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About UmberRunes

In case of addon-breaking bugs, please contact me directly in WoW. This greatly increases the chance that I actually fix it. Please refrain from sending feature requests, unless they are mind-blowingly awesome. I can be contacted on Kazzak under the name Umberwaugh.

I always wanted an addon for my interface to allow me to drag my Death Knight runes around. But every addon that I found used custom textures for the runes, which annoyed me. Therefor I have made this addon that uses the default Blizzard interface runes, which allows you to drag your runes around and show additional information.

'/umber' will bring up the list of available commands.

To scale components, use '/umber lock' to unlock the frame, and then hold the right mousebutton on a component to set its scale. Moving the mouse upwards whilst holding rightclick will increase the component's scale, and downwards will decrease it. Additionally, you can set the entire scale at once using '/umber setscale [number]'.
This is the addon in normal form, showing the Death Knight's runes.
Additionally, you can enable more info such as disease timers on current target and Runic Power.
The addon can also display Bone Shield stacks.
Finally, this addon can also display information about the current target including health and class energy.

The additional components can be toggled on and off individually.
The addon is fully draggable and scaleable.
This addon only works for Death Knights.

The interface can be set to hide automatically when out of combat.

Diseases and abilities are tracked in any language.


  • Fixed issue where rune cooldown swipe texture was incorrectly assigned on non-English clients.


  • Fixed issue where diseases and rune timers were rounded incorrectly.


  • Fixed issue where health bars and energy bars had no background color.
  • Fixed issue where Blizzard runes would re-appear at runtime.


  • Updated rune textures and animations to look like Blizzard's new runes.
  • Blizzard runes are again properly hidden from PlayerFrame.
  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 7.3

1.8.3 - 7.2

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 7.2

1.8.3 - 7.1

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 7.1


  • Renamed boneshield tracking to just 'tracking', which also supports tracking of Festering Wounds for Unholy.


  • Replaced old Death Rune texture with new rune texture from Legion.
  • Increased default scale of bone shield tracker by 33%.


  • Added a boneshield stack tracker. Can be toggled with "/umber toggleboneshield".


  • UmberRunes for Patch 7.0.3.
  • Support for new rune system.
  • Removed Soul Reaper tracking, due to this ability being Unholy specific.
  • Removed blood tap tracking due to Blood Tap being removed from the game.
  • Disease tracking is now done based on specialization.


  • Fixed a bug where toggletarget was throwing a LUA error.


  • Fixed an issue where cooldown timers conflicted with Blizzard's build-in cooldown timer setting.
  • UmberRunes now works for every class. This allows the usage of the health bars on every character. Classes which are not Death Knights will have basic features such as Runes and Blood Tap disabled.

1.7.6 - 6.2:

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 6.2.


  • Removed swing timers.
  • Soul Reaper alert will now show up when target is at propper percentage, regardless of cooldown.
  • Soul Reaper propperly shows up at 45% for Unholy Death Knights with the Improved Soul Reaper ability.
  • Disease tracker will show Necrotic Plague for Death knights with the Necrotic Plague ability.

1.7.5 - 6.1:

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 6.1.


  • Added support for game patch 6.0.2.
  • Fixed an issue where the addon was no longer draggable.


  • Added position text in coordinates when dragging addon around.


  • Removed presence indicator.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging the addon around was affected by the active GUI scale.


  • Target frame now also shows target player classes.


  • Added visual texture on health bars for blood mastery and other absorbs.


  • Changed font color for visibility purposes.
  • Enemy info now shows the color of the energy type that the target uses.
  • Fixed an issue where presences were not displayed propperly on non-english clients.
  • Added a swing timer for 2H Frost Death Knights to predict possible killing machine procs. Note that parrying affects the melee swing time.
  • Added timers on the runes. Can be enabled with /umber toggletimers


  • Fixed an issue where Blood Tap stack display wouldn't hide when disabled.


  • Added an additional feature to track the amount of stacks on Blood Tap. It will show a Blood Tap icon at the bottom of the addon which will light up once you have equal or more than 5 stacks of Blood Charge. This feature can be rescaled, enabled and disabled like the rest.


  • Fixed an issue where the Soul Reaper alert would show up on dead targets.


  • Replaced localization of diseases with the Spell ID's. Because of this, UmberRunes can now track diseases in every language. This also fixed the issue of French clients not tracking Frost Fever (Fièvre de givre).
  • Added a new Effect behind the runes that shows up when you can use Soul Reaper. This will show up as soon as your current target's health is below 35% and your Soul Reaper is off cooldown. This can be toggled on or off using /umber togglesoulreaper. On by default.

1.4.0 - 5.4:

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 5.4.
  • Added disease tracking for Italian clients (Thanks kabor313).


  • Target health bar now displays large numbers the same way as WoW's interface, using K and M to show scales of numbers.

1.3.0 - 5.3:

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 5.3.

1.3.0 - 5.2:

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 5.2.


  • Added a hide when out of combat feature. This can be toggled on or off using /umber combat. Off by default.

1.2.1 - 5.1:

  • Supporting World of Warcraft patch 5.1.


  • Fixed an issue where UmberRunes conflicted with Titan Panel addon.


  • Added a toggle feature for the disease tracking icons.
  • Added a toggle feature to toggle between player info and just a Runic Power bar. Use /umber toggleplayerinfo to toggle.
  • Added a scale feature for the different components. Use /umber lock to unlock the frame and then rightclick a component to set its scale. Dragging upwards will increase and downwards will decrease its size.
  • Added an instant scale feature. Use /umber setscale [number] to instantly set the scale of all components to the number. (A value between 0 and 5, 1 is default).
  • Changed the target hitpoints bar. If the target has less than 100 million hitpoints, the bar will also show the target's max hitpoints.
  • Fixed the frame dragging which will now react more smooth to the players input.


  • UmberRunes now uses its own set of rune-icons. Because of this, it will work in combination with unitframe addons such as X-Perl.
  • Added a debuff time animation to the disease tracking.

1.0.2: MoP

  • Works with patch 5.0.4.


  • Fixed a bug where the interface would appear in the left bottom corner of the screen on first use.


  • Added disease tracking on French and German clients.
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