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About ArenaLive [Spectator]


ArenaLive [Spectator] is a fully functional spectator interface for World of Warcraft arena wargames. It enables you to queue two teams against eachother in a spectated wargame. Simply write /alspec to open the War Game Menu and begin.

Help localising the addon:

If you want to help making the addon available in your language, take a look at the localisation page on curseforge and at the localisation page of ArenaLive's base library.


  • Toggleable target and target-of-target frames.
  • Unit frames for all players in the arena.
  • Team coloured name plates for players in the arena.
  • Talent and glyph aware cooldown tracker.
  • Scoreboard
  • Dampening Tracker
  • Match statistic with an integrated cache.
  • Player name based nickname system.
  • Toggleable player information popup (right click on a player's cooldown tracker) that shows the player's current talents and glyphs.

How to use the Addon

  1. Requirements: Two groups of players, with at least two players (five for battlegrounds) per group. The spectator(s) need to be in a third group or, if there is only one spectator, in no group.
  2. Open the spectated war game menu by typing "/alspec" in the chat.
  3. Choose a bracket from the bracket dropdown.
  4. Choose a map from the map dropdown.
  5. Drag and drop both leaders of the player groups from the player list on the left side into the "Team Leader" fields.
  6. Hit the "Start Spectated War Game" button.

Additional Info

  • There is a normal unit frame addon based on ArenaLive. You can find it here.


  • BUGFIX: Replaced old function calls with new GameAccount functions.


  • NEW: It is now possible to toggle WoW's new smart camera in ArenaLive's settings tab.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent nameplates displying correctly for one team.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent nameplate cast bars from showing up.
  • BUGFIX: Updated Cloak of Shadow's Cooldown to 90 seconds (was 60).
  • OTHER: Changed team colours from gold and green to red and blue.


  • NEW: Talents and glyphs are now stored in the match statistics.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent the player information tab from updating talents and glyphs, if it was already shown.


  • BUGFIX: Unending Resolve should now be correctly removed from a warlock's cooldown tracker, if Glyph of Eternal Resolved is active.
  • BUGFIX: Healer's dispel icons in the cooldown tracker should now show the correct amount of stacks, if the appropriate glyphs are equipped.
  • BUGFIX: Deterrence's cooldown should now trigger correctly in the cooldown tracker, if the hunter has activated the talent "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimaera".
  • OTHER: Major and minor glyphs are now sorted appropriately in the player information frame.


  • BUGFIX: Updated corrupt spell database entries that would cause the cooldown tracker to crash.


  • NEW: It is now possible to set key bindings for targeting players during spectated arena matches.
  • NEW: Right-clicking on a player's cooldown tracker will now open a pop up that displays the player's talents and glyphs.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent glyph changes from being applied to cooldowns in the cooldown tracker.
  • OTHER: Changed green team's colour to a less yellowish green.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent the dampening tracker from working correctly.
  • OTHER: Updated .toc-file.
  • OTHER: Added an additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7 to the addon's license so it's compatible with WoW.


  • OTHER: ArenaLive [Spectator] and BGLive are now released under the GNU General Public License version 3.
  • OTHER: Updated green teams colour to be more saturated.
  • OTHER: Most textures were updated to improve their look slightly.


  • BUGFIX: Flag-Carrier unit frames 3 and 4 should now be anchored correctly to frames 1 and 2 again.
  • BUGFIX: Dampening tracker should now show up correctly again.
  • OTHER: Dwarf, Orc, Undead and Troll racials are shown in the cooldown tracker again.
  • OTHER: Updated cooldown priorities for Druids.
  • OTHER: Updated .toc-file.


  • BUGFIX: String placeholder in the info message for mine carts being spawned in Silver Shard Mines should now be replaced by the words "Mine Cart".
  • BUGFIX: Reduced cooldown of Psychic Scream to 30 seconds (was 45).
  • BUGFIX: Increased cooldown of Freezing Trap to 30 seconds (was 15).
  • OTHER: Base indicators in Battlegrounds are now shown below the scoreboard, instead of at the bottom of the screen.
  • OTHER: Updated dampening tracker's design to improve readability.
  • OTHER: Cooldown priorities are now stored by talent specialisation, rather than by class.
  • OTHER: Decreased number of shown cooldowns per player to 6 (was 9).
  • OTHER: Increased width of cooldown tracker icons.
  • OTHER: Updated to latest core version (See for a list of changes).


  • NEW: Added battleground spectator interface (BGLive).
  • NEW: Added a new nickname system that allows nicknames based on character names. It also allows you to import and export nickname data.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent cooldowns from loading, if a Feral Druid was playing.
  • OTHER: Removed BattleTag based nickname system.


