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  • Updated Apr 20, 2017
  • Created Feb 23, 2010
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2017.04.20

About TradeLog

This addon is separated from my addon "TheBurningTrade" (here). New version of TheBurningTrade no longger provides the trade log feature. You can use the new TheBurningTrade(version 2.0+) and TradeLog together, or only use the old version of TheBurningTrade.

Features that old TheBurningTrade has :

  • Redirects the trade result information to the chat window to avoid missing them
  • Records detailed trade info and provides CROSS-SESSION trade list
  • Analyze why trade failed. Was it because you ran away or he click the cancel button?
  • Announce the trade result and exchanged item info to specified channel, to notify the others.

Features that are new :

  • Recent trade list besides the TradeFrame
  • Showing trade details on GameTooltip
  • More clearified trade announcement.
  • Code rewritten.


這個插件是從TheBurningTrade中分離出來的, (here), 今后TheBurningTrade定位為"交易界面增強", 不再包含"交易日志"相關的功能, 而TradeLog這個名字簡單又美麗, 作為一個單獨插件非常合適. 也就是說, 同時使用新版的TheBurningTrade和TradeLog跟老版TheBurningTrade的功能類似, 一定不要同時使用老版的TheBurningTrade和TradeLog.

老版TheBurningTrade就具有的交易日志功能 :

  • 將交易結果(成功/取消/失敗)顯示在聊天文本中, 而不是默認的一閃就過
  • 分析為什么交易會失敗, 例如是你還是對方點了取消按鈕, 或是在交易時雙方移動過遠
  • 記錄詳細的交易信息, 在聊天文本中列出詳單, 而且任何時候均可查看所有交易列表, 提供一個類似交易界面的呈現方式(很丑:)
  • 將交易結果及詳單發送到指定的頻道, 例如"團隊/小隊/密語", 以便某些時候作為交易憑據.


  • 交易時, 交易窗口旁邊列出與當前交易人的最近8個成功交易記錄. (而且是一周內的, 如果一條也沒有就不顯示)
  • 鼠標移到交易列表上時, Tooltip里就能顯示出交易詳情, 而不必點擊
  • 更加明確的交易結果通告, 以前只列出"(收到) 1000G (交出) 1個物品", 現在會把交出什么物品詳細列出來(注意, 有時會刷屏)
  • 部分重構, 減少重復代碼

commit d698068b50afbaa5a9f866760997031c89fa152b
Author: wangbei <[email protected]>
Date:   Thu Apr 20 13:07:23 2017 +0800

    libs and toc update to 70200

commit f245ea4f861f2ce14a607c45652f9334f9d9dadc
Author: wangbei <[email protected]>
Date:   Thu Apr 20 12:19:53 2017 +0800

    move to git


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