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About TBag-Shefki

This is the long awaited update to TBag that fixes a number of bugs.

TBag is a WoW Addon that provides an alternative bag and bank interface. It was built by modifying Engbags an addon who has essnetially the same functionality is missing some of the features of TBag.

Talos the original author of Tbag his this to say about it when he released it:

"In addition to the auto-sorting you've come to know and love, I've added many new features, including searching for items (in mail, etc.) You can also see and use the original default UI bags, which have slots free overlaid on top of them. There are also many convenience features, like highlighting new items, colored spotlighting, and purchase bank bags without having to unload the addon. A visual edit mode allows you to rearrange categories to your taste, and an advanced customization window enables you to completely configure every aspect of TBag."

This is a modification of his 070123 release for WoW 2.0.3. The modifications were done by Shefki. See the Changelog file for details of the changes I made. The ToDo.txt file consists of ToDo items that were found in the original TBag release. Some of them are not terribly relevent to my my intentions, some I'm unclear on what he meant and others seem to have already been fixed. See my Todo List below.

Getting Started

TBag can only "see" something you've seen, so for every character:

1) Open your bags
2) Go to the bank
3) Check your mail
4) View your body
5) Open all your trade windows

This allows you to view the bag and bank contents of your characters at any time (sorted according to their trade skills) by clicking the name dropdown in the upper right. It also enables you to do a full item search from the search textbox just to the left of the name dropdown.

* 20150103-r504-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
- Fix bag highlights.
- Fix tracked currencies being show for a character that has no currencies in
  in some circumstances due to a Blizzard bug.
- Add Reagent Bank support (resorting the bank will move items into the
  reagent bank if they can be placed there).
- Fix quality of items not showing correctly for items that have a chance to
  roll at a higher quality.
- Remove class specific REAGENT and TOOLS categories
- Fix potions, foods and drinks not sorting into the correct categories, due
  to Blizzard adding commas to the health/mana numbers.
- Properly categorize channeled mana options as MANA_RESTORE.
- Fix some old temporary weapon enchants not sorting into BUFF category.
- Items that when learned go into the toy box are not included in the TOYS
  category.  This means some items that were in COMBATPETS, COSTUMES and
  FIREWORKS are in TOYS now.
- Fix categorization of Crimson Steer Energy drink due to bugged tooltip in
- Fix sorting of engineering portal device and add the WoD one.
- Add Aviana's Feather to the MOUNT category.
- Include the fish specific baints for WoD in FISHING.
- Remove the ARGENT_DAWN category.
- Remove the CENARION_CIRCLE category.
- Remove the THORIUM_BROTHER category.
- Remove the ZUL_GURUB category.
- Remove the SHA'TAR category.
- Remove categorization rule for Coilfang Armaments.
- Remove categorization rule for Salt Shacker.
- Remove categorization rules for obsolete inks and parchments.
- Remove RELIC category.
- Update DARKMOON_CATEGORY for the new faire.
- Gray items that a vendor will pay for now display a gold icon in the upper
  left corner when at a vendor.
- Remove all Soul Shard support.
- Remove a bunch of compataiblity with old versions of WoW.
- Remove all ammo, quivers and projectile supports including the various
- Put the reagents for talent/glyph changes in CLASS_REAGENT category.
- Add Moroes' Famous Polish to the TOYS category.
- Add the Day of the Dead costumes to the COSTUMES category.
- Add CRAFTINGREAGENT keyword which will match all items that have the
  light blue "Crafting Reagent" text in the tooltip.
- Remove support for the keyring.
- Add Spirit of Shinri to the MOUNT category.
- Add a BLUEPRINTS category for Garrison Blueprints to go in.
- Add an ARCHAEOLOGY category.
- Remove the POISONS category.
- Add salvage bags/crates to the ACT_OPEN category.
- Add items that create equipmenet (e.g. items from Timeless Isle and
  Garrison Missions) to the ACT_OPEN category.
- Add a number of pet items to MINIPET category.
- Move "Windfeather Plume" from BUFF to MOUNT category.
- Add a FOLLOWERS category.