  • NEW: Players are now sorted by their talent specialisation, with the priority being: Melee > (Tank) > Caster > Healer.
  • NEW: Healers are now indicated on side frames and nameplates.
  • BUGFIX: Low health warnings won't be displayed for hunters that used feign death.
  • BUGFIX: Match numbers in match statistic drop down should now update correctly, if a match was deleted.
  • BUGFIX: Axe Toss (Warlock Pet) should now be added to the "Time in CC" column in the match statistic.
  • BUGFIX: Cooldown tracker should now display two stacks for cooldowns affected by Echo of the Elements talent.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would cause the cooldown tracker to show the interrupt or dispel ability twice, for Humans with less than 9 cooldowns.
  • OTHER: Inspected player info is now stored in the UnitCache and can be retrieved by the respective methods.
  • OTHER: Removed AFK/DND tags and the marker for players from a different realm than the player's from side frames, target frames, cooldown trackers and nameplates.
  • OTHER: Added Dalaran Brilliance to the shown buffs table for tournament mode buff filter.


  • NEW: Added abutton to the match statistic that allows players to clear the match database.
  • NEW: Match statistic now shows the ability that did the highest amount of damage during a match for every player.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would cause the cooldown tracker to show Spell Lock twice for Human Warlocks.
  • OTHER: Updated to newest core version (See for a list of changes).


  • NEW: Cooldown tracker now displays players' talent specialisation.
  • NEW: Team names will now automatically swap for the whole spectator group, if the left team's leader has a "spectatedb" unit token.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in that would cause wrong number of players per team being returned by method ArenaLiveSpectator.UnitCache:GetNumPlayers().
  • BUGFIX: Match statistic should now update its size correctly.
  • BUGFIX: Match statistic should now always display all participating players of a match.
  • BUGFIX: Pet damage should now correctly be added to player damage in the match statistic.
  • BUGFIX: Nameplates should now update correctly, if unit information changed.
  • BUGFIX: Interrupt or Dispel now shows up only once for Players with less than nine available cooldowns in the cooldown tracker.
  • OTHER: Added damage that was absorbed by a shield effect to "damage dealt" tab in the match statistic.
  • OTHER: Players with Brazilian, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese or Spanish (EU) WoW clients should now be able to directly queue most Arenas and Battlegrounds.


  • NEW: Team names will now get swapped on the scoreboard and the match statistic automatically, if teams are mixed up.


  • BUGFIX: Potentially completely fixed the "You have no Target" error.
  • Other: Replaced Blizzard's C_Commentator.GetNumPlayers() function with a custom function (ArenaLiveSpectator.UnitCache:GetNumPlayers()) to track number of players per team.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would cause display of wrong team names in the match statistic, if team names were swapped on the scoreboard.


  • NEW: It is now possible to set a tournament icon again. The tournament icon will replace the VS texture on the scoreboard. The texture's dimension need to be 64x32 pixels or a similar ratio and must be placed in the "TournamentIcons" directory within the "ArenaLiveSpectator3" addon directory.
  • BUGFIX: Reduced cooldown time of Avatar to 1.5min (was 3 min).
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would cause the cooldown tracker to crash, if a Warrior had skilled the talent "Juggernaut".
  • OTHER: The Cooldown tracker now automatically retries getting player cooldowns, if no data was received from the server 5 seconds after the query.
  • OTHER: Added Ironbark to CC indicator's defensive cooldown list.
  • OTHER: Added Barkskin to CC indicator's defensive cooldown list.
  • OTHER: Added Deterrence (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimaera) to CC indicator's defensive cooldown list.


  • BUGFIX: Reduced cooldown time of Avatar to 1.5min (was 3 min).
  • OTHER: The Cooldown tracker now automatically retries getting player cooldowns, if no data was received from the server 5 seconds after the query.
  • OTHER: Completed German localisation.


  • NEW: Team names can now be swapped on the scoreboard by right-clicking it.
  • NEW: Added simplified Chinese localisation. Thanks to curse user sxticecream for localising! (Localisation misses some phrases)
  • OTHER: Updated German localisation.


  • NEW: Cooldowns are now visible before a match starts.
  • NEW: Nameplates are now visible in third person player view.
  • BUGFIX: Texts with non-latin characters in it should now show up correctly again.
  • OTHER: Rewrote large parts of the cooldown tracker to improve stability.
  • OTHER: Cooldowns are now sorted by a fixed priority value that can be set in Spells.lua
  • OTHER: Updated Commentator function names to the new C_Commentator function names.
  • OTHER: Updated .toc-file.


