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  • Updated Sep 12, 2017
  • Created Feb 12, 2007
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About Titan [Reputation]

7x (Legion) Updates Still Pending

I am releasing 3.9.0 which should be a compatibility update for wow 7.25. There is still a lingering bug with how the latest versions of Titan Panel initial their frames. This will produce a failure to generate on right-clicking the addon button if you haven't already right-clicked on the main Titan panel bar. I have put in a work-around snippet that automatically does a rightclick and close on the TItan Panel bar to force Titan Panel to initialize the number of buttons on the bar correctly. This should be seamless for most people. However, it may result in the RightClick code firing too early or to late. In these cases the right click menu on Titan Reputation with either not load or a Titan Panel right click event may not close properly resulting it it lingering on the screen after a load into the game. Hopefully the but in Titan Panel is corrected in a release and I can remove my work around. It seems to work fine for me in my testing.


Titan [Reputation]

Titan Reputation is a reputation plugin for Titan Panel. It allows you to more easily monitor and track your faction standings with any faction you may be farming reputation with. Titan Reputation provides the following features.

  • Displays the faction data of a given faction in a customizable button directly on Titan Panel.
  • Toggle auto-change display of most recent changed faction.
  • Toggle the Blizzard Character Reputation Page.
  • Quickly verify standings with factions using the customizable tooltip to display the factions you care about by simply mousing over the button.
  • Toggle session data summary which displays the total gained reputation since your last login/reload as well as a Reputation per hour breakdown.
  • Announce your faction standing changes in a local raid warning.
  • Mik's Scrolling Battle Text support for faction standing change announcement.
  • Color Coding based on faction standings, built in color scheme, armory color scheme, or a generic basic colors solution.
  • Achievement style announcements upon a faction standing change. This makes those reputation grinds a bit more eventful and can be toggled on/off for those minimalists out there.
  • Added in support for Glamour
Titan Panel Button Customization Options:
  • Show/Hide Faction Name
  • Show/Hide Standing Name
  • Full/Abbreviated Standing Name
  • Current/Max Progress of the current standing level.
  • Percentage calculation of progress.
  • Show/Hide Friendship updates on the button
  • Titan Panel right-side button support
Separate Titan Panel Button Tool Tip Customization Options:
  • Show/Hide Standing Name
  • Full/Abbreviated Standing Name
  • Current/Max Progress of the current standing level.
  • Percentage calculation of progress.
  • Show/Hide Factions from the tooltip by standing level.
  • Show/Hide Factions from the tooltip by groups.
  • Show/Hide Faction Statistics.
  • Show/Hide Session Summary Data (RepPerHour).
  • Show/Hide Friendship data in tooltip
  • Detect and alter support for Grand Commedations
  • Minimal tooltip display option
  • Tooltip scaling support
Additional Feature
  • Blizzard Inactive Faction Support - If you wish to omit a faction from the tooltip entirely. Simply visit the Blizzard Reputation Pane and set the faction to be "Move to Inactive". The tooltip's behavior will not process any faction with this flag enabled. Note: When using the Blizzard Reputation Pane you should be aware that collapses groups in this pane, effects the ability of the plugin to gather data from the factions in the collapsed group.

Special Thanks

Lastly, the majority of the work on this addon is Aquator's. He was kind enough to get the ball rolling on this addon and I picked it up when he was no longer able to. I will continue to keep this addon running as long as I am capable. I'd like to thank him for all his work.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please use the curseforge ticketing systems to submit bug reports and feature requests.

commit 61199876b24d28638333d024941bd0a5aecfb26a
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Sep 13 00:23:40 2017 -0400

    Release 3.9.3
             - 7.3 compatability fix

commit 252b6dd75cc283d9e5c082833550032a6aaef0a0
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Tue Jul 4 21:16:51 2017 -0400

    Release 3.9.2
            - Fixed issue with Paragon standingID & LABEL. Paragon reputations should now be legendary orange.
            - Touched up ButtonText Labeling :: Trim values/percentange from capped factions and frends
            - Began Conversion of text to strings for future localization
            - Fixed issues with Session Summon displaying incorrectly

commit 67d6a0904c092c47ef854c8044e7fd751df245ac
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Mon Jul 3 02:10:24 2017 -0400

    Tagged as 3.9.1-release

commit e770d45c9835d22ffe00b2c5e45eed207c353b26
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Jul 2 20:30:15 2017 -0400

    tagged as 3.8.9b-release

commit 1a40f860ac925a2eff3b9ba34911c9eaabe3763b
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Jul 2 20:24:35 2017 -0400

    tag 3.9.0b-release

commit 9ff703ee930f4c7685ab718fdbf518b219a2f5b5
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Jul 2 20:20:20 2017 -0400

    tagging release 3.9.0b

commit af116c4b947c0100daaea4bbb3af317630dd6b32
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Jul 2 19:14:22 2017 -0400

    Release 3.9.0

commit d0edaa6949ab0ade78367d8c67d3312acfca78fb
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Dec 25 14:41:29 2016 -0500

    release 3.8.8

commit f5dc0511d428d916ba9be1c957c9f1634969f643
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Dec 25 14:21:17 2016 -0500

    Release 3.8.8d
    - Updated for Legion V 7.1
    - Fixed broken right click menu (thanks tominator1983 ticket #26)