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About SliceCommander

The description is not really accurate anymore.


SliceCommander is an addon designed to monitor all your rogue feature in PvE. The addon frame is divided into four different parts.

Energy Bar

The First part is the Energy bar. It has a combo point counter on its left side and an energy counter on the right one. There is also three sparks showing three different thresholds on the energy bar. These three thresholds can be used to let you know when to press a specific key instead of spamming it; you can for example set two sparks at respectively 35 and 55 energy to know when to use mutilate or envenom if you are Assa spec’ed. By default, the three thresholds are set to 25, 35 and 55 but you can change their value and you can also choose to play an audio alert for each one.

Combo Point Bar

The second part is the combo point bar. It displays five rectangles in a line, one for each combo point. When you gain a combo point, the corresponding rectangle will be colored in yellow; it will turn green if a deadly poison stack corresponding to the combo point is applied. There is also a combo point counter in the middle of the bar. If you lose or change target the combo point become gray. At this time you could still use them for Slice and Dice or Recuperate.

Timer Bar

The third part is composed by multiple bars; one for each following timer:

  • Slice and Dice
  • Vendetta and its cooldown
  • Rupture
  • Garrote
  • Deadly Poison
  • Envenom buff
  • Tricks of the Trade cooldown
  • Recuperate
  • Adrenaline Rush and its cooldown.

The spell’s icon is displayed on the left side and the timer itself on the right side of each bar; you can also choose to display or not the spell’s name on the bar. Each bar is optional and can be hidden individually using the configuration menu.

The slice and dice and Rupture timers also share a special feature. The add-on will deliver an audio alert when there is only 3s, 2s and 1s remaining either on Slice and Dice or Rupture, and audio rewards for refreshing them.

Configuration Menu

You can modify your settings through the configuration menu which can be accessed by typing "/sc" or "/slicecommander". Here’s an overview of what you can configure: -adjust width, height and scale value of each type of bars. -modify the texture of energy and timer bars. -choose which timer bars are displayed. -choose which sound is played for each alert. -choose to display or not the name of the spell on timer bars.

This add-on should work with English, US, French, German, Spanish and Russian clients. I will keep improving this add-on, so feel free to leave a comment.

Todo list

  • Remove the use of specific sound, It should use built-in sound.

-Addition: Curse of the Dreadblades ability & CD.

-Fix: commit was not be done on AceHook lib.

-(Re)Add sound setting for a lot of spells.
-Remove rupture dot power indicator.
-Fix some initialization issue.

-Add spell link option on kick.
-Update pixel perfect code.

-The Pixel Perfect option is automatically disabled after applied to not force the value every time.

-Add pandemic warning on timer bar.

-Fix initialization issue.

-Add Roll the bones buffs timer.
-Fix issue with kick options issue.

-Add protection to not set wrong scale value.
-Add option to disable Pixel Perfect interface scaling.

-Fix setting reset with new version (still reset when switching to 7.00 version).

-Fix scaling issue.
-Fix an issue with crippling poison.
-Fix issue with Mario mod.
-Update included ace lib.

Added features:
-Rework the settings (should be easier)
-Add the possibility to change each bar color
-Add target health bar
-Add the option to let user specify the timer of the show poison icon
-Add the option to tet user choose where to report in chat /say /party or /raid if we successful interrupted with kick.
-Shadow Dance
Add all those spells:
-Cheated Death
-Marked for Death
-Death from Above
-Crimson Vial
-Ghostly Strike
-Grappling Hook
-Cannonball Barrage
-Between the Eyes
-Elaborate Planning
-Agonizing Poison
-Enveloping Shadows
-Symbols of Death
-Deeper Stratagem
-Goremaw's Bite
-Blood of the Assassinated
-Surge of Toxins
Still missing:
-Roll the bones (Still thinking how to do it)

-Bump toc for patch 6.2.
-Probably last WoD version.

-Change the way the poison button works. It's now only function with leeching poison when the talent is active and it is selected in the option.

-Bump toc for patch 6.1.

Remove a debug message.

-Fix issue with hemorrhage dot timer bar.
-Fix issue with distorted sound.
-Add an option to enable SD bar and SD CD bar separately.

-Fix initialization error.

-Fix issue with wrong applied poison with the button.
-Fix issue with poison button apply Instant poison (Combat Perks).

-Fix issue with CP (I hope).
-Re-use mp3s files.

-Combo points should now be retain correctly. Replace the use of GetComboPoint() by UnitPower("player", 4). (thanks to angoliant)

-Fix issue with custom mp3 file not playing since 6.0, all files are not ogg.
-Fix issue with poison button because UnitAffectingCombat function never return nill anymore.
-Fix issue with Hemorrhage timer because debuff timer now same id as the ability.

