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About RP Combat Dice


Part of role-play is conflict. This add-on helps players resolve RP combat with a 2d10-based bell-curved dice roll system that produces less "wild" results than standard /roll RP combat.

Why RP Combat Dice?

If you've been part of a story-based RP guild that doesn't use PVP or PVE events to handle adventure combats, then you've likely used "/roll" or "/roll 20" to handle fights. And maybe your guild even has an agreed-to set of dice modifiers that you have to manually add as part of play.

At 2am, in a big scene, getting the math right can be a pain. And the truth is, it doesn't matter how good your character is IC, or the lore and story you've built up ... a 1 is as likely to happen as a 20, and your skills might not matter.

Enter 2d10 and Tagged Skills

RP Combat Dice uses a 2d10 dice roll to provide a "stable" bell curve. That means your rolls are normally right around 11. To see what different bell curves look like, and compare them to a 1d20 roll, go check out this dice curve sample generator.

By using "tagged" skills, you check mark what your character knows how to do, and the AddOn does the math for you. All you have to do is /rproll the dice and /em the IC results.

Generally speaking, "trash" is 9+ to hit, "mercs" are 11+ to hit, "lieutenants" are 13+ to hit, and "bosses" are at least 15+ to hit.

What the bell curve does is fixes the inherent problem in 1d20 or 1d100 systems, which is that a Peon has the same odds to crit against Garrosh as Varian Wrynn does. A Bell Curve plus factored skills says that the Peon is going to have a nearly impossible time getting up the front steps of Grommash Hold, let alone duking it out with the Kor'kron leader.

Helping keep your chat logs clean (since 2.4.4)

With version 2.4.4, an option has been added to direct all the roll information to the /raid channel, instead of /emote ... that makes it easier to keep the chat logs clean without having to go back and edit out all the "dice noise" from an otherwise epic scene.

Even cleaner now (since 2.5.0)

With version 2.5.0, you can now alternately direct direct all the roll information to /party chat instead of /emote or /raid ... handy for smaller RP events

Story Teller / GM Mode (since 2.5.0)

Also starting with version 2.5.0, you can now flag yourself as the "Story Teller" or "Dungeon Master" of an RP event, so your dice rolls are clearly prefaced so it's obvious.

Kassaria-SistersofElune [Rolling As ST] makes a 2d10 roll of 13 + 2 (Spell Combat) + 1 (Signature Item)  for a total of 16 on a Spell Combat task for  the Villian casts shadow bolt whirl

Wound Levels and Effects (since 2.5.1)

If you want to use RP Combat Dice to handle damage and healing to your character, you can. Using a very simple "Wound Level" tracking system, you can apply damage or healing as an effect of your RP battle. If you want to get really serious, there is even an option to have your wounds make success more difficult for you!

Command Documentation

Check out this page for a "cheat sheet" of the various commands and what they do!

Screen Shots

Option Panel

RP Combat Dice AddOns Options Panel

Help Examples

Help Examples

ST vs Player roll examples

ST vs Player roll examples

RP Wound / Damage Tracking Example

RP Wound / Damage Tracking Example

RP Wound / Damage Effects Example

RP Wound / Damage Effects Example

tag v2.5.2
Michel R. Vaillancourt <michel@jkl5group.com>
2015-03-09 22:05:21 -0300

Tagging as v2.5.2 release


Michel R. Vaillancourt:
    - Release Version 2.5.2
    - pre-merge commit prior to release
    - new feature commit -- added skill option for "Charm & Social"
    - progess commit -- some internal restructuring for clarity
    - bug fixes leading into 2.5.2 branch
    - pre-merge commit -- this should be ready for beta testing with the health_manager  features.
    - progress commit -- working on a local health-status display for "just the player"
    - progress commit -- pre-testing version of damage tracking and die-roll modifier  system.
    - progress commit -- odd issue -- won't seem to load the health_manager.lua file.  not sure why.
    - clean up commit -- about to merge to master -- added additional color text functions
    - beta relase commit -- should be a ready-to-test beta with new features.
    - progress commit -- figured out that you cannot, of course, send colorized string  codes to a CHANNEL... just local console.  Removed that spurrious code.  Added proper inits for new options.
    - progress commit -- first pass at Dungeon Master / Story Teller message markers  is mostly working.  Need to add field for custom marker, as well as figure out  why colorized messages not working.
    - progress commit -- minor bug fixes
    - Progress update -- adding dice roll output functions for /party

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