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  • Project Manager: Exzu
  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated Mar 3, 2015
  • Created Dec 31, 2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v.2.3.1
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About Satchel Scanner

This addon scans the LFD Frame for Satchels of Exotic Mysteries, if it finds anything you will be notified

If there is a satchel for from Instance X it will notify you with warning that you can get a Satchel of Exotic Mysteries from Instance X for Class Y
There is also a frame showing what instance giving the satchel

Well if you are like me, only like doing random heroics to get a satchel and cannot be bothered to spam 'I' all the time, this addon does it for you!

How do I use the addon?
Type: /ss3 toggle or /satchelscan toggle to show the Frame
Press 'Start' to start scanning and 'Stop' to stop scanning
Pressing X will hide the frame and you will have to show it again by using /ss3 toggle
Note: It will still scan when hidden!
/ss3 toggle
/ss3 config

Q: Why is the text not instantly being updated when pressing "start" scan?
A: This is due to the current scanning mechanism, will be fixed in a later version for faster text updating

If you have any questions regarding this addon please post in the comment field and I will do my best to reply
If you have any ideas in how the addon can be programmed to be faster or better PM me with your idea/code and you will be credited in the mainpost if I find it useable.

Version: 2.3.1 (Release)

- Fixed minor issue with raidwarnings (changing from .wav to .ogg)

Version: 2.3.0 (Release)

- Updated to Support 6.1.0
- Supports and Scans for Warlord of Draenor Heroics!
- Noted issue: Setting a lower scan interval also speeds up the notifications, playing sounds and showing raidwarning more frequently.

Old stuff that's been fixed and implanted.

+ Possibility to turn Soundwarning off (Enabled by Default)
+ Possibility to turn Raidwarnings off (Enabled by Default)
+ Possibility to change scanning interval (Set to 3 by default, the lower, the faster it request information from the server)
+ Various code cleanups
+ Soundbug fixed.
+ Updated to 5.2.0
+ Various Bug Fixes
+ BagCounter should be working properly if you have not received a single bag
+ Will remember its hidden state and not show during every reload.
+ Support for Mists of Pandaria
+ Added a counter for the amounts of satchels gained
+ Cleaned up code
+ Frame now pops up when a satchel is found
+ Uses less resources
+ Fixed ADDON_LOADED issue
+ Fixed issue with sound looping (Hopefully it should be gone this time)
+ Fixed version number issue
+ Fixed a random print message that shouldn't occur when scanning for dps classes
+ Sound is playing by default, cannot be disabled yet (Sowwieee, you can however disable sound completely in wow if you dislike it ;))
+ Improved the way text is drawn
+ Added configuration panel
+ Scan for certain classes
+ Scanning for DPS satchels disabled by default.
+ Improved scanning method
+ Variable saving!
+ Now uses PlaySoundFile instead of PlaySound
+ Removed LibStubMedia, no optionaldeps required.
+ Now plays a raidwarning sound when a satchel has been found
+ Cleaned up code
+ MainFrame now got proper colors, icons and buttons!
+ Removed Unnecessary code
+ Changed toggle command to hide/show the Scanner
+ MainFrame now display relative information (Satchels found and in what instance..)
+ Improved scanning
+ Removed Print() function
+ Code Fixes
+ MainFrame coded - Serves no use for now
+ Frame has been made dragable using Left Mouse Click
+ Frame is shown by default
+ Command to toggle notifications and scanning - /ss3 toggle
+ Now uses LFG_UPDATE_RANDOM_INFO and OnEvent Script
+ Also uses RequestLFDPlayerLockInfo(); to see if any Satchels have been added to LFD
+ Disabled by Default
+ Bug Fixes
+ Code changes
+ Alpha Version Released
+ Scanning for Tanking Satchels
+ Scanning for Healing Satchels
+ Scanning for Dps Satchels
+ Scans alls instances but limited to Hour of Twilight and Random Cataclysm Heroic to prevent 'Found Satchel of Exotic Goods' (Low level satchel for leveling..)

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