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  • Supports: 3.3.5
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  • Updated Nov 2, 2013
  • Created Mar 22, 2009
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About TourGuide_MidsummerFestival

This addon is no longer being updated.

TourGuide has been broken by Mists of Pandaria and abandoned by its author.

Please download HandyNotes Midsummer Festival instead.

Version 1.0.1
- Added patch from seancwatson which adds and updates several co-ordinates to the Horde guide. Thanks!

Version 1.0
- Updated for WoW 3.3.3.
- Fixed a few typos in the Alliance guide.
- Removed quests which no longer exist (to my knowledge).

Version 0.4
- Alliance guide has been added! A huge thanks goes to Aenora for the help!

Version 0.3.2
- Rearranged the Desolace flames.
- Fixed a few more typos.

Version 0.3.1
- Fixed a couple of co-ordinates.  Some weren't working, some were incorrect.

Version 0.3
- Fixed a bug where TourGuide's status window wouldn't update correctly after visiting a bonfire.
- Added the fires of Northrend. Thanks, sayling!

Version 0.2
- Hefty rewrite of the Horde guide, now includes more up-to-date co-ordinates and less bugs.

Version 0.1
- Initial release.  Only includes a guide for the Horde for now.

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