-Fix some 6.0 issue.
-Fix some issue when using without border.

-Fix an issue when trying to create poison button to fast at loggin (for real this time).

-Fix an issue when trying to create poison button to fast at loggin.

-Bump toc for patch 5.4.

-Fix an issue with new SliceCommander install.
-The icon of poison reminder are now clickable to re-apply poisons.
-The icon of poison reminder are now configurable.

-Fix the issue with wow UI Scale setting to be checked.

-Bump toc for patch 5.3.
-Add rupture dot power indicator.
-Update AceLib

-Bump toc for patch 5.1.
-Wound poison now count for the icon poison warning.

-Fix armor reduction deubff timer bar that will now always show even if it is applied by an other player.
-Some code tweaking.

-Add anticipation support.
-Fix sound settings.

-Fix the quick fix. (for real)

-Fix the quick fix.

-Fix first initialization issue.

-Icons are now freely movable.
-Icons size can now be change.
-Add poison buff reminder function:
An icon can be display 10 minutes before Deadly poison ends. It does not appear in fight unless it ends. It also does not appear when mounted.
-A sound can be associated to this reminder.
-Shadow blades cooldown bar display can now be set separately.
-Vendetta cooldown bar display can now be set separately.
-Update AceLib
-The movable anchor has been re-size, you can now catch it from all the moving frame side.

-Fixing an issue with missing rupture declaration bar.

-Add dispatch timer bar.
-Add Killing Spree CD bar.
-Add Crimson Tempest timer bar.
-Add Shadowstep CD bar.
-Add Shadow Blades timer and CD bar.
-Update setting panel.
-Fix issue for Find weakness debuff which is not displaying.
-Fix an issue on SotD icon buff which is not hiding correctly after FotD proc.
-Fix macro issue.
-Fix issue with API function that have been remove.
-Remove the weapon enchant code since poison are buff.
-Remove coloring CP with corresponding DP stack since DP does not impact envenom anymore.
-Remove Cold blood bar since it does not exist anymore.
-Change Expose armor timer to reflect the new armor debuff.
-Update AceLib

-Add Legendary proc feature.
-Add Shadow of the destroyer proc counter with an icon, display on the energy bar, It appears when you reach 29 stacks.
-Add Fury of the destroyer timer bar and sound proc.
-Some code tweaks.

==4.30== /!\ It will reset your current setting, I am sorry.
-Add Vanish CD bar.
-Add Cold blood CD bar.
-Add Global cooldown bar indicator: A thin red bar on the top energy bar.
-Add Find weakness timer bar (not tested).
-Update Combo Point bar skin: CP are now colored from green to red and add an option to let them green colored when DP is up. When border are enable CP are now bordered not the entire bar. Each border are colored in green when DP is UP.
-Rewrite the setting save format.
-Rewrite the init bar function.
-Rewrite the position bar function.

-Fix unknown error with wrong local variable.

-Add Hemorrhage DOT timer bar.
-Add Shadow dance timer and CD bar.
-Update ruRU localization.

-Update missing version number.
-Fix an issue with getting CVAR value.

-Add Russian localization (thanks to itekimasu).
-Add some sounds options: You can change the sound channel and sound volume of current selected channel. (I hope it will fix all sound issue)

==Version 4.20==
-Toc bump for 4.3
-Add deDe localization, thanks to Baine
-Add Revealing strike timer bar.
-Add audio for Bandit's Guile.

==Version 4.14==
-Add zhCN localization, thanks to [email protected] (@wowuicn)
-Add the possibility to display health in value insteed of percentage.
-Add the possibility to hide health bar when out of combat.

==Version 4.13==
-Add a player health bar with options.
-Add option for Bandit's Guile.

==Version 4.12.1==
-Fix issue with localization.

==Version 4.12==
-Add localization feature.
-Add French localization.
-Fix some string issue.
-Fix Envenom setting.
-Fix Vendetta CD display setting.

==Version 4.11.0==
-Add pixel perfect to the frame.
-Add Borders like those on Tukui interface.

==Version 4.10.2==
-Replace the moving function with one integrated in SliceCommander.
-Move some function in Config.lua
-Fix the disable setting for kick warning which not work.
-Correct some string in the setting pannel.

==Version 4.10.1==
-Fix a loading issue.

==Version 4.10.0==
-Add Feint timer bar
-Add Feint CD bar
-Add kick warning feature, A configurable warning message can be display when your kick successfully interrupt a spell.
-Re-Add Expose Armor bar (show only Expose Armor)
-Tweaking the code. Configuration panel is now in the Config.lua file. It should be more handy to maintain the code now.

==Version 4.9.1==
-Fix settings which always reset at login.

==Version 4.9.0==
-Add Bandit's Guile buff Tracking.
-Rewrite some function which now use loop.

