Tol Barad Reminder

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  • Updated Dec 2, 2015
  • Created Nov 10, 2011
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About Tol Barad Reminder

This is a simple addon which prints an announcement in chat when the battle for Tol Barad is approaching, so you don't forget to queue up if you intend to. It also prints whether you are attacking or defending if that information is available.
The addon also includes functionality to keep track of the timer even when you are inside an instance or battleground, where you normally can't see the timer. As usual it prints the 15 minute and 1 minute warning and the /tbtime command will let you know the start time more exactly.

By default the addon announces when there is 15 minutes to the battle and again when it is one minute to the battle in guild chat. You can configure it to print only to yourself rather than in guild chat.
It also prints a message with the time until the next battle (only visible to you) when you log in, this can be disabled in the configuration.

In-game command: /tbr, /tbtime, /tbtimer, /tbreminder (all work in the same way)

/tbr - Displays the time until the next battle. (Might not be available under some circumstances inside instances or BGs)

/tbr wg - Displays the time until the next Wintergrasp battle.

/tbr disable - Disables all output from the addon.

/tbr enable - Enables output from the addon.

/tbr guildenable - Enables output to guild chat. (enabled by default)

/tbr guilddisable - Disables output to guild chat, and prints to only yourself.

/tbr loginenable - Enables the timer message as you log in. (enabled by default)

/tbr logindisable - Disables the timer message as you log in.

/tbr wg_enable - Enables announcements for the battle in Wintergrasp (disabled by default).

/tbr wg_disable - Disables announcements for the battle in Wintergrasp.

/tbr sound_enable - Enables sound warnings.

/tbr sound_disable - Disables sound warnings.

- The Wintergrasp warning can now correctly be disabled if the user wants to.
- Added a new option to play a sound on the 15 and 1 minute warnings. This is disabled by default.

- Bump TOC for 6.2

- Bump TOC for 6.1

- Further fixes to prevent the map from changing.

- The map should be less inclined to change to something you don't want.

- Bump TOC for 6.0

- Added support for Wintergrasp. This is disabled by default, type /tbr wg_enable in order to enable it. You can always get the time to next Wintergrasp battle by typing /tbr wg

- Bump TOC for 5.4

- Bump TOC for 5.3

- Bump TOC for 5.2

- Bump TOC for 5.1

- Bump TOC for 5.0.4

- Bump TOC for 4.3
- The map brought up by Shift+M will no longer sometimes change to something you don't want.

- Improved check for whether the next battle is attacking or defending.
- A few fixed typos.

- Initial release.

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