* 20141014-r444-Shefki
- Bump TOC for 6.0
- Fix the blue  hue over the buttons in 6.0

* 20130910-r439-Shefki
- Bump TOC for 5.4
- Fix the blue hue over the buttons in 5.4

* 20130521-r435-Shefki
- Bump TOC for 5.3

* 20120929-r432-Shefki
- Resolve problems with caged pets.

* 20120913-r429-Shefki
 - Fix the problem with the Fishing spell causing errors in 5.0.5 for German
 and Russian clients.

* 20120902-r426-Shefki
 - Fix an error for Herbalists using German or Russian clients.

* 20120902-r423-Shefki
 - Resolves an error when opening the Inscription frame.

* 20120830-r419-Shefki
 - Resolve errors when opening tradeskill windows.

* 20120828-r416-Shefki
 - Workaround a bug on Blizzard's side resulting in TBag tainting the GlyphUI in 5.x
 - Add translation keys for MONK.

* 20120819-r412-Shefki
 - 5.0 compatability.  Ranged slot was removed from the game.
   This release is backwards compatible with 4.x as well.

* 20110626-r405-Shefki
 - 4.2 compatability.  Keyring was removed from the game.
   This release is backwards compatable with 4.1 as well.

* 20110626-r401-Shefki
 - Fix the bug with toggling the inventory window with the default game

* 20110210-r398-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
 - Fix problem with tackle boxes.
 - Support for reforged items.  Must log into each character at least
   once for the items of that character to have reforging info.
 - Sorting fixes and updated item info for 4.0.6.

* 20101017-r385-Shefki
 - Update TOC
 - Fix an error that prevented adjusting order of sorts for Inventory window.

* 20101006-r381-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
 - More Cataclysm fixes.
 - Add support for quest overlays added to default UI in 3.3.3.
 - Remove an unnecessary and extra cooldown frame.
 - Fix a bug in player level up detection.
 - Sorting addition for the Gnomeregan Pride costume.
 - Flag addon as Cataclysm compatabile.

* 20100905-r372-Shefki
 - Changes to allow TBag to work without errors on Cataclysm beta.
 - ruRU update.

* 20100304-r366-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
  - Workaround for a Blizzard bug that causes tbag windows to be
    non-interactive for some people.
  - Workaround for a Blizzard bug that causes some menu items to be
    non-interactive for some people.
  - Some tiny tweaks for 3.3.3 sorting.
  - ruRU added as a translation (99% complete).

* 20091221-r358-Shefki
  - deDE update

* 20091220-r355-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
  - Free some unneeded statically used memory, should lower static memory
    usage of the addon by about 600 KiB.
  - Item db update for 3.3.0 and a db version update to clear the cache
    for newly changed recipes.
  - Fix some minipets that weren't sorting as minipets.
  - Sorting fixes for a number of card game redemption items.
  - ToC bump to mark addon as current.
* 20090810-r345-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
  - Fix for the reset new dropdown menu.
  - Fix for the reset command line command.
  - Fix for the cancel button on the color picker.
  - Improve support for Heirloom items.
  - Rework profession scanning code to no longer depend upon the blizzard
    tradeskill UI.
  - TRADE1_CREATED and TRADE2_CREATED actually work now.
  - Improve sorting for Darkmoon cards.
  - Sorting updates for some items added in 3.1 previously missed.
  - Sorting updates for items added in 3.2.0
  - Item db update for 3.2.0
  - deDE update.
  - TOC bump to mark addon as current.

* 20090417-r324-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
  - 3.1.0 compatability
  - Minor sorting changes for 3.1.0
  - Workaround a bug in the Auctionner-Advanced Appraiser module that caused
    the alt click support to do weird things.
  - Item db update for 3.1.0
  - TOC bump to mark addon as current.

