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About wIn1

Is a helpful of mods.,
In one addon. and is very lightweight & simple to use,
With only 2 files.

The Features Inc.
! Auto resurrect Battlefield !
! Auto resurrect !
! Auto Repair !
! Auto Sell !
! Cancel Duel !
! Reputation Changer !
! Auto Ding !
! Auto Invites !
! Double click invite !
! UI Error !
! Mount Macro: Index "see photo"!
! Auto Repair Guild !
! Easy Add Friend !
! Interrupted Msg !


! Leave Party !
! Reload UI !
! XP !
! Ready check !
! Disband Raid !
! Convert To Party !

To enable and disable please see the ReadMe.

A big thanks for all that has helped me with this.

and the codes that are inspired by another mods,"thanks to them!"



toc update


Update TOC for 6.1


Added pethello.
        summons a random companion pet everytime you login or change a zone, unless you happen to be mounted or stealthed.

Added nameplate.
        displays the health as percent value on the default Blizzard Nameplates.


Add Friend removed as not needed anyone, with the built in one.


Add Friend, set to false till i can work out how to fix.


Toc update only, I will be going though the ad-dons within
the next month to update any errors, if you have any fixes
in meantime please let me know.


Updated TOC for 5.4


Updated TOC for 5.3


Updated TOC for 5.2


Updated leave group code.


Updated Toc


interrupted updated


item level updated


item level updated


Updated I-level


MOP Updates


Updated Rep watch
Updated LeaveParty
Added new Ilevel system,.


leavepartymsg thanks to Phanx
to not use set to false, in lua..

also added trueitemlevel, thanks to dreamstate83
to not use, put --trueitemlevel in toc.


Updated: Toc for 4.3


Updated: Interrupted msg.
Thanks to Ketho


Updated: Toc for 4.2


Updated: Interrupted msg.
Thanks to Torhal,Ketho


Updated: Interrupted msg.
Will not output to Say unless "--" comments are out
see code..


Added: Interrupted msg.
Outputs a message when you successfully interrupt.
Will Print to Raid or Party.
Thanks to Sideshow,Ketho,Torhal


Updated: Accept Res.
to fix SendChatMessage error.
Thanks to Rilgamon,Ketho,Dridzt,Vladinator,Xubera.


Removed: mountfalse
Removed: numount

This is due to you can do with in a macro like so
and i found some mounts like the dk's and rocket
did not work.

/use [nomod, button:1] Brown Riding Camel
/use [nomod, button:2] Ironbound Proto-Drake
/use [mod:ctrl] Abyssal Seahorse

if you dont have the seahorse you can add a 3rd
mount like a 2-seater.

you an also add a 4th and 5th by doing.
i tend to use for my instance mounts.

/use [mod:alt] Yellow Qiraji Battle Tank
/use [mod:shift] X-53 Touring Rocket


Removed: Worgen Human Switcher.
"Due to Transform removed from functions by blizz",

Removed: No Guild Reputation Warning
"Not needed anymore".

and a little clean up.


Updated TOC for 4.1
and a few changes.


cleanup of the slashcommands: Thanks to zynix
and a few edits


Added: numount
        Set to true to use the
        mount index: (Press K, in-game. Then under the mount tab.
        ie: /run Mountz(12,2,1)
12 is my Great Blue Elekk, 2 is my Blue Drake Mount, 1 is Abyssal Seahorse.

        if set to false use the names of mount ie
        /run Mountz("Black Battlestrider","Ironbound Proto-Drake","Abyssal Seahorse")

Clean up.


Added: Fatigue Warner - thanks to Beutju
 gives a sound warning, when you get the exhaustion/fatigue 'debuff' - you will also hear it when you disabled sounds.
"To chane the sound, see code"

Clean up.


Added: Worgen Human Switcher thanks to Oxyg3n.
Auto-transforms back into human form when possible.
See wIn1.lua to set to true or flase.

Clean up.


Updated: Mount - To work with the mount index:. thanks to Phanx

Use the mount index: (Press K, in-game. Then under the mount tab.
ie: /script Mountz(12,2,1)
12 is my Great Blue Elekk, 2 is my Blue Drake Mount, 1 is Abyssal Seahorse.

Clean up.


Fixed: Auto Selljunk.


Updated: reputationWatch - To work with guild rep. thanks to Vrul
Added: EasyAddFriend  true or false

Clean up.
Code updates.


Updated: battlegroundRes Thanks to Waky
And fix message on battleress.

and Code clean up.


code clean up. and a few changed to auto battle ress.


Updated battlegroundRes to work with TolBarad
thanks to Ailae.

Removed cancelGuildInvites

Use ingame = interface/Game//Controls - Block Guild Invites


Added: Auto invite from Real-id friends.
Thanks to Phanx

Added: No Guild Reputation Warning.

(As there is a weekly cap for earning guild
reputation and Blizzard makes sure you are aware
of it every time you turn in a quest, this addon
was written to reduce the number of warnings you receive.)
Thanks to Nephaliana

Updated: Mount code.
NOTE: If you are a Shapeshifter you can add /Cancelform to
the top of the code. to read more see "Setting descriptions"
in the wIn1.lua

Thanks to Phanx


Added: EasyAddFriend.
(Right click and add friend on the menu).

updated: Mount code.


Added: Mount macro - Thanks to Monolit
the addon will pick a propper mount depends on the location you are in.
Holding ALT will override flyable condition, and holding SHIFT will
override swimable condition.

        Universal Mount macro: /script Mountz("your_ground_mount","your_flying_mount","your_underwater_mount")
        or /script Mountz("your_ground_mount","your_flying_mount") if you don't have any mount for swimming

and mountflase. set false to disable.

A code clean up for Cata.


A code clean.

Added: auto Repair from Guild

Updated: auto Repair
slightly improves the old function, gives guild fund usage priority
over personal funds, and allows both to happen so that if the guild
funds only partially cover repair costs you can still cover the rest.

thanks to Vrul for the help.


A code clean up.

Added: 2 new slash commands

        Create a slash command /c2p that will Converts a raid into a party.

        Create a slash command /c2r that will Converts a party into a raid.


updated for live, Release.


updated for cataclysm,.


a code clean up,

added - CommandLists = wc

updated - LeaveParty
will now work even if all party members have left the group.

added - Readycheck = /rc
added - DisbandRaid with message before leave. = /dr

"all will print if you can use some of the commands.
if not leader or assiant,.//==


A big overhall thanks to Vrul

and clean up.

removed junkster, and added a custom auto sell and repair.

Code clean up.
a few cata changes.

edited a few confilcts.

added no Guild invite. "hold Control to allow".

added commands.
"/xp to show your xp to level".
"/lp to leave the party".
"/rl to reload the interface".


a code clean up.

Added - UI Error
Removes the "UI Errors" that spam your screen
"Not enough energy. Not enough Mana." ECT,

updated Auto-Accept
now takes invites from guild and friends.

Thanks to
Dainton and Tekkub

ps a big thanks to mentalnutsy
on his woking on commands for the addon.

from 1.7 to 2.0


Auto resurrect Battlefield
Auto Invites
Double click invite

added to Auto resurrect.
"will send a message to the resser if a delay till I can accept it"

And code clean up.

"working on ingame commands"


from 1.6 to 1.7

fixed Auto Repair.

fixed Auto Ding.

And a code clean up.

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