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  • Updated Apr 13, 2017
  • Created Aug 1, 2016
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About TransmogRoulette

Are you tired of using the same boring look all the time? Do you wish you could experience what it was like to level through Burning Crusade for the first time?

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your wardrobe?

Well look no further my friend, TransmogRoulette is here to dress you.

Just hold the button in your transmog interface and await your stunning transformation.

Individual slots can be rerolled by clicking on the dice in each corner; right-clicking will cause the "randomize all" option to ignore the slot.

Added delay before calling C_TransmogCollection.GetCategoryAppearances(categoryID) after transmog frame is shown to mitigate an apparent bug introduced by blizzard in 7.2 causing the active category to return no data. This requires more investigation into what's causing this (probably setting filters), that I don't have time for.


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