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  • Updated Aug 14, 2016
  • Created Nov 22, 2009
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About Tidy Plates

Tidy Plates enhances World of Warcraft's nameplates.

Basic Configuration

Use the command, '/tidyplates' as a shortcut to the interface panel for Tidy Plates. On that panel, you'll be able to select from a list of available themes. The theme you choose will affect both appearance and features.

Use the command, '/hub' to configure the mechanics of those included themes. If you're using a custom theme, it might have a different config tool.

Questions and Comments

Please post your questions and comments on the Tidy Plates Forum page, hosted on Curseforge.


Please use the Curseforge Ticket system to report bugs.

Aura Widget typo fix
Hopefully final fix for Blizzard Bars appearing
Temporarily restored the outdated UseTankVariables and UseDamageVariables functions
Tinkered with the ShadowOffset

Isolated the theme parser to TidyPlatesParser.lua

Loading themes via functions:

Deprecated:        (Converted to Dummy functions, will be removed)

Moved "Use Default Blizzard Font" down to the bottom of the Settings page
    Didn't seem to be in the right place under "Health Bars"
Advanced is now "Funky Stuff".  Why?  Because I've been drinking?  Perhaps..
Hub: Fixed Unit Filter Alpha
Rejiggered some things in the Panels
    Hub/Profile Panels are now under the Tidy Plates tree
Renamed some of the Core files
Cleaned up some old rotten code in Core and Panel

Panel fix

Off-Tank Highlighting is back!  (/hub, jump to "Threat")

Specialization Profiles are Back!

And with them, new errors to find.  

Also, it's painful to look at code that I haven't touched in 5 years

Restored plain white name text
Aura widget: When using OmniCC or the default "Show Cooldown Timer", they no longer appear on the aura timer.
Various Status text fixes

I think I've fixed the cooldown animation/double text issue

Fixes here and there..
Tapped mobs might work
Improved updates during combat/out-of-combat transition
Aura stuff

More futzing with the Aura widget.  Stacks should show up.  Dispellable stuff might show up.

Combo Point Widget should now update properly.

Aura Widget is now about 90% complete

Fixed some errors when Personal Resource Frame is used (alpha.lua:30

Numberous things fixed, and re-broken.  * Prizes to those who find em!

Aura Widget is now about 80% complete

Under the Tidy Plates options panel, you can now disable cast bars.

* Actually, there are no prizes

Personal resource bar should work on it's own.

Class widget repair

Cast bar alpha
Tradeskill bypass on castbar

Tank autoswap may work correctly on your class;  Works fine for druids!

Level coloring + text should be improved.

FULLY hiding the Blizzard frames.. success!  Thanks N!

CVar stuff

Some health status text should now be working

Raid Icons should be working

Flickering is still a bit of a problem.

Frame rates have been improved

I need to work on the widgets (auras, healer tracking, tank tracking, etc.)

Class colors working better?
The new Cast Bars have been written.  Hopefully they work.  I've only been testing near the target dummies.

Class Colors should be working.  On health bars, at least.  I briefly tested them.
Nameplates are not (and can not be) generated for enemies who are not in pvp conditions.  (This has been the case for years)

Cast bars..  Early next week, I hope.  

Calm down, take a deep breath.  It's Friday, July 22nd!  It's time for beverages!

More things are working!

Notably absent...
Cast Bars
and more

I have not tested the aura widget... although it MIGHT work.


99% of the previous nameplate system has been replaced by Blizzard for Legion.

Rebuilding has been slow, since I'm (apparently) a grown-up, now. ;-)  

BUT, progress is indeed being made!  

The internal widgets are disabled, which means the Aura timers are not working.  I'm rewriting the entire bloody system because we now have a good way to capture that data without all the trickery that was previously required.  (Blizzard does love us!)

Again, progress is being made!  

Many things are broken, so I expect that many of you might want to check back with Tidy Plates in a week or so.

Happy questing!

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