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  • Updated Jul 18, 2016
  • Created Sep 27, 2008
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
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About SimpleSelfRebuff

SimpleSelfRebuff (SSR) is an addon aimed at easing rebuffing yourself.

Quick usage

  • Enable or select the buffs you want from the predefined list, using the command line (/ssr), the LibDataBroker object (through some LDB display like Fortress, ButtonBin, Barrel, ...) or the Blizzard addon panel of the interface menu.
  • Use the mousewheel to rebuff when needed.


  • SSR monitors your own buffs and compares them against your selection. If a buff is missing or about to fade, SSR overrides the mousewheel binding to cast it.
  • If the expected buff is overriden by another buff of the same kind (e.g. having one tracking active whilst you choose another one), SSR keeps the current buff but will not recast it.
  • SSR provides a reminder that can output warning in several ways (Blizzard chat and error, SCT, MikSBT) for missing or next-to-fade buffs.
  • SSR disables the binding override in combat and also disables casting of buffs that would force you to dismount or get out of stealth.
  • SSR automatically handles spell reagents, cooldowns and rage/mana cost : if some resource is missing, the spell is ignored.


SSR comes with four built-in modules. They can be disabled individually.

Handle mouse wheel and key bindings. This module is used to automatically cast the buffs. You could disable it if you wanted only the reminder and cast the spells yourself. Notice the bindings are temporary, so you can bind rebuffing to a key you use frequently.
Remind you of missing or about to expire buffs. Uses LibSink-2.0 so it can send the messages to several displays and provides support for the LibToast library so it can produce pretty popups like this:


Create a LibDataBroker object, that could be displayed by an LibDataBroker display addon (like Fortress, StatBlockCore, ButtonBin, ...). This replaces the old FuBarPlugin module (you can use Broker2FuBar to have LibDataBroker objects displayed in FuBar). This module has no option.

Using SSR in a macro

With the CastBindings module, SSR can be triggered from a macro using the following line :

/click SimpleSelfRebuffButton

It will not do anything when all buff are present.

The following macro will use SSR out of combat but cast Inner fire in combat:

 #showtooltip: Inner Fire
 /click SimpleSelfRebuffButton
 /cast [combat] Inner Fire

