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  • Supports: 7.2.5
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  • Updated Jul 15, 2017
  • Created Oct 31, 2009
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 8.4.1

About Tidy Plates: Threat Plates

Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Version 8.4

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  • Tidy Plates: Threat Plates (TPTP for short) is a theme for use with Tidy Plates with patch 5.0.4 or later WoW client. It offers a high amount of customization and tweaks to how your nameplates react and look. It also offers some unique features that are not available with any other nameplate addon. I've spent a considerable amount of time improving this addon and any comments or concerns about this addon are appreciated. I'm always looking for ways to improve this addon.


  • SharedMedia support and many, many, options for name, health, level, and spell text. As well as all of the standard nameplate features such as castbar and icon, elite icons / textures, skull icons / textures, raid marks, and healthbar coloring/alpha/scale.
  • Ace3 profiling.
  • Low memory footprint.
  • Threat system management.
  • Automatic talent detection and role assigning for an easy out of the box setup.
  • Customizable widgets.
  • Customizable totem nameplates.
  • Customizable nameplates for extra customization for specifically named units.


  • /tptp - Displays options.
  • /tptptoggle - Toggle Role from one to the other.
  • /tptpdps - Toggles DPS/Healing threat plates.
  • /tptptank - Toggles Tank threat plates.
  • /tptpol - Toggles nameplate overlapping.
  • /tptpverbose - Toggles addon feedback text.

Additional Information:

  • A considerable amount of information about options and its internal priorities are not gone into details. Most options that are enable or disable based will toggle off options that are no longer changeable once enabled or disabled. If you have any questions about options and what they do, feel free to leave a comment or PM me here for more information.
  • Troubleshooting and FAQ
  • Help

TPTP In Action:

Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments or https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donate_SM.gif!

8.4.1 (works with TidyPlates 6.18.11)

  • * Fixed a LUA error bug in the aura 2.0 widget when sort order "None" was selected [Comment #451].
  • * Fixed a bug in the aura widget where the aura filter was not used after switching the active theme to ThreatPlates in TidyPlates.
  • * Fixed bugs in localization deDE (German).

8.4.0 (works with TidyPlates 6.18.11)

  • ThreatPlates v8.4 introduces a new default look and feel. A dialog asking if it should be used as default will be shown after the first login.
  • Added fully customizable headline view (name-only) (added configuration options and removed dependency to TidyPlatesHub) [Ticket #34, #119, Comment #345, #338].
  • Added off-tank mode to threat system (with own color, scale, and opacity for mobs tanked by off-tank) [Ticket #9,Comment #339].
  • Added new filter options to aura widget 2.0 for whitelist and blacklist mode: use All and My before a spell name or ID to whitelist or blacklist a spell based on the caster [Comment #385, email request].
  • Added a new widget for showing the resource or power of target units (mana, rage, or alternate power for bosses) [Request from WowInterface].
  • Added an option to enable clickthrough for friendly and enemy nameplates [Comment #370, #375].
  • Added an option to change scaling and opacity (alpha) for casting, mouseover and target units [Comment #363].
  • Added option to show or hide mini (minor) mobs (with own scale and opacity).
  • Added Earthbind totem which was added in patch 7.1 and fixed bug with Earthquake totem using incorrect spell ID. Also, totems in the options dialog are now sorted by type and name.
  • Added an option to hide the hatched overlay on the castbar for uninterruptable casts [Ticket #122, Comment #381].
  • Added an option to social widget to color the healthbar of friends' and guildmates' nameplates in a custom color.
  • Added an option to social widget to show a faction icon for players and NPCs [Ticket #115].
  • Added new spells to stealth widget and improved performance of aura scanning.
  • Target and mouseover glow in headline view can be disabled now [Comment #360].
  • Visibility of unit types can be configured in more details now.
  • Scaling and opacity can not be defined based on unit type (friendly, hostile, player, NPCs, and so on) [Ticket #118].
  • Reduced disabling of options based on other settings in the options dialog.
  • Removed anchoring options as positioning is based was never based on actual healthbar anyways (but some internal frame). Also, improved consistence for size/scale options.
  • Improved consistency for coloring, scaling and opacity between healthbar and headline view, totems and custom nameplates.
  • Reworked healthbar coloring and fixed several errors. 
  • Fixed a bug with Blizzard nameplates reappearing in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug with custom nameplates not using the correct scaling and opacity when "Disable Custom Scale/Alpha" was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the personal resources bar from showing up when ThreatPlates was enabled. [Comment #402].
  • Fixed a bug where nameplates where shown in an incorrect order in relation to their distance [Ticket #106].
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in the options dialog (mostly naming and layout of UI elements).
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in the configuration for custom nameplates (settings as well as the interaction with the threat system).
  • Fixed configuration inconsistencies with threat glow and threat system.
  • Fixed a bug with button "Restore Defaults" in custom nameplates which now actually restores default settings.
  • Fixed a bug with the dialog shown when using Threat Plates the first time on a character that prevented the TidyPlates options from being shown after pressing "No".
  • Fixed a bug with the dialog shown when using Threat Plates the first time on a character that showed the dialog even when ThreatPlates was already active.
  • Fixed a bug with quest widget where the quest indication was only shown when unit tooltip was progress-based ("- Prisoners freed: x/y"), but not when progess information was missing ("- Control Orb)".
  • Upgrade integrated libraries to LibSharedMedia-3.0 7.0.1, Ace3 Release-r1151, AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets r57-release.
  • Updated localizations for enUS, deDE (German), and koKR (Korean, big thanks to yuk6196).
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