==Version 4.8.1==
-Fix disable cd bar issue.

==Version 4.8.0==
-Rewrite the entire timer bar engine.
-Not based on Combat log anymore.
-Add real Garrote bar, Vendetta CD bar, Adrenaline rush CD bar, Deadly poison bar and Envenom buff bar, Kidney shot bar and Cheap shot bar. (IE: you can now have garrote and rupture bar visible in the same time)
-Remove reduce armor debuff on target monitoring.
-Fix refresh issue with Rupture and Recuperate.
-Fix issue with font sizing.

==Version 4.7.8==
-Fix the issue with Slice & Dice timer not refreshing with CttC talent.
(Quick fix, I will do more rewrite for that).

==Version 4.7.7==
-Fix timer bar issue introduce with WoW patch 4.2 (like 4.1).
-Bump TOC.

==Version 4.7.6==
-Remove ambiguous disabled scale option.
-ComboPoints text display on the energy bar now still works when CP bar is disable.

==Version 4.7.5==
-Fix timer bar issue introduce with WoW patch 4.1.
-Bump TOC.
-Update ace3 Libs.

==Version 4.7.4==
-Fix an issue when attempt to compare number with nil in some case.
-Add missing libraries when try to run SliceCommander in stand alone. (I apologize to people which I ask to run SliceCommander alone when they have errors)

==Version 4.7.3==
-Down the bit-rate of each MP3 files.
-Add Mario mod. (Playing Mario Star music when Adrenaline rush buff is up).

==Version 4.7.2==
-Change the PlaySoundFile call with new parameter. It should now always call with "Master" in the second parameter. It should work like it was before they change the function. (Bye bye the Trick to enable sound effect before playing the sound and disable it after)
-Fix ToT show setting not working.
-You can now select energy ticks up to 120 if your max energy value is 120.
-The Energy bar should correctly fade when it should.
-Add an option to disable Adrenaline Rush CD bar.

==Version 4.7.1==
-Fix sound not playing issue.
-Fix move issue.
-Fix Blade furry icon.
-Remove Blade furry options.

==Version 4.7.0==
-Add ticks makrs for rupture bar and Recuperate bar.
-Add Combat CD timer and timer ability for Adrenaline rush and blade furry. (NOT TESTED, BETA ONLY)
-Add a blade furry icon like Backstab one when BF is up. (NOT TESTED, BETA ONLY)
-Fix the loading of the addon on other class.

==Version 4.6.2==
-Fix a bug with threshold positionnement for real now.
-Fix some issues with vendetta bar of other rogue apply on you (PvP).
-Fix some other issues.

==Version 4.6.1==
-Fix a bug with threshold positionnement.
-Remove SliceCommander.xml the frame is now create in SliceCommander.lua

==Version 4.6.0==
-Added opacity setting.
-The energy bar is not fadeout anymore when player is in combat.
-Fixed target change event not catching.
-The ability icon of each timer is not ON the timer bar anymore, it is at the left.
-Added a border frame of 1 pixel around icon ability.
-Script are not bound in SliceCommander.xml anymore.
-Optimize the code a bit.
-A lot of code refactoring (Remove about 550 lines).
-The Backstab warning script (sound and icon display) is bound to UNIT_HEALTH event.
-Renamed a lot of variables.
-SaveVariable name is now SliceComander_Save not SliceCmdr_Save. => This will make your setting reset.
-Remove the possibility to see all bleed effect on the target.

==Version 4.5.3==
-Fixed rupture bar not hiding.
-Fixed the energy bar re-appearing at new load.

==Version 4.5.3==
-Fixed partially empty save_variable error.

==Version 4.5.2==
-Real Fix of the save_variable initialization error.

==Version 4.5.1==
-Fixed save_variable initialization error.

==Version 4.5.0==
-A new setting panel, it should fix some random issue.
-Added a threat bar.

==Version 4.4.3==
-Fix the vendetta CD bar overlapping issue.

==Version 4.4.3==
-Fix the disappearing of the Rupture bar when garrot timer end.
-Enhanced the bar order function. This function should be more handy. You can now use which index you want and more than one time an index number. One of these two bar will appear first.

==Version 4.4.2==
-Seal off the memory leak.
-The "disable right click to move" option is now apply at the ticking of the box.
-When the "disable right click to move" option is ticked, a Red square appear on the left of the energy bar, and the energy bar should be display. You can move the frame by dragging the red square.

==Version 4.4.1==
-Added a missing Lib needed to run Slicecommander in standalone.

==Version 4.4.0==
-You can now, choose to make the timer bar stating decrees as soon as timer start, not only at 6 sec of the end.