Benjamin Staneck <>
2016-07-18 19:44:52 +0200


Benjamin Staneck:
    - Update TOC to 70000
    - Create
    - comment one more IsDebugging line
    - remove debug check
    - Tagging as
    - Update TOC for Patch 6.2
    - Update TOC for Patch 6.1
    - revert, it actually uses the same id.
    - now with the correct spell id
    - add instant poison
    - comment some more debug lines
    - more LibDebugLog removing
    - let's see if we can live without LibDebugLog this time
    - and a locale, too
    - shout...shout! let it all out!
    - Tagging as
    - use proper pkgmeta syntax and embeds.xml
    - Tagging as
    - weapon enchants are gone.
    - mind-numbing poison is gone
    - armors are passive now
    - Tagging as
    - Monks now buff either stats or stats+crit
    - aspects are all CDs now
    - 6.0 is here
    - Nature's Grasp is gone
    - to the 3 guys still using this addon: next updates are WoD only
    - soul link is passive now
    - Tagging as
    - update for 5.4
    - Tagging as
    - Let's escalate some TOCs! (5.3 Update)
    - monk locale yalla yalla
    - priest: bugfix
    - Tagging as 2.1.0
    - AddStandaloneBuff doesn't return the category, so of course we can't add the checkRequirement after the fact.
    - more work on buffs: - populate monk module HALF A YEAR LATE - make most MultiBuffs overwrite their alternatives so prefs / dual spec don't require users to manually cancel buffs - more raid buff category checks
    - typo
    - start using GetRaidBuffTrayAuraInfo for buff category checks
    - 5.2: Blood Pact -> Dark Intent
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as v2.0.5-3
    - I'm in your toc, updating your Interface Version to 50200.
    - goodbye Aspect of the Fox, we hardly knew ye
    - nuke Seals, they're stances now and can't be detected with UnitAura
    - fix db upgrade from last commit
    - druid: don't try to overwrite Legacy of the Emperor shaman: add Water Walking with IsSwimming check
    - make WeaponBuffClass play nice with LibDualSpec
    - add support for LibDualSpec
    - -Move buff selection into the actual profile so it can be changed with the profile. -Actually do something useful on said profile change.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed Stanzilla's LibSink/Toast stuff.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - aspect of the iron hawk
    - add IsSwimming check to Unending Breath
Benjamin Staneck:
    - prencher lied to me
    - windfury weapon is long gone
    - Hunter: add Trap Launcher, since it's a permanent buff now
    - unleak those globals - would you believe blizzard used an underscore in the glyph UI just to fuck with bad coders?
    - druid: thorns removed in 5.0
Benjamin Staneck:
    - coooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmaaas
    - add presences to dk module
    - add leeching poison to rogue module
    - Hunter: Aspect of the Wild is gone, Trueshot Aura is passive
    - change rogue poison categories from builtin MAINHAND/OFFHAND strings, since those are hardcoded to scan tooltips for imbues.  rogue module works
    - scan flyouts correctly, re-add rogue module
    - stop crying if LibToast is missing
    - revert r240
Benjamin Staneck:
    - better fix
    - leak less globals
    - removal of LibDebugLog mixin broke CastBinding in new and exciting, so LibDebugLog goes the way of the LibDodo
    - and new Soul Link spell ID
    - no really, Armor spells no longer exist
    - If you meet a flyout on the road, kill him.
    - call LibDebugLog and LibToast silently, and don't fall down if they're missing
    - mage: remove trailing comma in AI-equivalent buffs, stupid numeric arrays
    - mage: stop trying to overwrite Dark Intent / Burning Wrath
    - priest: new pw:fort spellid
    - remove old spellbook scanning loop
Benjamin Staneck:
    - fix typo
    - some class updates, paladin, priest and warlock
    - Toc Updates and kicking of ItemBuffs module
    - use spellbook functions to determine highest spellbook ID due to GetSpellBookItemName blowing up with invalid input
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Tagging as v2.0.5-2  to pick up changed libraries.
    - rename LibSink registry so it does not get confused
    - Tagging as Release
    - ...
    - tocs and pkgmeta again. I hate Torhal. And dogs.
    - pkgmeta to the rescue!
    - add preliminary support for LibToast's toasty Toast notifications.
    - Tagging as v2.0.4-beta-6
    - toc update for 4.3
    - module fixes for huntards and paladins
    - toc update
    - c&p fix
    - toc bump
    - add inner will
    - tracking module no longer does anything meaningful, welcome to the bit bucket
    - backport updated class/item modules and GetSpellName API changes
Benjamin Staneck:
    - added Dalaran Intellect/Brilliance
    - Tagging as v2.0.4-beta-5
    - rename nr 3
    - rename nr 2
    - rename
    - Batman!
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Tagging as v2.0.4-beta-4
    - Attempt to fix an error for rogues and warlocks likely caused by poisons and stones.
    - Fixed druids' Mark/Gift of the Wild.
    - Tagging as v2.0.4-beta-3
    - Fixed error related to shaman and warlock buffs.
    - Attempt to fix priest buffs.
    - Tagging as v2.0.4-beta-2
    - ItemBuffs: removed the debug statement and now merge PT3 and built-in item sets when PT3 is found.
    - Got rid of now useless spellNames and spellIcons metatables in favor of GetSpellInfo/GetItemInfo. Now embeds a copy of the used PT3 item sets; PT3 is still used if found but is neither required nor embedded. Added Warlock spellstones and firestones.
    - Tagging as v2.0.4-beta-1
    - Hunter: added Aspect of the Dragonhawk.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Priest: Remove Elune's Grace
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Tagging as v2.0.3.
    - Hopefully fixed tracking detection when shifting into cat.
    - Fixed line 1490 error.
    - Tagging as v2.0.2.
    - Tagging as v2.0.2-beta-2.
    - Removed 2.4.3 compat UnitBuff layer. Updated trackings to fully use the 2.3 tracking Blizzard API. All trackings are now available.
    - Hopefully fixed rogue poison.
    - Updated poison item ids.
    - Tagging as v2.0.2-beta-1.
    - Paladin: added Seal of Command.
    - Paladin: removed Sanctity Aura and added seals (OoC only).
    - Added an error message for invalid spell/item ids.
    - Paladin: removed 2.x blessings.
    - DeathKnight: added Bone Shield. Shaman: added Earthliving Weapon.
    - Bumped modules TOC to 30000.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - fix .pkgmeta and priest module
Guillaume Perréal:
    - Bumped interface to 30000.
    - Tagging as v2.0.1.
    - Fixed LibDebugLog-1.0 URL in .pkgmeta. Fixed library paths in modules.xml (only affect working copies).
    - Tagging as "v2.0".
    - Fixed svn:externals.
    - Found a better way not to try to load module in packages.
    - Fixed .pkgmeta for ItemBuffs libs.
    - Fixed module TOC files.
    - Workaround the fact that @debug@ substitution is not done in TOC file.
    - Fixed TOC. Fxied ItemBuffs TOC. Really removed embeds.xml
    - Removed all version calculation stuff. Removed all WAU files and also embeds.xml modules.xml and ReadMe.html Fixed .pkgmeta and externals. Made modules side addons using .pkgmeta.
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - removing /tmp
    - Importing old repo data under /trunk

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