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About Who Pulled?

For those of you that want updates faster, I would be way more inclined if anyone actually donated.

If there's one thing pugs commonly hate it's probably those griefers
that decide to pull the boss on their team when they leave (usually
because they wiped once, HOLY CRAP it's a freaking pug ._.). Anyway
after someone did it to me with Onyxia (who you can't really run from),
now that my gear costs me like 10g to repair per death, I got pissed
enough to make this addon. I don't know who it was that pulled and
that was what pissed me off the most. So now, I will always know who
the jackass is, and I can not only alert everyone to who it is, but
remember who and why I hate them, and never have to raid with them again.

Back story aside. This is an addon that tells you who pulled the boss
(or any mob in the instance) no matter how they pull it, even if they
do it with a pet.
There are many surrounding features as well:

  • Notifies you of any pull and who it was by.
  • Allows you to recite the most recent pull, or the pull of a specific
    enemy to say, yell, party, raid, battleground (AV), guild, officer,
    raid warning, or notify with a quick command.
  • Can filter out pull notifications based on who's tanking.
  • Can filter out pull notifications based on mob names (ie. Risen Zombie)
  • Has a maintainable RAGE list of people who pulled stuff on you and you
    decided to remember them.
  • Silent mode for when the notifications are bugging you.
  • Optional automatic yelling or raid warning the name of the puller when
    someone other than the given tanks pull the boss.
  • In-game help file with /wp help An example of /wp help [topic] for
    those confused would be /wp help silent or /wp help ywho

Also if it wasn't apparent, this is only active in instances.

Testing done

  • Blames controller for MC pulls
  • Blames hunter for misdirect pulls (For the moment if you don't want to
    yell about the hunter, turn boss yelling off temporarily if you strategize
    to use this. I will make it smarter in a coming update.)
  • Blames shaman for searing totem pulls
  • Blames hunter for using Eyes of the Beast and making their pet attack.
  • Blames players that send their pet to attack, instead of their pet.
  • Blames hunter who lays a trap to pull.
  • Incorrectly blames the first person who attacks a group pulled by los, even if they're aggroed on the tank.

Configuration examples

/wp boss on - Sets it to yell on boss pulls by non-tanks.
/wp boss rw - Sets it to raidwarning on boss pulls by non-tanks (if you're raid leader or officer)
/wp boss off - Turns off boss pull yelling and boss pull raid warning.
/wp silent on - Turns silent mode on.
/wp silent off - Turns silent mode off.
/wp msg %p pulled %e! - Changes yell message to something like "SomeDick pulled Onyxia!"
/wp tanks Panzer,Steam-Khaz Modan,Sideswiper - Notes these three people as being tanks. (You can use spaces instead of commas if you want). The middle one being from the realm Khaz Modan.
/wp rage Onyxia - Saves the latest person who pulled Onyxia to your rage list. This will notify you if he ever joins your team again.
/wp forgive SomeDick - Forgives SomeDick, removing him from your rage list.
/wp list - Lists everyone on your rage list.
/wp list Akama - Lists everyone on your rage list from Akama
/wp list Onyxia - Lists everyone on your rage list that pulled Onyxia.
/wp ignore Deer - Ignores all pulls of Deer. This means it does not show a notification, but it's still recorded.

/ywho - Yells who pulled the latest mob.
/ywho Onyxia - Yells who pulled Onyxia.

Enabled the ticket tracker now, please post bug reports and suggestions there from now on. Comments should be for interactive help and general commentary.

If you want to contribute, you can make pull requests on github.

* toc bump

* toc bump

* toc bump

* toc bump

* toc bump

* toc bump

* minor changes to make compatible with 5.x

* toc bump

* Addressed changes to Combat_Log_Event_Unfiltered and strreplace.

* Fixed table wipe issue

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