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About SC_ChaChing


       Author:    Shaun Voysey

     Based on:    SC_ChaChing by Karin of the Sleeper Cartel - Perenolde server
      Version:    6.1.0
  Modified On:    16th June, 2015

        Notes:    The Author has been changed because this is So significantly different to
        the 'Sleeper Cartel' Version, that the only original things are 2 function
        names, the ChaChing Sound file, and the layout of this readme. :)


Plays an old-style cash register cha-ching sound, every time an auction of yours sells!
The Sounds should, in theory,  play as the code uses Blizzards Global Strings.

Unfortunately, the Configuration section will need the Localisation file updating.
Please e-Mail me with the Updates to that file.


If you had the previous version, please remove the SC_ChaChing folder first.

Place the "SC_ChaChing" folder here:
    (World of Warcraft folder) ==> Interface ==> AddOns


Whenever an auction of yours sells, you will automatically hear a "cha-ching!" sound.  This way
you'll never miss an auction selling while you're online, and get an added bit of satisfaction :)

This has a GUI Configuration section.  Allowing the player to change whether or not to play the
sounds for Sold, Expired, Outbid or removed, on a per Realm basis.  The Sold sound, by default,
is flagged to on.  You'll find this in the Interface Options - Addons section.


None at the Moment.


None at the Moment.

If you have any suggestions/Localisations, please contact the author at 'sv.public <at>'

7.0.3 toc upgrade

6.2.0 toc upgrade

6.1.0 toc upgrade to 6.1.

5.4.1 Added a few more sounds to the Auction Sold. Using a Dropdown list to select.

5.4.0 toc upgrade to 5.4.

5.0.1 Checked to make sure we are not using Blizzards global variable '_'.


4.3.0 Added a 1 second buffer for playing the Sounds. Should stop that annoying multiple play when mutilple Auctions fail to sell.

Also removed the coding for inserting the 0 values. Seems that they have started saving these values.

4.2.0 Removed Mars Message Parser from the addon. It's extra baggage that is no longer needed. Probably has not been for some time, but I am still trying to get my head around Regex.

Also tweaked some of the logic. No need to set 0's if the defaults have just been created.

4.0.0 Some modifications in the loading sections. Need to pass the variables now. Also using the GetRealmname() function instead of GetCVAR()

Changed all the wav's to mp3's. PlaySoundFile() no longer does wav.

3.1.0 Just commented a few functions

2.2.0 Changed to use The Interface Option > Addons

2.1.0 Added a GUI for setting what events to run the sounds on.


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