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About Swyn's Guild Promoter


This mod is no longer being maintained. Use at your own risk.


This mod is basically a guild management tool for casual guilds with a lot of members.
It provides a number of features, but is mostly built around the ability to promote or demote based on a guild member's time within the guild as well as their Level, Guild Reputation, Time Offline and Achievement Points.

Version 3.01

Time In Guild
When you first load version 3.01, the addon will give everybody in the guild a "Join Date". This join date will be the same as the time you logged in. This is because Blizzard doesn't support it and the addon cannot possibly find out when current members joined. New members, however, will be given the correct date and time as the addon will know exactly when they joined.

You can change the join date for any member via the "Member Join Dates" tab in the addon settings.

For promotions it works exactly like the others do. You put a value in each rank for what it requires as a minimum and anybody above that value can be considered for promotion, anyone below will be demoted.

Time Offline
Time Offline is fairly self explanatory, but has one main difference over all the other statistics. The others all require a minimum value before a person is considered for a promotion. Time Offline requires a maximum. If anybody has been offline longer than their rank's Time Offline cut-off, then they will be demoted.

For a more in-depth description of these features, and more, click the Settings button in the addon's UI. It will provide a little more detail.
Most features also come with their own description in their settings tab.

Slash Commands

/sgp - Shows the UI.
/sgp show - Shows the UI.
/sgp hide - Hides the UI.
/sgp settings - Opens the Settings UI.


  • Fixed an issue that stopped users being able to edit join dates for members on a sister realm for Combined Realm guilds.


  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a nil compare error when clicking Find.


  • Fixed a bug with the new 'Combined Best' alt mode where it was sometimes using worst TimeOffline value instead of best.


  • Reimplemented the 'Combined Best' alt mode. Thanks to Iverie for reminding me.
  • Removed the -RealmName tag from the end of every player's name on the Promote, Demote and Kick lists. Less clutter is always good.


  • Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default! (Unless you used the alpha or beta of this version, in which case they won't be).
  • Removed the Convert Old Filters stuff as I'm sure nobody needs to use them any more. It's been over two years since the old filter method was phased out.
  • Added a description of the Member Join Dates tab in the main information tab.

3.01.01 - Beta

  • Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default! (Unless you used 3.01.00 Alpha, in which case they won't be reset).
  • Added the ability to change a guild member's Time In Guild date via the Member Join Dates tab in the addon. It also has a list to see all members and their dates, in alphabetical order.
  • Added Time In Guild date support for the Export feature.
  • Fixed a bug where the Time In Guild dates would not be updated for new or removed players.
  • Fixed a bug where the Time In Guild dates for some players would be reset to your current game time on login/reload.
  • Fixed a bug with the Export feature... so that it actually works. Hopefully.

3.01.00 - Alpha

  • Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default!
  • Added "Time In Guild" as an option to promote or demote people by.
  • Added "Time Offline" as an option to promote or demote people by.
  • Remember, this is a ALPHA version, so it will be buggy.
  • Currently only way to edit people's join dates is to open SwynGuildPromoter.lua found in {WoWFolder}\WTF\Account\{youraccount}\SavedVariables. I will add some form of control in later versions.


  • Timers seem to have automagically fixed themselves. Last night they didn't work, this morning they do. Please let me know if they work or not for you.
  • Added functionality to the timers so that if you have automation on, but decide to turn it off, it actually turns off immediately instead of requiring a reload.


  • Due to significant changes in this version, your settings will be reset to default!
  • Stopped the spammy automation function. Changed over to the new C_Timer function which doesn't appear to work yet. WIP.
  • Removed all mention of TotalXP and WeeklyXP. They don't exist any more. Promotes and Demotes are now based entirely on Level, Achievement Points and Guild Reputation.
  • Removed Alt Modes "Combined Highest" and "Combined Total" since they only used Total and Weekly XP which as above, is no longer applicable.
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