* 20090215-r312-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
 - Fix a infinite loop in the tradeskill handling code.
 - Update sorting to handle some of the Lunar Festival items.
 - Pets gained from the Cracked Egg properly sort as MINIPETS now.
 - Update deDE.

* 20090122-r301-Shefki
  Note: This version contains a number of sorting changes the following
  commands are advised after backing up any modified sorting rules you have.
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts
 - Properly sort a number of new items added with Wrath and 3.0.8.
 - Major rework of the tradeskill categorization code, properly
   supports Enchanting now.
 - Item DB update for 3.0.8.  Due to the tradeskill rework the itemdb
   is actually dumped and replaced with a new format as well.
 - Rogue poisons are now treated like other class reagents.
 - Show icon on tracked tokens when we have zero of them.
 - Inventory window will no longer close on Merchant Frames closing.
 - Don't show the Interface Options Dialog when Escape is pressed and only
   closes a TBag window.
 - Properly handle OpenAllBags (including the keybinding).
 - Fix the Select Character submenu in the context menu.
 - Fix backgrounds and borders on bars.
 - deDE update

* 20081112-r276-Shefki
  - Fixed search splitting items by character level.
  - Fixed a bug that caused some settings to not immediately take effect
    for the bank.
  - Fixed the OpenAllBags hook.
  - Fix sorting of rogue poisons (/tinv resetsorts /tbnk resetsorts needed)
  - Fixed cooldown spinners remaining on empty slots.
  - Fixed bank bags that are hidden not being shown when clicked on.
  - Fixed items in hidden bags not properly being hidden after the
    bag was closed.
  - Workaround a Blizzard bug that causes the game to freeze up when
    dragging a frame over another frame with a large number of child frames.
  - Fix a syntax error in the Anchor settings for the bank.
  - Remove some unnecessary code.

* 20081024-r260-Shefki
  - Sorting rules updates (/tinv resetsorts and /tbnk resetsorts
    to replace your config with the default and get the updates)
  - Handle Inscription Bags properly.
  - Fix Assign Cats button in Advanced Configuration.
  - Stop modifying keybindings entirely on first run.  Users existing
    keybindings can get them started.
  - Fix button positioning errors when hiding empty keyring slots.
  - Handle corruption of the cached data more gracefully.
  - Ensure that bars that do not fit within the number of horizontal
    bars are correctly hidden.
  - Correctly hide items on hidden bars.
  - Possible fix for money type errors.
  - Minor code cleanups.

* 20081015-r242-Shefki
  - Fix the MergeReagents error.

* 20081015-r239-Shefki
  - Fix an issue where the token update events would fire
    before variables loaded causing an error.

* 20081014-r235-Shefki
  - General forwards compatability to 3.0 code changes.
  - Show Blizzard Bag Frames is obsolete and ignored now.
    Clicking on a bag frame that is hidden in TBag now
    expands the window and displays those items until
    the window is closed or the bag is clicked again.
    Most people will see this mostly with the keychain.
  - Updates to the sort list to support changes in Wrath:
    DeathKnights, Minipets, Tokens, Glyphs and Inscription.
  - Support for Inscription Bags in compressing items to
    leave the most free slots.
  - Support for Token tracking for Wrath.
  - Catch the Spirit of Competition in the default sorts.
  - Fix a bug that caused BOE items to be treated as if they
    were Soulbound sometimes.
  - Catch food that restores health and mana that is marked
    as a Trade Good (e.g. Raw Greater Sagefish)
  - Allow dragging items onto the bag icon for the default bank
    slots just like the other bags in the bank.
  - Bug fixes to the profession tracking code so that more
    professions are tracked properly, especially in non-enUS
  - A large amount of code duplication between the bank and
    the inventory window has been merged.
  - Significant effort has been made to decrease the amount
    of global variables used.
  - Significantly fewer hooks are used.
  - Numerous unnecessary frames were removed.
  - New event handlers which are more efficient.
  - Stacking should always happen the next time you open the window
    if needed now.  In the past sometimes it wouldn't happen if you
    didn't have the window open when you received the item requiring
  - More reliable caching of mailbox contents.
  - Removed the font that shipped with the addon.  Now simply
    use an included font with the game.  Font usage is now
    more consistent across the addon.
  - Packaged by curseforge now. :)

* 20080611-r163-Shefki
  - Fix an error when opening the Hunter Training window.

