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  • Supports: 7.1.0
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  • Updated Oct 31, 2016
  • Created Oct 26, 2014
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About Trade Chat Cleaner

Removes spam and irrelevant chatter from Trade chat.

Messages in Trade chat are blocked, unless they contain at least one whitelisted word and do not contain any blacklisted words. The blacklist (but not the whitelist) is also applied to other public channels (eg. General).

Type "/tcc" for options. If you are offended by profanity, don't look at the word lists.


Compatible with all locales. Currently works very well in English, acceptably well in German, and probably not very well in other languages. Feel free to submit keyword suggestions.


If you are reporting a bug, please make sure you have the latest version of the addon from this page, and then include detailed instructions I can follow to reproduce the bug myself, whether the bug still happens when all other addons are disabled, and the exact text of the accompanying error message (if any).

Version (2016 Oct 31)

  • Updated for WoW 7.1

Version (2016 Jul 24)

  • Updated for WoW 7.0

Version (2015 Jan 16)

  • Removing all words from the whitelist no longer causes all messages to be filtered
  • Fixed an issue with typing | characters in the options panel
  • Fixed an issue with the height of text input boxes in the options panel
  • Added default keywords to block TCG item sellers

Version (2014 Oct 26)

  • Fixed an issue with the text input boxes in the options panel dometimes being difficult/impossible to focus

Version (2014 Oct 15)

  • First public release