Titan Panel [DualSpec]

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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated Feb 24, 2015
  • Created Apr 29, 2009
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
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About Titan Panel [DualSpec]

All your important information at a glance

A simple Titan addon for dual specs that displays your current spec on the Titan Panel button and allows you to easily switch specs with a simple left-click.
It also provides advanced functionality and display options for those who want to customize what is shown.

This allows you to see exactly what you want with a quick glance. For example, you can quickly check if your in the correct gear or have the right talents selected for the boss you are on. It also allows you to make sure you will get the right loot to drop. Why waste time having to right click your portrait just to verify you have the correct Loot Specialization chosen.

Optional features include:

  • Assigning Equipment Manager sets to each spec for auto equipping.
  • Display of custom spec names.
  • Display of spec icon.
  • Display of your currently equipped Equipment Manager set.
  • Display of your selected Loot Specialization.
  • Customized display of any Talent Points you are specced into. (ex. Balance (Feline Swiftness,Typhoon,Nature's Vigil))

You can also set key-bindings for the 4 actions below:

  • Left-Click will switch your spec and, if assigned, the gear for that spec.
  • Shift + Left-Click will switch only your spec.
  • Alt + Left-Click will switch between the two gear sets that you have assigned to your specs, otherwise between all gear sets.
  • Ctrl + Left-Click will rotate through Loot Specializations.

If you're able to help with translations, please check out the project's localization page: http://wow.curseforge.com/projects/titan-panel-talents/localization/

Early-release and alpha versions are always available from the project's file page: http://wow.curseforge.com/projects/titan-panel-talents/files/


Q: Does DualSpec have any dependencies, other than TitanPanel itself?


Q: How do I report a bug or request a feature?

Please use the ticketing system provided by Curse. This is greatly preferable to posting comments as it allows me to properly track them. While I love to receive comments, bug reports and feature requests will almost certainly require a ticket anyhow.

Q: Is there anything I can do to help?

  1. First (and the easiest) give this addon a good rating and add it to your favourites ;)
  2. Tell your friends about it.
  3. Translations.
  4. Testing and suggestions for new features, etc.
  • Updated to 6.1
  • Updated to WoD 6.0.3
  • Faster Loot Spec switching
  • Fixed Titan Panel's right-side plugin toggle.
  • Added option to show/hide helm based on spec. Configure it by using keybinding. It will restore your setting automatically next time.
  • Updated to 5.4.2
  • Fixed the reset of display options after logging into a character who hasn't bought Dual Spec.
  • Fixed Loot Spec from incorrectly displaying "Default" after login/reloads.
  • Updated to 5.4
  • New Loot Specialization display (Thanks Verdachtrocket)
  • New ctrl click and keybinding for rotating through loot specialization.
  • Added chat output when selecting Current Specialization for loot.
  • Fix for global variable's: Ticket 14 (Thanks webigel)
  • Fixed 3.0a problem where it wouldn't rotate through all loot spec's available
  • Fixed spacing issues of titan bar display
  • Updated Localizations with Google Translate
v3.0 alpha
  • Updated to 5.4
  • New Loot Specialization display (Thanks Verdachtrocket)
  • New ctrl click and keybinding for rotating through loot specialization.
  • Fix for global variable's: Ticket 14 (Thanks webigel)
  • Updated to 5.3
  • Updated to 5.2
  • New Talent Build display with options customized per spec and character (thanks to Aghull).
  • New Blizzard localization used for most of the addon. Updated all other localization's with Google translate.
  • Added ability to display only a number to distinguish your current spec.
  • Added ability to rename both specs at once.
  • Added a reset confirmation popup.
  • Fixed Tooltip, Equipment and Renaming options to hide/show depending on number of spec's learned.
  • Fixed many minor bugs (most associated with not having learned both specializations).
v2.2.0 alpha
  • Switched out 1/3 of the text to Blizzard global strings for hopefully better localization
  • Added Aghull's Talent Patch to be able to display talent build information
  • Many more changes to post when finalized.
  • Updated to 5.1.0
  • Changed name to "DualSpec" independent on localization.
  • Updated German localization
  • Button text should update correctly.
  • Made gear automatically switch when changing specs (even when not using addon).
  • Fixed gear sets to update after having any deleted and to not show if none are available.
  • Minor updates throughout addon
  • Fixed Blizzard's Glyph UI Taint
  • Complete rework of code
  • Added key-bindings that function the same as left-click commands
  • Modified menu options and layout
  • Added spec and gear icons
  • Real-time updating of all gear set changes, including those from outside addon
  • Alt Click now rotates through all gear sets available if none are assigned
  • Added ability to display addon on the ride side of Titan Panel.
  • Fixed toggle options to update correctly
  • Updated to 5.0.4
  • Added ability to assign gear sets for both specs at once.
  • Modifier's Changed: Left-Click for switching spec and gear, Shift Click for only spec, Alt Click for only gear
  • Added a message filter to stop the spam when swapping specs.
  • Added SavedVariablesPerCharacter to store custom names and gear sets per character.
  • Updated localizations, including some Google-translations for updating the "hint"
  • Added a menu item to allow for equipping a gear set (nod to Kanegasi)
  • Changed the order so gear is switch /after/ spec
  • Fresh exports of localizations
  • New exports of traditional and simplified Chinese (thanks to Arkyang)
  • Improved the interface for gear-set selecting
  • Removed some debugging output
  • Initial work on allowing a gear set to be assigned to a spec; ie, it will be automatically equipped when you change specs if you shift-left-click
  • Fix for Ticket 7 (Thanks to SkywardSky for the hint!!)
  • Disabled debugging output
  • Re-enabled renaming of spec
  • New exports of localizations
  • Updated to use the new API function
  • Temporarily disabled renaming
  • Updated to 40000
  • Removed filtering code
  • Updated to 30300
  • Add a potential (though untested) fix for the conflict with some chat addons; ie, Ticket 3
  • Updated to 3.2.0
  • Added French translation (thanks to polluxtroy3578)
  • Added partial latin american spanish translation (thanks to chupes)
  • Added Russian translation (thanks to Пичинег @ EU-Термоштепсель)
  • Updated German translation
  • Fixed issue w/low-level characters where trees weren't being properly identified
  • Updated German translation
  • Rewrote to trigger off of events instead of polling so this should be more efficient
  • Changed name to DualSpec from Talents
  • Added tooltip hint
  • Fixed issue w/low-level characters
  • Added ability to rename specs
  • Added some cosmetic button options
  • Started to populate the tooltip, though there's more to come
  • Partial German translation (thanks again to Gomntep)
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