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  • Updated Sep 6, 2016
  • Created Jul 22, 2016
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About TomeOfIllusionsCheck


A World of Warcraft addon that detects whether or not you have already learned a specific Tome of Illusions or Weapon Illusion.

What does it do?

TomeOfIllusionsCheck hooks into item tooltips, and if you mouseover a crafted Tome of Illusions or a dropped Weapon Illusion, then it will report at the bottom of the tooltip whether or not you have already learned it.

How do I use it?

For example, if you have not yet learned the 'Tome of Illusions - Northrend' and you mouseover it in the Auction House, then the bottom of the tooltip will say "You haven't collected this tome". However, if you have already learned it, then the tooltip will say "You've collected this tome".

You can also use the /tomecheck command to print out the list of tomes and lootable weapon illusions to your chat window, along with whether they are known or unknown.

I created this addon because:

  • The game is not obvious about whether or not I have already learned the tomes, and I'm tired of searching in the Wardrobe to determine which ones I have.

Who helped create this addon?

  • Brudarek on graciously provided the data for the lootable weapon illusions. Thank you, Brudarek!
  • Salty on graciously provided the data for additional lootable weapon illusions. Thank you, Salty!
  • InvisiBill on graciously provided an improvement to the tooltip message color/text. Thank you, InvisiBill!

Where can I download official releases of this addon?

v2.2 - Improved tooltip message color and text thanks to InvisiBill on

v2.1 - Added two more weapon illusions thanks to Salty on

v2.0 - Added weapon illusions thanks to Brudarek on

v1.2 - Guard against nil from tooltip:GetItem().

v1.1 - Added the /tomecheck command.

v1.0 - This is the initial release of the addon.

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