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  • Updated Apr 30, 2017
  • Created Jan 6, 2012
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  • License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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About TradeSkillMaster_Warehousing

This addon is part of the TradeSkillMaster suite. It will not work by itself! You must download the main TradeSkillMaster addon.

Whether you're a new user or long time TSM veteran, please check out our website for more information about the TradeSkillMaster addon suite:

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Warehousing has one major function:

  1. Uses groups from other modules as well as groups of its own to quickly move items between the players's bags, bank, and guild bank.

v3.0.5 *Updated TOC version for patch 7.2.

v3.0.4 *Updated TOC version for patch 7.1.

v3.0.3 *Using new APIs added to core TSM addon to workaround Blizzard's item caching issues.

v3.0.2 *Bumped TOC version for patch 7.0.3.

v3.0.1 *Add caching of pet species in Guild Vault. *Optimize scanning of Guild Vault inventory.

v3.0 *Initial 3.0 version! \

v2.1.4 *Updated for patch 6.2

v2.1.3 *Fix interface version

v2.1.2 *Update Bagnon / Add LiteBag support *Updated for patch 6.1

v2.1.1 *Fixed issue with move to bags/bank and reagent bank.

v2.1 *Updated for patch 6.0.2

v2.0.10 *Increased restock slider cap to 5000. *Increased quantity slider caps to 5000. *Implemented the suggestion for specifying stack size multiple for warehouse operations move to bags - enabling this will only move in multiples of the stack size set.

v2.0.9 *Fixed issue with warehousing groups and ignore random enchants

v2.0.8 *Updating group tree creation API call.

v2.0.7 *Fixed an issue where the operation summary description was incorrect *Added support for DufUIBank

v2.0.6 *Fixed an issue with calculating quantity to move.

v2.0.5 *Added support for cargBags Nivaya.

v2.0.4 *Updated TOC for patch 5.4.

v2.0.3 *Bug fix with v2.0.2 and TSM2.1.

v2.0.2 *Operations are now properly sorted alphabetically. *Moved operation management to its own tab.

v2.0.1 *Empty bags will now move soulbound items.

v2.0 *First 2.0 Version! \

v1.5 *Updated for patch 5.2. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.4.7 *Compatible with TukUI and AdiBags *Fixed Issues with ElvUI *Updated Bank UI to use new TSM Design *Added Auction Categories *Fixed issues with OneBank *Auctioning Categories / Groups take mail quantities into account when moving *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.4.6 *Updated .toc to version 5.1

v1.4.5 *Crafting groups now reset properly *UPDATEBAGSTATE, and craftstate, are only printed when movedata = true

v1.4.4.3 *Elvui should work now

v1.4.4.2 *Crafting groups should now work properly across multiple chars

v1.4.4.1 *LUI compatible *removed annoying print statement

v1.4.4 *compatable with famBankFrame *Tukui! *ElvUI

v1.4.3.1 *fixed a typo that caused an error *fixed a bankui issue *fixed auctioning groups *fixed and an issue if auctioning or crafting are not installed. *removed Lisence.txt *fixed the .toc file

v1.4 *removed Lisence.txt

v1.3.3 *Changed the behavior for auctioning *Fixed the version number

v1.3.2 *removed print statement

v1.3.1 *fixed a bug with increment

v1.3 *Im experimenting with trying to speed up the gbank, and eliminates dc's *more local varaibles Sapu rejoice!

v1.2.5 *fixed a bug

v1.2.4 *no longer am I quering the gbanktab

v1.2.2 *set limits to the timeouts

v1.2.1 *You can now close the bankui at will *You can now adjust the gbank time out

v1.0.9.2 *debug print statement

v1.0.9.1 *added timeouts to the movement code

v1.0.9 *Fixed a bug in canGoInBag

v1.0.8 *Fixed some bugs

v1.0.7 *Warehousing now works with many different bank addons

v1.0.6 *Warehousing now works with ArkInventory *Slowed the gbank down further

v1.0.5 *So it will show up on curse *I also fixed a bug last night, but dont remember what it was

v1.0.4 *I fixed it better

v1.0.3 *Attempt to stop the move process if the users bags are closed

v1.0.2 *I hate localizing

v1.0.1 *updated for 4.3....wait what?? *changed inventory_manger to warehousing

v1.0 *it has been released!!

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