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About Storyline

Storyline, by KajiSensei & @EllypseCelwe

(Please check the known issues at the bottom of the description before reporting a bug or requesting a feature :) )

Tired of the ugly original quest frame ?

This addon aims to enhance the readability and immersion when questing in World of Warcraft. It adds a brand new quest frame, with animated models and fancy effects.

If you like to read all quests and are a fan of the World of Warcraft lore, this addon is for you !

What is it, exactly?

Storyline provides a new quest frame, that panel appearing when you get a quest from a NPC. World of Warcraft UI improved over the years but one thing Blizzard never touched is this hideous Quest frame. We wanted to have a quest frame inspired by the garrison frames dynamism.

Storyline frame adds 3D animated models for you and your quest giver. Also it "cuts" the dialogue into multiple parts, playing one after another in an old-school RPG style. Finally it adds more effects and visuals to express objectives and rewards.

Known issues & already received suggestions

  • Fullscreen mode. We will ad fullscreen mode with a specific layout in a future update.
  • Even with the option to hide the original quest frame enabled, the frame is sometimes visible. It is actually quite hard to hide that frame as we need it to be open to trigger actions. For now we are moving it away, but its position can get reset by other frames. We are working on improving this workflow.
  • Scaling issues The game has no way to display to model with the appropriate scale. We need to scale each model against each other. This operation takes time and we will improve on this over time. In the meantime, you can manually resize incorrect models by scrolling on the model while maintaining the ALT key down.
  • You can't see the quest rewards before accepting the quest. We will update the add-on to show quest rewards before accepting the quest.
  • There is no confirmation dialog when clicking on a reward. We will add a confirmation dialog (with a checkbox to disable it in the future) when accepting rewards so you don't click on a reward by mistake.
  • The yellow highlight of the text in the middle of the frame is not scaled when the text is on multiple lines. We will fix this.
  • Improve workflow when a quest giver has several quests available and he also has a huge introduction text (several paragraph). Currently, we have to go through the entire introduction paragraph after accepting each quest to select the next one.
  • Disable Storyline for daily quests or in dungeons. We want to add a blacklist system where you would be able to mark a NPC so Storyline doesn't show up. Also, we want to add an option to only show Storyline once for daily quests, so that you can still read them comfortably the first time. We will implement these features over time.
  • They are issues with quest that are automatically added to the quest log or automatically turned in by the game, like the ones to learn to ride mounts or the post patch ones. Those a really hard to address but we are looking into it. If you encounter this issue and are stuck, use /reload to reload the UI and it should be fixed.
  • Voice acting. We know a lot of people would like voice acting, but that would require a HUGE amount of work and money. We are currently focusing on other important bug fixes and improvements for the add-on. We are however interested in the matter and we are looking for options to implement voice acting capabilities into Storyline in the more efficient way.

Change-log version 1.3.1

  • Fixed a bug when having several active quests on the same NPC.
  • Various tweaks to model scaling.

Change-log 1.3

Legion compatibility

This version fixes a lot of issues introduced with patch 7.0.

Workflow improvements

  • Fast-forward: you can now right-click or use SHIFT + spacebar to fast forward to the end of a dialog.
  • Next action improvement: we have tweaked what a click on the text (or the spacebar) do when at the end of a dialog to make it always choose the best option available instead of just closing the dialog. If a dialog has choices, clicking on the text at the end of a dialog will now pick the best choice (first completed quests, then quests that are available, then gossip choices and finally dialog for quest that are not completed yet).
  • New disable Storyline in instances option. A new option (disable by default), allow you to disable Storyline when you are inside an instance (dungeon, raid, battlegrounds, etc.).
  • You can now use the middle click of the mouse on the text to close the dialog quickly.

UI improvements

  • We are now using a new system to hide the default quest frame and dialog frame. The frames should no longer re-appear when opening other frames, and the other frames should be correctly aligned to the left of the screen without any gap. This version is also more compatible with other UI customization add-ons. This new solution require a reload of the user interface.
  • With the new system to hide the quest frame, we have also implemented an option to use the default interface layout engine. When opening default frames, they appear on the left of the screen, one next to the other, with priorities. Storyline can now use that layout engine to be placed on the left just like the character pannel or the spellbook.


  • Improved scaling and animation for female Orc and female Troll


  • Improved existing locales
  • Added Russian, Traditional Chinese and Korean locales
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