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  • Updated Jun 2, 2017
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About Total RP 3: Extended


This add-on is an extension for Total RP 3, version 1.2.0 and above. Please make sure to always have the latest version of Total RP 3 installed.

Check out our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to get started with Total RP 3: Extended!


Even if World of Warcraft is losing subscribers month after month, it still has a strong community. People with a lot of talent when it comes to role-playing, fan-fiction, and other artistic creations. One big problem is that all these original creations can only live outside of the game as we can't have any impact on the game itself. That's what Total RP 3 Extended will change.

Total RP 3 brought you the best way to customize your characters and companions (pets and mounts). Total RP 3: Extended brings you the best way to create new content in World of Warcraft: campaigns with quests, customized NPCs and dialogues, items, documents (books, signs, contracts ...) and much more!


  • Create highly customizable items and share them securely with other people. When you receive an item from someone, the new security level system will warn you about potentially harmful effects and you can authorize them or not. 
  • Place items on the ground to get them back later or place them in stashes that other players will be able to find and open.
  • Total RP 3: Extended gives you a brand new RP inventory to place items on your character visually. People with Total RP 3: Extend will be able to see the items you are wearing and you can inspect them too.
  • Create rich campaigns with multiple quests and steps, customize in-game NPCs to fit your needs and create immersive 3D dialogs with multiple choices.
  • This is a separated add-on, we don't "force" any Total RP 3 user to use it. That was a reason why Total RP 2 was considered really heavy for casual roleplayers. If you want Total RP 3: Extended, just get it in addition of Total RP 3. But Total RP 3 alone will stay lightweight.
  • The interface is clean, pretty and easy to handle.
  • We provide different levels of complexity for the editors' interfaces (Quick / Normal / Expert). So you will have a simple UI to quickly create simple items, but when you are ready to go to the next level and have the full unchained experience, you can use the tool in "expert mode". All these concepts will bring this addon to the saying "Easy to learn, hard to master".
  • The add-on is separated in two sub-add-ons. One contains the inventory management and a roleplay quest log. The other contains all the creation tools to create your items and quests.

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Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Go to step quest effect.

Previous change-log, for version 1.0.3

New features

  • You can now add a condition for each individual effect of a workflow, that won't stop the entire workflow. You can right-click on a workflow element to add/remove such condition.
  • Added new operand to get the current total weight of a container.
  • Added new operand to get the current server time (hours and minutes).

New feature: script effect

We always wanted to keep a high level of security in Extended. That's why there wasn't any effect letting you freely write lua code. This version brings a new effect: "Execute restricted lua script". It lets you use the power of lua syntax (if-then, for-while, table and strings API ... etc) but only let you trigger effects from Extended. That way, people don't have to be worried when using your creation. That also means you can't use freely the game API.

A full unscoped lua script will come later, but it will have serious limitations to keep the Extended players safe.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a Lua error appearing when a user broadcast a public sound when you are in an instance. — Ticket #58
  • Fixed the issue where the models would be wrong or not visible for campaign cut-scenes when using an NPC ID. Additionally, a button to get your target's NPC ID has been added next to the input fields. — Ticket #56
  • Fixed a bug in the quick export/import feature when the ~ sign was used somewhere in the creation.
  • Added missing icons for the map scan options.
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