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  • Supports: 7.1.0
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  • Updated Oct 30, 2016
  • Created Sep 1, 2016
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  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 7.1-u1

About whoa UnitFrames

whoa unitFrames

Beautiful modded Unit/Target/Focus frames with fat hp/mana bars but still very close to the original Blizzard UI style. Blends in well with most addons and custom UI´s.

whoa UnitFrames is also available at Wowinterface.com.

NOTE: Earlier versions of whoa UnitFrames used folders "CharacterFrame" and "TargetingFrame" located in "World of Warcraft/Interface" folder. From now on whoaUnitFrames does not require them.


  • Re sizable buffs/debuffs displayed on UniFrames.
  • Threat indicator moved from the targetframe to the playerframe.
  • Player/Target/Focus frames re sizable. WARNING: veeery sensitive.
  • OOC Transparency (disabled by default).
  • Uses Blizzard default statusText or whoa UnitFrames statusText stysle.

whoa StatusText settings (config.lua). No GUI atm but class specific configuration possible.

  • simpleHealth - optional simple health (rounded health and mana points).
  • thousandSeparators - optional health and mana points with 1000 separators.
  • showMaxHealth - Shows max hp (useful for PvP).
  • autoManaPercent - show actual health/mana points in percent. Optional percentage @mana bars.
  • petFrameOnTop - Shows pet frame over player frame. Useful if you moved player frame from it´s default position.
  • hitIndicators - Shows hit indicators player frame.
  • showToTName - Shows Target of Target frame.
  • customFontSize - Set custom font size for Player/Target/Focus frames.
  • disablePowerGlow - Disables / enables full cap Power Bars glows.


Please report any bugs or issues with whoa UnitFrames on the comments below. Thank you all.

-Special thanks to whoarrior original´s whoa UnitFrames author.

Please report bugs or issues, ideas, on comments below.


v7.1-u1 - Oct-30-2016

  • Fixed "customStatusText" default value.
  • Fixed "classColors" when false.


v7.1 - Oct-25-2016

  • Updated for patch 7.1


v7.0.3.u3 - Sept-03-2016

  • Fixed TargetFrame and FocusFrame background.
  • Fixed vehicle mana bar display.


v7.0.3.u4 - Sept-25-2016

  • Fixed "minor" classified frames.
  • Added option to disable powerBar glow animations.


v7.0.3 - Beta Sept-01-2016

  • Restructured addon simplifying installation and update. This version is also initial Curse.com release.
  • All files now packed within whoaUnitFrame´s addon folder. Unused files deleted.
  • Updated PlayerFrame status text hp / mana / frame animations now fit perfectly.
  • Minor focus frame fixes.
  • Artwork updated.


Versions previous to 7.0.3 - Beta Sept-01-2016 can be found at wowinterface.com.


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