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About TradeSkillMaster_Mailing

This addon is part of the TradeSkillMaster suite. It will not work by itself! You must download the main TradeSkillMaster addon.

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Mailing autosends items based on rules you create to any character you want. This can be very helpful for people who make lots of items to be sold through one or more bankers.

There are several options related to mailing:

  1. add mail targets (to whom to send items to)
  2. add items to mail targets
  3. add groups to mail targets
  4. auto recheck mail
  5. don't display money received
  6. send items individually

v3.0.18 *Fixed bug with inbox display.

v3.0.17 *no change, version fix

v3.0.16 *Fixed bug with displaying total gold to collect in inbox.

v3.0.15 *Updated TOC version for patch 7.3. *Fixed bugs due to changes on how sounds are played.

v3.0.14 *Updated TOC version for patch 7.2.

v3.0.13 *Updated TOC version for patch 7.1.

v3.0.12 *Fixed bug with quick sending COD mail.

v3.0.11 *Fixed bug with opening mail. *Fixed error from opening inbox.

v3.0.10 *Using new APIs added to core TSM addon to workaround Blizzard's item caching issues.

v3.0.9 *Fixed bug with getting the quantity of a mail attachment.

v3.0.8 *Fixed bug with chat messages after sending mail.

v3.0.7 *Fixed bug when opening mail with above 1M gold.

v3.0.6 *Fixed bug with mail inbox.

v3.0.5 *Fixed 7.0.x bug causing errors and preventing opening of mail.

v3.0.4 *Bumped TOC version for patch 7.0.x.

v3.0.3 *Fixed bug with sending getting stuck if the recipient was invalid.

v3.0.2 *Fixed error if you did not press enter after keying in gold limit for send excess gold to banker.

v3.0.1 *Fixed error when attempting to loot mail past gold cap.

v3.0 *Initial 3.0 version! \

v2.2.13 *Updated for patch 6.2

v2.2.12 *Fixing interface version.

v2.2.11 *Updated for patch 6.1.

v2.2.10 *Fixed an issue with mailing groups where bag inventory was incorrectly being reserved when target not the current player.

v2.2.9 *Fixed another issue with mailing groups if current player = target player.

v2.2.8 *Fixed another issue with mailing groups.

v2.2.7 *Fixed issues with mailing groups.

v2.2.6 *Fixed issue with mailing disenchantables.

v2.2.5 *Count reagent bank items as well as bags when calculating current inventory.

v2.2.4 *Include reagent bank when restocking to target quantity

v2.2.3 *Updated for patch 6.0.2

v2.2.2 *Cleaned up some code. *Shortened the inbox header text.

v2.2.1 *No change, just fixed missing item in v2.2 changelog.

v2.2 *Fixed bug with cancels button not collecting canceled auction mail in some situations. *Added auto-complete functionality to target box in Quick Send tab and Mailing operations. *Cleaned up a bit of code. *Fixed bug with restock option of operations always being applied, regardless of the value of the setting. *Moved excess gold options from per-factionrealm to per-character. *Time left on mails will now be in yellow for non-returnable mails instead of green.

v2.1.5 *Added an option to keep free space in bags when looting mail (only applicable to bags that can hold any item like backpack etc). NB mailing autoloots all the attachments of a mail so if looting the whole mail doesn't leave enough free slots then the whole mail will be skipped.

v2.1.4 *No update. Trying to fix issue with curse.

v2.1.3 *Fixed bug with gold collected message counting mails which weren't opened.

v2.1.2 *Updating group tree creation API call.

v2.1.1 *Fixed bug with expired mail.

v2.1 *Fixed bug with automatic restarting of sending groups continuing after the mailbox is closed. *Fixed error related to closing the mail frame without visiting TSM tab. *Fixed bug in group mailing code. *Replaced button to open gold mail with multiple AH-related buttons. *Added option for changing the default page of the Mailing tab. *Added option for showing the reload UI button (enabled by default). *Setting the max quantity to 0 in the quick send page will now send all items. *Added a chat message for when mailing of groups is finished. *Fixed various bugs related to the Mailing tab not being the default. *Updated TOC for patch 5.4.

v2.0.3 *Bug fix with v2.0.2 and TSM2.1.

v2.0.2 *Fixed issue with detecting disenchantable items on non-enUS clients. *Moved operation management to its own tab.

v2.0.1 *Fix for bug with opening mailbox. *Updated scrolling tables.

v2.0 *First 2.0 Version! \

v1.1 *Updated for patch 5.2. *Added sorting for groups being sent to a target. *Added support for ElvUI skinning of open mail / auto mail buttons. *Added option to automatically mail disenchantable greens to a player. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v1.0 *First Release Version!

Beta Versions:

v0.2.4 *Fixed a bug with the Auto-Mail not working after the first time it's used in a session. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v0.2.3 *Fixed a bug where the Auto-Mail feature was getting stuck if there was nothing to mail. *Added an option to send only one unique item per mail. *Updated TOC for patch 4.2. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v0.2.2 *Added better detection for Postal's "Open All" button. *Added a confirmation box for deleting mail targets. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v0.2.1 *Mailing should no longer try and mail soulbound items. *Added a frame that overlays the message part of the send tab that'll show when auto-send is working. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v0.2 *Fixed a few localization issues. *Mailing should now coexist with MailOpener and Beancounter nicely. *Fixed a bug with items not showing as being part of a Mailing group if not currently in the player's bags. *Fixed a bug with how the ungrouped items / groups were sorted *Optimized auto-mailing code to prevent client lag. *Added a "Mail Finished" print-out. *Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

v0.1.1 *The total gold collected from the mail is now printed out. *Fixed the .toc file.

v0.1 *First version!

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