* 20080527-r161-Shefki
  - UI rework.  Text buttons are gone, close and lock buttons
    back in topright corner.  Search box at the bottom now.
    All controls are actually inside the window now.
    Special thanks to Daniel Gilbert for permission to use
    the lock buttons.
  - Using the search box will now initiate a new highlight mode.
    The items that match your search will be highlighted in the
    window.  This will persist until you clear the text out
    of the search box, click the highlight button, click the
    Clear Search menu option in the right click menu or simply
    close the inventory window.  The mode is shared between
    the inventory and bank windows.  It overrides the highlight
    mode for the window and the window will return to its
    previous highlight mode.  Note: You have to hit enter
    after typing your search before the highlight mode will
    be entered, text results are still shown in the first
    chat frame.
  - deDE Translation by Dessa.  Thanks to his hard work on
    making this a reality.  Users switching from English
    to the translation will likely want to reset their
    configuration to get the full functionality of the
  - You can recategorize individual items in edit mode again by
    right-clicking on them like you could with EngBags.
  - Empty categories/bars will no longer result in lines through
    the window.  The lines often looked like a cursor in a text
    editor and were ugly.
  - You can set the anchor point of the inventory and bank windows.
    The window will grow from the selected corner and that
    corner will never move.  The anchor selection can be
    found by right clicking on blank space in the window
    and using the Anchor sub-menu.
  - When viewing a Hearthstone (or Ruby Slippers) on another
    character it will show the location that hearthstone
    will send you to.  You will have to log onto the character
    after updating before this will fully work.  If the hearth
    destination is unknown it'll simply show <home location>.
  - The number of charges on items (e.g. Mana Oil) will be visible
    on the tooltips when viewing items on other characters
    or items in your bank while not at the bank.  Requires
    having seen the item after updating before this will work.
    The entry on the tooltip may not show exactly where it does
    on live views simply because other addons add their text first.
  - Hiding buttons and other controls will shrink the window
    to remove blank space.
  - Buttons will no longer end up overlapping when the number
    of columns is set low.
  - Fix cooldowns.  The cooldown sweep will show immediately upon
    using an item.  Previously it would only start showing after
    the next reload or toggle of the window.
  - No longer incorrectly show cooldown sweeps when viewing
    items on other characters.
  - Stop attempting to put Quivers and Ammo-pouches inside other
    Quivers and Ammo-pouches.
  - Improve performance when in edit mode in the bank window.
  - Fix a variety of sorting issues.  /tinv resetsorts and
    /tbnk resetsorts will get you a fresh copy of the defaults.
  - Improvements to the text of the tooltips and menus
    for buttons.
  - Change class handling to support other locales.
  - Remove some more old and unused code.

* 20080331-r114-Shefki
  - Fix an issue where the Blizzard API doesn't tell us the item family
    which causes a lua error and breaks updating of the bag contents
    until a reloadui.
  - Fix a possible taint issue with the FluidFrames workaround.
  - Sort Nightmare Seed and Giant Sunfish into the proper places
    with the default config.  Requires /tinv resetsorts and
    /tbnk resetsorts to get the new default config.

