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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
  • Created Oct 24, 2008
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About teknicolor

teknicolor is a simple addon, it colors player links in chat by their class color, if known. It will color for any player you have “seen” since login, guild memebers, friends, party/raid members, any player you’ve moused over or seen in /who results.


[SIZE=2][B][COLOR=SandyBrown]Visit [URL=http://tekkub.net/]my site[/URL] for more great addons
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my [URL=http://github.com/tekkub/teknicolor/issues]Github tracker[/URL]
Alpha builds can be found on [url=http://github.com/tekkub/teknicolor/tree/master]GitHub[/url].
Alpha builds can be found on github.
Please direct all feedback and questions to my [URL=http://groups-beta.google.com/group/tekkub-wow]Google Groups[/URL] mailinglist[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
    Tagging stable version
    Color /roll
    Bring back friend list highlighting
    No changes, just tagging as a stable release
    Rejigger for 3.2, log on/off wasn't colored nor the friend's list
    Add support for CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS
    Would you like to finger my taint?
    Bugger, make compatilbe with Live
    Adapt english handler for DK's
    Use token class name from guild instead of engrish one
    Fix patch 2.4.3 breaking friend list coloring (On Live this is tainty.  You've been warned!)
    Colorize the logout messages
    Add in frFR female class names
    Nil-safe GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE, seems it has issues on zoning
    Add in deDE female class names
    Don't fuck with the combat log anymore, it's just not worth it.
    Fix hex converter
    Remove dongle

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