==Version 4.3.0==
-Re-Fix the offsetSize error.
-Slightly change the color of the bar.
-Update the setting panel.
-You can now choose which bar to display and where including CP and Stun bars. (Order and Position)
/!\ You have to use value like this:
* Negative: on the top of the energy bar
* Positive: on the bottom of the energy bar
* You HAVE TO use the smallest index before.
IE: you can't use index 5 if index 1,2,3,4 are not use.

==Version 4.2.3==
-Should Fix the playSoundFile error.

==Version 4.2.2==
-Should Fix the offsetSize error.

==Version 4.2.1==
-Fix the title of the Rupture panel (which was Vendetta settings)
-Fix a bug with the reset position button
-Modified how sound works. Thanks to blizzard, now we can't hear sounds play while sound is disable. So, now when SliceCommander play a sound, it in infirst re-enable sound, and play the sound after. Then it re-disable the sound.

==Version 4.2.0==
-Add sound for the 35% target health warning.
-Add a configuration to disable Vendetta bar.
-Update the sound settings panel to work with rupture rather than
the old Hunger for Blood.
-Update translation (work with spellID).
-Add Faerie Fire to the Armor reduction timer bar.

==Version 4.1.0==
-Add 35% target health warning for backstab with a small icon on the ennergy bar).
-Add a configuration to enable this warning with Spec 1 / Spec 2.
-Add configuration to disable Slice & Dice bar.
-Update the default configuration.

==Version 4.0.2==
-Updated DE, ES, RU localization for new 4.0 ability (vendetta and recuperate).

==Version 4.0.1==
-Corrected a small glitch with the stun bar which does not display as intended (for 4.0 Branch).

==Version 4.0.0==
-Initial cataclysm feature released.
-Add permanent CP feature.
-Add Recuperate timer bar.
-Replace the old HfB timer bar with the new vendetta buff with CD functionality.
-Bug FIX to make it works.

==Version 2.0.1==
-Corrected a small glitch with the stun bar which does not display as intended.

==Version 2.0==
-Make it work with Cataclysm.

-Fix poison weapon enchant which disappear.

==Version 1.4.7==
-Added a stun bar which monitor Keadny shot or Cheap shot.
-Added options for this bar.
-Fix bugs in beta 1 and beta 2.

==Version 1.4.6==
-Added an option to disable / enable Trick Of Tread timer bar.
-Added an option to disable the fade out on energy bar when poison(s) are applied on weapon(s)
-Slightly enhanced poison timer bar display.

==Version 1.4.5==
-Added a new texture bar.
-Added a third spark energy threshold.
-Added two thin bars on energy bar which monitor Main hand and Off hand poison timer.
-Added options to enable/disable poison timer.
-Added config option for the third energy threshold.

==Version 1.4.4==
-You can now click-through the entire frame when the right click to move option is disable.
-Corrected some bug with the envenom feature.
-Corrected a bug which provided collapsing issues with the TotT bar.

==Version 1.4.3==
-Added the option to monitor the envenom buff instead of deadly poison. (it is a option you can monitor deadly poison OR envenom)
-The reset option button now have different settings. It has my currently addon configuration.

-Corrected a bug with TotT icon not showing.
-Fix German translation.
-Add Spanish and Russian translation (not tested).

-Corrected a bug which has always be there, when you not log a rogue.

==Version 1.4.2==
-Some UI tweaks improvement.
-Fix the sunder armor bug.

-Some Bug fixes

==Version 1.4.1==
-Tweaked the interface, the icon is now inside the frame.
-Corrected some bugs with size resizing.
-I greatly recomand not to use the addon scale value to make the frame look bigger. You should use Bar Width, TimeBar Height and EnergyBar Height rather than scale value. It should look better.
-Added the function to display Spell text on the timer bars.
-Added the option to disable sounds when you are out of combat.

==Version 1.4==
-Added some options to adjust the width of bars.
-Modified the panel option.
-Added slash command /sc et /slicecommander .
-Some bugs fix.
-Maybe some other things I don't remember.

-Added An Expose Armor bar which monitors Hight Armor reduction debuff (your expose armor if you make it, sunder armor or expose armor applied by other rogues).
-Added bar which monitor the cooldown of Trick Of Tread with an extra blue bar.
-A few cosmetics changes, stylish icons, no transparency background.
-Added the blizzard default status bar in the list of texture.
-Added option to enable/disable the Expose Armor bar.
-Added option to monitor only our current rupture instead of the max time of the currently apply bleed effect.
-Some tweaks in the code.
-Some bug Fixes.

==Version numbering==
With cataclysm I start a new numbering system of version.
The first set of number corresponding to the first number of the current game version which is compatible with SliceCommander.
The second set corresponding to which major version the addon is. A major version is new version with new features.
The Third set corresponding to which minor version the addon is. A minor version is new version with only bug fix or cosmetic changes.

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