* 20080325-r110-Shefki
  - Bump interface to 20400, addon requires WoW 2.4.0 or newer now.
  - Update the Item info database used in categorization to include
    new 2.4 items.
  - Use the new Blizzard API to decide what items can go in what bags,
    this allows the bag compression routines to be 100% accurate now.
  - Allow all modifier key/click combinations from Auctioneer to work.
    Note that this means regardless if alt pickup is set you'll now
    get alt pickup style behavior at the auction house if you have
    Auctioneer installed.  Also note, alt auto panel is still enabled
    so if you have this turned on you may see some mod+click doing
    more than you expect.
  - Add the statues from Jewelcrafting and Sunmotes to the default sort.
    /tinv resetsorts and /tbnk resetsorts if you want to get the
    new default sorts.
  - Remove a bunch of unused code to make the addon slightly smaller.
  - Several changes to diminish the amount of memory being used.
    Users will see the minimal amount of memory the addon uses
    (i.e. immediately after a garbage collection) drop slightly
    and in some cases the maximum amount of memory the addon
    will use (just before a garbage collection) drop significantly.
    In general the addon will no longer grow in the amount of
    memory use through general usage.
  - Fix the quality on items found in a mailbox when searching.  Apparently,
    Blizzard's API is bugged and doesn't give me the real quality of an item.
  - Clicking the reload button wouldn't always force a compression on the

* 20080317-r78-Shefki
  - When running on WoW 2.4.0 or newer, always show icons for items
    even if they are not in the item cache.  This is thanks to a new
    functionality of the game.  Will prevent the situation with
    slots showing no icon after a major update until a few viewings
    or actually logging into all characters.  Change is backwards
    compatible, this version will still work with 2.3.x
  - When shift clicking to insert a link of an item in the built in
    bank slots don't include the link twice.
  - Search results will be consolidated again.  Apparently when I fixed
    a problem with the links on items that had enchants or gems in them
    I broke the consolidation and didn't notice it.
  - When in edit mode the column add and delete buttons will now be
    slightly outside the normal window (like the Search box) so that they
    will never overlap with the bag icons or money display.
  - Various small code cleanups to remove unnecessary or duplicate code.
    Also use Blizzard constants for more things.  E.G.  Rather than
    hardcoding the max bag size we use MAX_CONTAINER_ITEMS, if Blizzard
    introduces a larger bag they'll update it and TBag will work without
    requiring an update.
  - The TRADE2 keyword was not always being properly set due to a typo.
  - Stop using message(), some poorly coded addons break this and it will
    not display if the global Display Lua Errors option is unchecked.
    Addon feedback will always go to the default chat frame now.
  - Implement proper support for localization of the addon.  There
    are still no other translations besides enUS but anyone that's interested
    can easily do so now.  Anyone who is interested should contact me.
  - Use in game APIs for getting item quality colors rather than hard coding
    them.  When Item Rarity Color is turned on Common (White) items will now
    have White borders.
  - Implement /tinv resetpos and /tbnk resetpos to allow users to put windows
    back to their default positions so they don't have to reset all settings
    to get them back.
  - Searching should never result in a broken link or an error now.  However,
    until you log into all characters some search results may be missing due
    to insufficient data in the cache to produce links for some items.  Simply
    logging into all characters, looking at their bags, bank and mailbox will
    remedy this situation.
  - Fix a small cosmetic issue with Soul Bags.  The game puts the count of
    Soul Shards on the icon for Soul Bags.  This count didn't show if you
    were on a non-warlock and looked at a warlocks inventory and would
    continue to show on a bag slot if logged into a warlock and logged at
    a non-warlock character.  In both cases the count shows where it should
    and doesn't where it shouldn't now.
  - Closing the Item Socketing window will no longer cause an error in TBag.

* 20071128-r45-Shefki
  - Fix a taint bug that happened when you died.
  - Fix sort of class reagents and darkmoon faire cards.  Hopefully,
    this is all correct now for 2.3.0.  Requires another /tinv resetsorts
    and /tbnk resetsorts

* 20071113-r40-Shefki
  - Update toc for 2.3.0
  - Add support for leatherworking bags to the compression algorithm.
  - Update item info for 2.3.0, there may be some errors in the
    list of items that can go in what container because of a change in
    the formatting the game uses for that information.
  - Update default sorts for the removal of the "Reagent" item type.
    You'll need to do /tinv resetsorts and /tbnk resetsorts to get
    the new sorts.

