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About Rematch

Rematch is a pet journal alternative for managing pets and teams.


  • Save and load teams per target.
  • Store unlimited teams in up to 16 user-defined tabs.
  • Manage and automatically slot leveling pets with the Leveling Queue.
  • Find counters with extended pet filters such as Strong Vs and Tough Vs.
  • Search for abilities and text within abilities.
  • Add notes to teams or pets as reminders or to find later with search.
  • Send teams to other Rematch users or share with plain-text exported teams.
  • Use integrated with the journal or in a minimizable standalone window.
  • And much, much more!

How to use

Rematch initially replaces your default pet journal. You can switch back to the default journal anytime by unchecking the Rematch checkbox at the bottom of the journal.

A minimizable standalone window can be summoned a few ways:

  • From a key binding defined in the default key binding interface.
  • /rematch macro command.
  • "Use Minimap Button" in options will create a minimap button.
  • From its LDB button if you have a Broker infobar addon.

Tooltips explain many parts of the addon. Poke around and experiment! Check out the options. There are several views and a lot of features to the addon you can discover over time.


You can save an unlimited number of teams in up to 16 user-defined tabs.

  • When saving a team, if you choose a target, Rematch will know what team to load when you interact with that target later.
  • Teams that contain a target are named in white. Teams without a target are named in gold.
  • In options you can choose to automatically load these team when you interact with their target, or to prompt instead for more control over when their teams load.
  • The standard behavior of a team tab is to sort all teams alphabetically. You can rearrange the order of teams by right-clicking its tab and checking "Custom Sort". While checked, right-click teams within the tab to move them around.
  • You can add notes to a team from its right-click menu. These notes can be used for strategies, for tagging purposes (search will include these notes) or any other information you want. Notes can be up to 4k in length.


To help make these teams, Rematch has expanded filter options, a TypeBar (opened by clicking the arrow next to the search box) for easily finding counters, and enhanced search ability.

If you open the TypeBar there are three tabs: Types, Strong Vs and Tough Vs:

  • Types allows you to quickly filter to a specific type or group of types.
  • Strong Vs will filter the list to pets that do increased damage to the chosen types. For instance choosing Magic will list all pets with attacks that are strong against Magic (all pets with Dragonkin attacks).
  • Tough Vs will filter the list to pets that receive reduced damage to the chosen types. For instance choosing Magic will list all Mechanical pets.
  • You can combine these to find double counters: For instance Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji is a flying pet with all elemental attacks. If you select Strong Vs Flying and Tough Vs Elemental you'll get a list of snails and other critters with magic attacks.

In the search box, you can not only search for the names of pets and their source, you can also search for:

  • Abilities ("Call Lightning" will list all pets that have this ability.)
  • Text within abilities ("Bleed" will list all pets that cause a target to Bleed or is affected by Bleeding.)
  • Level ranges ("level=25" or "level>10" or "level=8-13" will display specific levels or a range of levels.)
  • Stat ranges ("health>700" or "speed=250-350" or "power>276" are some examples.)


  • Information about pets are found in a pet card that acts like a tooltip.
  • Clicking a pet while viewing its card will lock the card in place so you can mouseover parts of the card for more details.
  • While viewing a pet card, hold <Alt> to flip the card to its back for its lore and where the pet can be found. You can also mouseover the icons at the top of the card to flip it over.
  • Like teams, pets can have notes attached to them from their right-click menu. You can use these notes for anything you want to remember about them, or for tagging purposes: add "#find" in notes for pets you want to find, and then search for "#find" to list all pets with this tag.

Leveling Queue

Rematch has a robust system for leveling pets with the leveling queue. The queue is a place to put all the pets you want to level.

  • You can order the queue however you like, or let the addon sort the queue for you.
  • When you save a team with one of these leveling pets, its slot will be reserved for future leveling pets (noted by a blue up-arrow icon).
  • When loading a team with a saved leveling slot, the reserved slot will be filled by the top-most pet from the queue (or the most preferred, see below).
  • You can also right-click a pet in the team list and choose "Put Leveling Pet Here" to convert it to a leveing pet.
  • When a pet reaches level 25 (gratz!) it will automatically leave the queue and the next leveling pet will take its place.
  • In the Queue button menu, you can fill the queue with many pets at once. For instance: in the pet panel, filter pets to High Level (15-24) and Rare, then choose Fill Queue to add level 15-24 rares to the queue.
  • For some opponents, just grabbing the top pet from the queue can kill your low level pets, or you want finer control over what pets load for a specific target. If you right-click a team that contains a leveling pet, you can click "Set Preferences" to choose various health and level ranges to refine which pet the queue will pick when a team loads.

Sharing Teams

Teams can be shared with friends directly in-game or through an export/import feature.

