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About Titan [CurrencyTracker] (+Glamour)

7x (Legion) Updates Still Pending

I am planning on updating the addon in the near future as time permits. I am actively playing WoW again, so this will help drive me to update my addons as I use them all myself and will eventually get to fixing any bugs in them over the next weeks/months.

Titan [CurrencyTracker]

Titan Panel plugin to monitor and display Token/Currency information.

  • Toggle tracked tokens individually or by groups..
  • Session Tracking with TokenPerHour Support.
  • Optional token change announcement. (local raid warnings).
  • Optional token change chat logging. (local chat frame).
  • Multiple Character Support in Tooltip.
  • Glamorized notifications when receiving tokens. (you can turn this feature off by right clicking the add-on and selecting options)
  • Supports Glamour for using a centralized alert frame amongst addons.
  • Currency Cap warning system for when your tokens are approaching or have reached the cap limit.

Custom Icon Sizes

You can set the various Icon sizing using a simple /script command. There are 3 different sizes used by the addon:

  • BarIconSize are the Icons displaying on the TitanPanel Bar and can be adjusted like so (20 is the default value):
/script TitanSetVar(TITCURRTRACK_ID, "BarIconSize", 20);
  • TipIconSize are the Icons displaying in the Tooltip of the Addon and can be adjusted like so (12 is the default value):
/script TitanSetVar(TITCURRTRACK_ID, "TipIconSize", 12);
  • IconSize are the Icons displaying in log messages and error frame. They can be adjusted like so (16 is the default value):
/script TitanSetVar(TITCURRTRACK_ID, "IconSize", 16);

This variables will save per character and be remembered between sessions. These are in preparation for moving to functional Interface config panel in place of the right click options menu.

Bugs & Feature Requests

Please use the curseforge ticketing systems to report bugs and request features.

commit 3ba39d7c70a9ab623d413f347af36eeda735142e
Author: jpotter <[email protected]>
Date:   Mon Jul 3 14:55:03 2017 -0400

    initial git add - WOW 7.25 Patch

## Changelog: 1.3.2
## Changelog: - Updated to use L_UIDropDownMenu Library used by latest Titan Panel
## Changelog: - Compatability patch for latest version of Titan Panel Right-Click Menu bug
## Changelog: - Legion 7.25 Compatability

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