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  • Supports: 7.2.5
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  • Updated Jun 24, 2017
  • Created Nov 14, 2008
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  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v3.5.6
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About TradeFilter

A Simple World of Warcraft Spam Filter!

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TradeFilter does not only filter trade but has the ability to filter General, LookingforGroup, Say and Yell channels all which are configurable through the blizzard options panel.

Channel Filters

TradeFilter has a set of patterns for trade channel and separate set of patterns for all other channels, or "base" channels as we will call them. This allows the user to define what patterns may be good for trade but not other channels and vise versa. The user also has the ability to add patterns of their own to be matched against for both trade and "base" channel filters.

Default Channel Filters

Black and White Lists

TradeFilter also has a built in Black and White list. Refer to the flowchart for how Black and White lists are checked.

Default Black/White Lists


/tf or /filter

To Do

Nothing planned


ChangeLog Page

Supported Translations

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tag bb3b682ce875512bdb90ae394d7de7a802f20437 v3.5.6
Author:    Erik Vonderscheer <[email protected]>
Date:    Sat Jun 24 02:53:11 2017 -0700

Tagging as v3.5.6

commit e27217457c2821ca55ce96e72c2706ce6cfc94f1
Author: Erik Vonderscheer <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat Jun 24 02:52:34 2017 -0700

    Fix arguments in GetPlayerInfoByGUID()

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