  • To share a team in-game with another Rematch user, right-click a team and choose Share->Send Team. A dialog will ask for a name, which can be either an online character or a friend. If it reports the team was succesfully sent, the recipient now has a popup with your team they can save.
  • You can also share teams by exporting them either in Plain Text or as a String from the same Share menu. If you paste this text or string elsewhere, someone else can import your team by copy and pasting it into the Import Teams dialog.
  • You can share with yourself too! If you don't regularly backup your SavedVariables and want an easy way to backup your teams, right-click a team tab and Export Tab. It will export the whole tab in string format. Paste this text in an email to yourself or in a text file someplace to keep a backup of your teams.

Other Addons

A major goal with Rematch is to make it behave well regardless of what other battle pet addons you're using.

  • If you have one of the addons Battle Pet Breed ID, PetTracker Breeds (included with PetTracker), or LibPetBreedInfo-1.0, Remach will display the breed alongside each pet and a list of possible breeds on the pet card. Other breed-specific features become available too, like filtering and viewing potential stats as a 25 rare.
  • If you have the addon Pet Battle Teams enabled, "Import From Pet Battle Teams" is added to the Teams button menu to copy all of your PBT teams to Rematch, repairing them if need be.
  • If you choose to continue using PBT alongside Rematch (many do!), make sure you lock your PBT teams or auto save in PBT is disabled. The default behavior of PBT is to change the pets in your currently-selected team to whatever is loaded.
  • If you have a Broker infobar addon or TitanPanel, it will create a button on your bars to toggle Rematch.
  • If Rematch is hiding an addon you want to access on the default journal, remember to uncheck "Rematch" at the bottom of the journal. You can turn Rematch back on whenever you want, or use the standalone Rematch window and leave the default journal and other addons alone.

Future Plans

Long-time users will know that features get added (and occasionally removed!) over time. I'm always open to suggestions for new features, but with a careful scope to prevent the addon from becoming a bloated behemoth.

The scope of the addon is limited to features that would make sense in a pet journal or in the manipulation of teams. Rematch will stay out of battles and avoid features not related to pets or teams.

At the moment a new rewrite is happening for Rematch 5.0, though admittedly development will be slowed as I'll be playing Legion more than writing addons for it. UI-wise, this won't be nearly as dramatic a change as 3.x was to 4.x.

Goals with 5.0 include:

  • Remove unnecessary fluff that's no longer relevant. Like the pullout "current leveling pet" slot and pullout loaded team bit are definitely going.
  • "Flatten" the UI to make it more ammenable to skinning and reduce frame/texture use.
  • Offload parts some users may never use to a load-on-demand module. This may include the collection stats, win records, import/export/sharing, script filters, the safari hat reminder thing, etc.
  • Allow outside modules to add their own tabs and add their own stats to pet cards. Such as a separate module to track the battle success of all of your individual pets.
  • Allow a single team to store multiple targets. So if you have one team you use for many tamers you don't need to save a copy for each tamer.
  • A "team builder" mode that lets you build teams without actually owning the pets.
  • No more sanctuary system. This may or may not require Rematch have its own breed module, but instead of recording stats it will attach only the breed with the teams and the leveling queue.
  • And a very big goal, to make 5.0 have a smaller operational footprint than 4.5. While I'm pleased overall with 4.x's size given all it can do, getting rid of fluff and offloading stuff to load-on-demand will produce a more compact and efficient addon.

In addition to the above, some other features loosely planned in a lower priority:

  • Options to adjust max level preferences due to xp buffs/events.
  • Supporting breeds on export/import.
  • Multiple search terms at once.
  • Allow multiple targets to be stored in a team.
  • Understudy on pet card for loading an alternative pet if it's dead or injured.
  • A method of choosing alternate teams if the saved team has dead or injured pets.


A big thanks to the following for translating Rematch! Thanks guys!

  • German (deDE) thanks to Aranesh of Lothar-EU from
  • Chinese(zhTW) thanks to gaspy10 from
  • Korean (koKR) thanks to IrisNib from

In Conclusion

There's a great deal more to Rematch. Play around with it and experiment. See if you can create new team combos that have never been tried before. Thanks for using it!

If you have any suggestions, feedback, bugs to report or anything else you'd like to share, feel free to leave a comment here.

10/24/2016 version 4.5.6
- Updated for WoW patch 7.1:
  - All occurances of forceAlpha changed to ignoreParentAlpha
  - Option "Lower Window Behind UI" is now default behavior and the option has been removed.
  - toc update for patch 7.1

10/02/2016 version 4.5.5
- Added IsPetLeveling(petID) to the scripting environment.
- Increased the number of icons visible when choosing an icon for a team tab (from 35 to 100).
- Fix for global leaks of a few variables.

09/18/2016 version 4.5.4
- Fix for queue not working when the default journal has all pets filters off.