  • NEW: It is now possible to queue for spectated battlegrounds.
  • BUGFIX: Cooldowns should now reset correctly after a match finishes and should load correctly on match start.
  • BUGFIX: Team score should now always update correclty after a match finishes.
  • BUGFIX: Interrupted spells should now again show up with a red X in the cast history.
  • BUGFIX: Resolved an issue that would cause an unregistering of events for the ArenaLive main frame, when using the UnregisterEvent method for event objects that weren't registered for the event.
  • OTHER: Reversed cooldown animation for CC indicator to make it more intuitive.
  • OTHER: Debug messages are now additionally stored in the saved variables per session.
  • OTHER: Added Monks Spear Hand Strike to interrupt cooldowns in spell database.


  • NEW: Shifted to a real spectator mode.
  • NEW: Added a menu to queue spectated wargames.
  • NEW: Added a dampening tracker.
  • NEW: Match statistics are now saved in a cache to make them accessible after the match.
  • NEW: Added an option to hide target and target-of-target frames.
  • NEW: It is now possible to fixate the camera onto a player.
  • NEW: Cooldowntracker is now sorted by players and is glyph and talent aware.
  • NEW: Cooldowntracker is now aware of cooldown reset abilities like Preparation.
  • NEW: Nicknames can now be set BattleTag based, rather than character based.
  • NEW: Nameplates now are able to show CC and important cooldowns on top of the class icon and show absorb shield on players.
  • NEW: Added a main target indicator, i.e. the outside of the player's unit frame will glow red, if more than 50% of the enemy team target the player.
  • REMOVED: Team cache was removed as it is no longer needed, due to the new way queueing works.

Version 2.1beta

  • NEW: It is now possible to synchronize count down start and reset with a friend.

Version 2.0beta7

  • NEW: Addon will now choose a fitting scale depending on WoW's screen resolution on first start up.
  • BUGFIX: Swapped positions of icons of right sided unit frames in order to reflect the way the option menu lets you choose their icon type.
  • OTHER: Disabled option for hiding the scoreboard during games.
  • OTHER: Switched from lua-based font swaps to xml-alternatives for non-latin characters. This should enable European players to see names with non-latin characters correctly.

Version 2.0beta6

  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would set the fonttype to a Taiwanese font for German clients.

Version 2.0beta5

  • BUGFIX: Adjusted y-offset of the right sided frames to be the same as on the left side.
  • BUGFIX: Reduced Cloak of Shadows' cooldown to 1 minute.
  • OTHER: Finished CC/DR lists in the spell database.
  • OTHER: Increased width of the scoreboard to allow longer teamnames to be displayed correctly. Also set centered vertical align for team names.

Version 2.0beta4

  • BUGFIX: Nameplates should now again identify players from other realms correctly.

Version 2.0beta3

  • BUGFIX: Fear should now be shown correctly in the cc indicator again.
  • BUGFIX: Tweaked option sliders to fix the strange slider behaviour in 5.4
  • OTHER: Updated .toc file.

Version 2.0beta2

  • BUGFIX: UI scaling should now be applied correctly after logging on or reloading UI
  • BUGFIX: Alpha of the time frame text should now always be set to 1 as soon as you enter the config mode.

Version 2.0beta

  • Re-release, for further details see addon description.

Version 1.1.0

  • NEW: It is now possible to choose a "Displayed Name" for each player that will be shown instead of the character name. Currently works for the side frames, but not for target and target-of-target frames
  • NEW: It is now possible to reset the matchtimer to 00:00 if needed via the chat command "/al resettimer"
  • NEW: Added a checkbox to show/hide the graphical countdown
  • BUGFIX: Switched from battleground to raid chat for the chat countdown to reflect the new chat system Blizzard introduced with 5.1
  • BUGFIX: Changed the cooldown duration of "Blind" to 1.5 minutes
  • BUGFIX: Added "Divine Star" to the list of filtered spells for the cast history to prevent it from spamming
  • BUGFIX: Added "Halo" to the list of filtered spells for the cast history to prevent it from spamming
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a lot of xml-errors
  • OTHER: Updated .toc file

Version 1.0.3

  • BUGFIX: Fixed a Bug that would prevent the GameTooltip from being hidden during Matches

Version 1.0.2

  • BUGFIX: Reduced the time the "Join Match" Button is disabled from 90 to 75 seconds, to make it available as soon as the arena gates open.

Version 1.0.1

  • NEW: The "Enter Match" button of the "StaticPopup1" will now be disabled for 1 minute and 30 seconds after the arena-queue pops. (Make sure to disable ArenaLive every time you want to queue for normal arenas)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would prevent the timer from showing the expired match time, if the UI was sized down.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release
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