* 20071030-r37-Shefki
  - Remove extra dev files from zip file included on accident.

* 20071030-r32-Shefki
  - Fixed: Moving items to and from the bank would cause stacking not to
    occur on the receiving side.  Both sides will properly stack now.
    Thanks to Dessa for reporting and helping me debug this problem.
  - Fixed: TBag was not caching bags that were set not to be shown.  If
    you later turned that bag on and then viewed another character that
    you hadn't logged onto with that bag turned on, it would show
    the items for the last character viewed for those slots and not
    position them properly.  Item caches can still be missing some
    data but once all characters have been logged into this issue
    will no longer occur.  Additionally, this allows all bags to show
    in search results even if they are hidden.
  - Fixed: Unhiding the Player dropdown box would cause it to be out of
    sync with the actual status of the window.
  - Standardize version numbers and start including svn rev number.

* 2007-10-22-Shefki
  /tinv resetsorts
  /tbnk resetsorts

  - Noticeable optimization has been done to the event handling.  Items
    when received should display slightly faster than in the past.
    Users using addons to swap large amounts of gear should notice
    almost no lag over the default UI when swapping large amounts of gear.
    The inventory window will also display quicker than before most of the
    time.  The same optimizations also will lower memory usage some in
    cases, though not necessarily by a huge amount.
  - Reviewed all entries output in the config file and removed obsolete
    entries.  These obsolete entries will be cleaned from every config
    file when TBag loads which should lower memory use, though probably
    not to a noticeable degree.
  - Removed code for portraits and window frames that was no longer
    functional.  Also removed the graphics that were shipped with the
    addon for this that were not being used.  Since these won't be loaded
    should help lower some memory usage.

  - You can now set a bar to be hidden.  This will allow you to hide any
    categories assigned to the bar (e.g. empty bag slots).  Go into edit mode
    right click on a numbered slot and choose the hide option.  Note slots
    that have had their contents changed will be shown despite the setting
    until the next full resort occurs.  This means hidden empty slots will
    show their contents when you put stuff in them and when the resort happens
    they'll get reassigned to a bar and will be visible based upon that bars
  - The button to toggle the interface for buying new bag slots in the bank
    will only appear when at the bank (though the setting is still
    available from the right click menu away from the bank).  It
    will also never appear for characters that have already
    purchased all the bank slots.
  - All UI elements in the inventory and bank windows can be hidden from
    the right click menu for the given frame.
  - You can select the character to display inventory or bank items from
    the right click menu.
  - Added option in Advanced Configuration to turn off rarity coloring.
  - Search box now show Search until you click on it like the search boxes
    for trade skills to make the UI a little more obvious.
  - Hidden bags/keychains will show the blizzard frames when the bag icon
    is clicked on regardless of the show blizzard frames setting.
  - Allow bags in the bank or inventory to be linked by shift clicking on them
    while typing in a chat box again, blizzard removed this from their UI
    which removed it from mine but we like it so implement it ourselves.
  - Added /tinv printchars and /tinv deletechar to allow users to remove
    caches for characters they no longer have.  deletechar takes two arguments
    the character and the realm separated by a space just like printchars
    outputs them.

