanup


changed on-load map skin.]
fixed frame loads.


a code clean up.

moved Battleground icon.

Added alliance Border R-S
"please let me know if you know where i can get a Horde one. thanks"

Added LFGIcon - that displays LFG queue status by placing indicators on the LFG minimap icon
"to not show please see the read me."
thanks to  totalpackage


Moved Guild Instance difficulty icon, away
from the GameData icon.


Fixed: Mail icon.

Removed: borders metalr/metals. due to size. "in the folder is the files. if anyone wants to fiz it. plz let me know.


Added: Guild Instance difficulty icon
Added: Border folder.

Added: 2 new borders metalr/metals.


Added: WorldState. you can now when /wm unlock,. move the WorldState ie capture bars.

A few clean ups.


Added: Game Data icon.to left of the minimap

and clean up.


A code clean up.

Amail fix,

Added coordinates, thanks to Satrina

to hide the coordinates open wMmap.TOC and change from




(see also read me.)


a few fixes.

Added: Two new map art. one is blankr = ROUND and blankS = SQUARE. this is should you wish to have no art. just clean.

Added: A blank template PSD, for photoshop. to make your own art. if you need help pm me. thanks.


Updated:: zone text..
Updated: Icons.

and quick edit.


updated for live, Release.


updated for cataclysm,.


added a config option for changing the height
of the WatchFrame (independent of the scale) so
it could be tweaked easier if moved low on
the UI.

and a few more quest tracker edits.

can add more quests to track.

descriptions edits.

added option to show or hide the Durability frame.


Quest tracker fix.
(It now tracks 8 not 2 quests).

changed possions of movers. ie"quest,dura,vehcle.

(please note. to see changes on this. please do .wm reset.
this will set the new possions).

and a few tweaks

A big overhall thanks to Vrul
a few cata changes.

CPU usage almost nil.
It also uses about 2k less memory

removed shape command.
due to not saving the shape you set it as.
"it was just a test"

Fixed icons that move about.
(was fine for me. but a few did
have a prob. and that seems to be fixed).

So to change shape. please see     wMmap.lua
local mapStyle            = "gloss"

you will see at the top of the page all the
settings you can change.

and below that Setting descriptions:

ping announce will not display when it was you since you
already know that you did it.

code clean up
a few cata updates.
map zoom updated for cata.

Ping now shows across the interface. "can edit in the LUA."

Updated print commands.

from 4.7 to 5.0

A big code clean up.

intergragted all commands into one.

Added -
when you use /wm unlock it will let you move the,

Vehicle frames.

when used /wm reset it will reset all the moved
frames back into defult place.

also change the easy lua setup.

--To change--
wmshape = "arrow"
showDate = true
pingnotice = true
pingchannel = ChatFrame1
questsize = 0.8
mapsize = 1
--To change--

no need to have any other quest tracker mine will do what others
can do. you can move and resize the trackers.

"but for them that use other quest tracks. it works fine also.
it will just hide my quest tracker.
and let your other quest tracker overide it."

All info about --To change--
can be seen in the "read me"

Enjoy all. take care.

can now change what chat frame you want the ping who to show on.
"see read me"


added commands to move the minimap.
"see read me or main page"

changed the size, placement of the LFGFRAME

more code clean up.

a bit of a jump from 3 to 5

but added two new shapes "see photos"
added shape commands to use in game
"you can still set the shape in the Lua file also. "due to it don't save what shape you want"

fixed errors with watchframe. you can now set to false or true to use my watchframe code.
(for them who don't use the blizzard quest trackers.

changed some of the icons placement.

a big code update and clean up.

simple lua edit changes for people that want to show or hide things
"please see READ ME"

As always /wm for ingame help commands.

ps. there is alot of other stuff I added but I lost my notes hehe.

but I hope you all like the update.


changed the command setup and a few commands to clean the code up abit

reload is now /wm rl

change minimap image settings.  

"people have said when they have reset the minimap the image would stretch."
if happends let me know.
also. to temp fix this /wm rl
but should not happen no more

when you /wm reset it also resets the quest tracker back to below the minimap.
as some had said they did not want to edit to much lua or SV layout file.

Note im doing my best to keep upto date with all your requests but sending me pms and emails asking when is the update is not fair on me.
as I will do or try my best to add the things you all want.  maybe im worng hehe.,

anyway have fun.
next update will be 4.5 i know a jump from 4.3 to 4.5
but 4.4 was the adding on shape commands and 4.5 has some new shape images.

cleaned up code.

Shape clean up help from Vrul
ingame commands to come soon.

Load message working right now.,
and fixed spellings in /wm main messages#

Added Guild wars style Ping.  lets you know who pinged.
thanks to xonefobic
let me know what you think.  to keep or not to keep.

fixed  "N" (north) indicator. from Showing
made zone names set at High level "so should always be infront of the minimap.
cleaned up code.

ps remember to /rl after moving the minimap. or changing the LUA.
ccommands for the things you have to edit in the Lua will be added soon.

all the best

(Make sure you let go of the left click FIRST or else it will stick to your little cursor.
if this happens /rl and it will be find. im not sure how to fix this).

movable quest tracker.
new commands - see main page or read me inside the addon.
code clean up.

fixes bugs with zone text layers.
arranged more icons

(scale and change shape.hide date and time. im working on. but need more time.)

its nice to hear from you all but posted feedback is better in the comments page,


Code clean up.

updated icons


Code clean up.

updated icons


cleaned up the code.

! Square or Round minimap
! Custom zone text.  
! Clock change colour if you have pending calendar invites.
! Shows day, date and month.
! Zooming with mouse wheel & Auto zoom-out,
! Right-click tracking select.
! Middle-Click calendar toggle.
! Custom commands

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