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About ToyPlus

ToyPlus is a compact launcher that provides quick access to your favourite toys.


  • Access your toys from Databroker addons or the minimap icon tooltip.
  • Access your toys from action bars of buttons.
  • Customize the bars supporting up to 10x10 rows & columns.
  • Scale the bars to a smaller or larger size.
  • Hide the top menu buttons for a compact action bar look.
  • Search for specific toys to add or remove from favourites.


  • Access the main window via the minimap icon button or /toyplus.
  • Access the options via interface options, right-click the minimap icon, or right-click the main window.
  • The options has settings for number of rows and columns, scaling, and hiding of top buttons.
  • You can edit your favourites by clicking the arrow beside Toy List and ticking/unticking the toys.
  • You can type into the search box in the toy list to filter toys that include that text.

Changed default theme to black with grey border.
Minor bug fix for the cooldowns in the Broker menu.
ToC bump.

Fixed an error when disabling the top buttons without opening the main window.
Attempt to fix for when not all favourite toys are shown on first display of the tooltip menu.

Fixed the logic for hiding/showing the menu buttons on the toy button frame.
Added a combat check for hiding the top buttons.
The toy button window now cannot be dragged off screen.

Added option to hide the top buttons on the toy button frame to the interface options.
Removed toylist.lua from the .toc file.
Lowered minimum columns to two.

Added a safe-check for creating the toy list to prevent errors.

Fixed a bug that was excluding toys from the database that had a location requirement that wasn't met.

The toy window will now open on log in if it was open previously for that character, and it will remember its position from when it was last opened.
Extended blue theme to the toy list.

Fixed a bug when adding or removing a favourite toy without opening the toy list first.

Added search feature to the toy list.
Toy list will now hide automatically when you enter combat.
Fix for cooldowns not completing on the toy buttons.

Fix to not allow toy checkboxes to be clicked while in combat.
Fix for toy checkbox icons disappearing when favourites are edited.
Fix for cooldowns not completing on toy buttons.
Fix for empty brackets on Broker menu cooldowns.
Broker menu cooldowns now update on mouseover enter and leave.
Changed the skip list to use the Blizzard function instead.

Added cooldown text to the Broker tooltip.
Added icons to the popout menu list of toys.
Fixed an issue with scrolling the popout toy list using the corner arrows.
Added a blue theme to the main window (can be toggled in the interface settings).

Added more new 7.0 toys that have character level or profession level requirements to the skip list.
Added a safe-check for toy variables in the Broker menu.

Fix for toy buttons being used when clicked with the right mouse button.
Added toy icons to the broker menu.
Disabled ability to click on broker menu toys that are on cooldown.
Toys that are on cooldown in the broker menu will now stay red on mouseover.
Limited broker menu to 40 toys maximum.

Fix for using toys from the broker menu.

Added the new Legion toys and items changed into toys to the filtering system.
Changed the faction filtering to be done by faction ID rather than names.
Fixes for the changed filtering functions on the Toy Box.
Fixes for the coloured textures change.

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