  - Rewrote the stacking algorithm to be more efficient.  The new algorithm
    should result in fewer moves to complete the stack, will always end
    in full stack with a single pass and will prefer moving items into larger
    stacks and profession bags (if they can go into such bags).
  - Stacking will also now compress your inventory maximizing the number of
    slots that are empty.  This means items that can go in special bags
    (e.g. herb bags, mining bags, engineering bags, enchanting bags) will be
    moved there if there are empty slots.
  - When moving items while stacking in your inventory is now done in a safe
    way.  Previously the addon would not check the locked state of items.  While
    this would never cause the loss of an item it could cause an item to be
    stuck in locked state until the UI was reloaded.  The problem wasn't very
    common because it required a lot of small stacks that needed combining to
    show up but did present itself occasionally when taking AH purchases from
    the mailbox.
  - Updated the categorization rules to include a number of new items and
    added categories for various "collectables" for various factions.
  - Added new categories for each armor slot to to default categorization
    list that makes the armor items sort by slot as well as by name now.
    This should make it easier to find armor items.  As well as giving
    a much more organized look.
  - Profession bags now have their own category for each type of Profession
    bag.  This allows people with multiple profession bags of differing
    professions to keep them more organized.
  - Quivers and Ammo pouches are now categorized separately.  Again should
    allow people with both to have things more organized.
  - The item information on which items belong to which tradeskills has
    been updated to be current.  It has been restructured to allow automated
    updated from a data file included with future releases that will merge
    with any locally collected data from your own tradeskills.  This should
    result in categorization for items used in crafting that stays current.
  - Reagents for crafting no longer receive the keyword for every craft
    they are used for.  This prevents leather from sorting into tailoring
    and gems from sorting into say alchemy simply because a few recipes
    from these crafts happen to use these items and these trades were
    the last to be categorized.  Keywords are now set by the  craft that
    uses an item in the most recipes.  If multiple trades use the item
    the same number of times both keywords will be set.
  - Added explicit rules for some reagents that are used by many trades
    (e.g. motes and primals) so that they don't get pushed into a particular
  - Added two new command line options to drop the sort rules and replace
    them by the default included one.  /tinv resetsorts and /tbnk resetsorts
    Highly recommend users backup their configs before doing this in case
    they missed something they liked.  This will not clear any other

  - Updated mail item cache to work with 2.3 mailboxes.  This changes is
    backwards compatible with older versions of the mailbox API and as
    a result this will still work with 2.2.  However, the format of the
    mailbox cache has changed as so you will have to reopen mailboxes on
    all characters to refresh the data.
  - Remove some items from the ToDo list and add others.

  - Fixed: New categories that are user created will now show on the right
    click menu for the slot box in edit mode without forcing a reload of the
  - Fixed: Improper tooltip display while in edit mode on the bank window
    and mousing over the slot target buttons.  2.2.0 compatibility issue
    I missed.
  - Fixed: Properly cache mailbox itemlinks.  TBag was guessing an items link
    from the name which could cause the game to crash when linking mailbox
    items shown in the item link or for items in the mailbox to show incorrect
    info when searched.  Should improve performance when opening the mailbox
    too because it was brute force searching all items looking for one that
    had the same name.
  - Fixed: New tags were at times turning themselves on for no apparent
    reason.  The wrong function to retrieve the time had been used for
    setting timestamps which was creating odd behavior at times between
    sessions.  Some of this may still happen until the bad timestamps
    are cleared (reset NEW tag from right click menu) or replaced by new
    timestamps through normal operation.  Could also show up as items that
    are not new highlighting.
  - Fixed: The highlight around the backpack button on the main menu bar
    will now stay in sync properly.  Yay for Blizzard for finally changing
    their code so I could fix this.
  - Fixed: An extra header entry in the Bindings.xml that was causing an error
    output in the Logs/FrameXML.log file.  TBag is now officially free of any
    FrameXML.log error outputs. Hurray.
  - Fixed: The sub menus under the right click menu will no longer disappear
    making them difficult to click on.

