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About WhoHas

WhoHas modifies every tooltip in the game to show which of your characters have the item in the tooltip, and where. This works in your inventory, at the auction house, on chat links, and even in trade skill windows. The tooltip will show how many of the item each of your characters have, and where - in their inventory, in the bank, equipped, or even in their inbox. This can be useful for managing your overall inventory, or for finding out who has the items you need for crafting.

WhoHas requires a separate addon to track all of your personal items. WhoHas currently supports:

WhoHas will auto-select the best backend to use based on the inventory addons you have enabled. It will search for addons in the order shown above. I may be able to add support for other inventory addons on request.

WhoHas supports English and is partially translated into German and French, thanks to the efforts of Pelion, and more recently, TorenAltair. If you would like to help finish the German and French translations, please let me know.

To prevent WhoHas from showing tooltips for specific items, enter "/whohas ignore ITEM NAME" in chat, where ITEM NAME is the item you don't want WhoHas tooltips for. You can also type "/whohas ignore " (make sure to include the space at the end) and then shift-click on the item you want to ignore to fill in its name.


The functionality originally provided by WhoHas is now included natively by many inventory addons: Armory, Altoholic, Bagnon, and others. WhoHas still works, but you may have better luck (and more frequent updates) with one of those other addons.

Code hosted by GitHub

The source code for WhoHas is hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/rvaughn/wow-whohas.

  • Updated for WoW 6.0.

  • Fixed an error that occurs when Altoholic does not return a character's container data.

  • Added Nathanyel's patch for Reagent Bank support with Possessions. All credit goes to him for this! See http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=23301.

  • Added Nathanyel's patch for RaresTip support. Again, all credit for this goes to Nathanyel.

  • Added Reagent Bank support for Armory and Altoholic.

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