* 2007-09-25-Shefki
  - Bump interface version to match 2.2.0.
  - Changes required to make tooltips function properly with 2.2.0.
  - Fixes to the bank due to changes in the Blizzard bank implementation.
  - Do not open the bank bag frames when not actually at the bank on
  - Try to avoid sound lag issues from multiple blizzard bag frames
    opening.  Caused by an apparent bug in the 2.2.0 sound system,
    which I've reported, but at least try to avoid exercising the bug.
  - Upped max bag size to 40 slots since there are now 36 slot bags
    on the PTR (at least for premades).
  - Fixed: When show blizzard bag frames was enabled and you were viewing
    another characters inventory clicking on a bag button would open the
    bag even though it was the current characters bag not the character
    you were viewing.
  - Rework processing of clicks due to the new modifier key system in

* 2007-06-26-Shefki
  - Fixed: When the bag or bank is closed in edit mode and then
    reopened the edit mode button text would be out of sync and
    say view when it should say edit.
  - Fixed: When viewing inventory of another character, the bag
    icons would sometimes revert to the current character's bag
  - Moved the dropdown, search and various buttons at the
    top of the inventory and bank windows to the left side and
    reversed their order.  This avoids the user drop down menu
    from cutting off the screen when a window is positioned at
    the far right of the screen.  Really only had to move the
    user drop down menu but it looked bad if I didn't move the rest.
  - Fixed: Clicking on bag slots when viewing another character's
    inventory will no longer pickup items on the current character.
  - Fixed: Lua error when shift or ctrl clicking an empty slot
    while viewing another character's bags or bank.
  - Fixed: TBag would remove character specific keybindings on
    the first run.
  - Fixed: Lua errors when mousing over a bag slot that had
    no bag in it.
  - Fixed: The FluidFrames addon would prevent the right click
    menu on the inventory or bank window from coming up and
    if you moved the inventory or bank window it would not
    remember it's location.

* 2007-06-19-Shefki
  - Fixed: Ability to split stacks in bank.
  - Fixed: Backpack button not opening inventory window.
  - Fixed: Bag spotlights weren't clearing when closing inventory
    window in some cases.
  - Fixed: Other mods using OpenAllBags() were causing the blizzard
    frames to open.  BulkMail2 was an example of such an addon.
  - Fixed: When the Keyring is set to show in the inventory window,
    clicking on the keys allows you to properly interact with them.
    Previously, you'd pickup inventory items rather than keys or
    nothing would happen.
  - Fixed: /tinv show, /tinv hide, /tbnk show, /tbnk hide were not
    working.  Fixed them.
  - /tbag is now an alias for /tinv.
  - Shift clicking on bag/backpack/bankbag buttons now produces a
    consistent result.  In particular shift clicking on the backpack
    button will no longer close the inventory window.
  - Removed the Talos from the header on the keybindings.

* 2007-06-10-Shefki
  - Right clicking on an item in a built in bank slot wasn't moving
    the item to the bag.  Somehow the frame wasn't inheriting
    the proper events, added them back in.
  - Hopefully fixed the stacking problem where the item would get
    stuck in the cursor.  Stacking is still somewhat slow but it
    shouldn't get stuck anymore.  Removed the issue from the
    Todo/Known issues list.

* 2007-06-09-Shefki
  - Fix crash from items with cooldowns in some bank slots.
  - Offline (not at bank) viewing now properly displays items with
    random enchants.
  - Search results of items that have random enchants now show the
    full name and the proper link.
  - Icon for the built in bank slots is no longer a candy sack but
    a more appropriate footlocker like icon.
  - Added an option to disable showing the blizzard bag frames when
    clicking on bag icons.  (Defaults to not showing them).
  - Added support for linking items in chat and using the dressing
    room for offline (not at bank or inventory of other characters).
    Normal shift click and ctrl click behavior to access this
    functionality is available.
  - Added support for Item Comparisons added with WoW 2.1.  Holding
    down shift while hovering over an item will show you what you
    have equipped in the same slots as that item.  Works for
    the bank (offline or online) and bags (current character or not).
    Note: Some items this will not work with.  This is a Blizzard bug,
    if it is not properly set to Class: Armor the comparison tooltips
    will not display.
  - Removed unused files: TBody.xml TBody.lua and Save.txt
  - Added Readme.txt and Changelog.txt
  - Updated TOC file.  Interface is now set to the current release
    interface.  Removed the ugly color Talos from the Title.
    Added my name to the author line.

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