09/11/2016 version 4.5.3
- French (frFR) localization updated by Poulbo on
- Added Shipwrecked Captive to Azsuna targets.
- Added help menu item to Script Filters.
- Removed color from "Pet Variables" and "Exposed API" text to prevent the perception that they're clickable links.

08/21/2016 version 4.5.2
- French (frFR) localization by Poulbo on
- More room given for the small text in the backup dialog.

08/12/2016 version 4.5.1
- Fix for lua error for loading very old teams without a species recorded. (Utils.lua:555
- Fix for lua error when attempting to import a team with bad data. (Sanctuary.lua:239
- Simplified Chinese (zhCN) localization updated by Yonshuo from

08/10/2016 version 4.5.0
- Leveling queue revamp:
  - The queue's control of a slot is now defined by the slot itself and no longer the pet within the slot.
  - Slotting the top-most queued pet will no longer designate a slot as a leveling slot; manually designating a leveling slot will only be from the right-click menu "Put Leveling Pet Here".
  - Added right-click menu item "Stop Leveling This Slot" on loadout slots to turn off the leveling status of a slot.
  - You can now mark a slot as a leveling slot even if there are no pets in the queue.
  - The queue can now be manipulated during battle, pvp or combat. If any pet needs swapped due to changes in the queue it will wait to swap when leaving battle, pvp or combat.
  - The "Save Without Leveling Slots" option in the save dialog is now redundant and has been removed.
  - Added a Help menu item to the queue menu to describe how to use the queue.
- When you've accumulated at least 50 teams, and roughly every 50 teams thereafter, a popup will appear when Rematch closes offering to backup your teams.
- Added new options category "Confirmation Options" and moved related options from Miscellaneous to this category.
- Added new option "Don't Remind About Backups" to Confirmation Options to disable the above popup (this option is included in the popup too).
- Russian clients: searches should now be case insensitive for both the pet and team tabs.
- "Set Preferences" team menu option renamed to "Leveling Preferences".
- Fix for visual bug of pets not appearing locked when queuing for a pvp battle.
- Updated Future Plans section of addon's description.

07/26/2016 version 4.4.11
- Reverted leveling queue changes from previous update.
- Removed the leveling queue from the sanctuary system. If a pet is caged/re-learned or the server reassigns petIDs the pets will disappear from the queue.

07/24/2016 version 4.4.10
- Fix for %d showing the maximum total pets instead of a number in the pet count tooltip.
- Fix for Rematch checkbox appearing on the standalone window.
- Fix for lua error when releasing a pet while a search is happening.
- Potential fix for lua error likely caused by pets in the queue having their petID changing.
- Chinese clients: Fix for Total Pets and Unique Pets overlapping in the pet count button.

07/23/2016 version 4.4.9
- Removed beta-specific code that made the addon work on both live and beta clients.
- When loading a team, only valid ability combinations will now load. For instance Pandaren Water Spirit's Geyser and Whirlpool now share the third ability slot. Old saved teams will no longer load Whirlpool in the second slot.
- When searching for stats in the search box (level<25, health>1200, etc) the "results bar" will show with "Stats Search" as its filter name alongside the number of pets found.
- Chinese (zhTW) localization updated by gaspy10 from
- Simplified Chinese (zhCN) localization updated by Yonshuo from

07/19/2016 version 4.4.8
- Legion clients: Added remaining world quest targets to the target menus.
- Added Simplified Chinese (zhCN) localization by Yonshuo from

07/03/2016 version 4.4.7
- Pet search results are now sorted by relevance: pets with the search term in their name are listed first, followed by terms in notes, then abilities and then source text last.
- Added option "Don't Sort By Relevance" under Pet Filter Options in the Options tab to disable the above.
- Added explanation of this to the Filters help menu item.
- Legion clients: Added most of the world quest targets to the target menus.

06/25/2016 version 4.4.6
- Renamed "Edit Team" right-click team option to "Change Name Or Target".
- Added Help to the team menu (if "Hide Extra Help" not checked) to describe how to change pets in a team.
- Fix for green/missing texture in the "pin" button when the pet card is pinned.
- Legion clients: Removed the temporary fix for the 6.2 client bug with cooldowns across sessions.

06/16/2016 version 4.4.5
- Macro commands /click RematchPetTreatButton and /click RematchLesserPetTreatButton will now click the Rematch buttons to cast those treats.
- Fix for inability to find the new petIDs in teams when all petIDs change (such as copying teams to the PTR).

06/09/2016 version 4.4.4
Changes for Legion(beta):
- Workaround for beta addon texture issue.
- Fix for lua error in Filter->Pet Sources and in the Collections dialog when viewing distribution of pets from sources.
Changes for WoD(live) and Legion(beta):
- Increased the size of the pets beside each team in the team tab.
- The Leveling Preferences icon is now a blue gear icon to distinguish it from the leveling icon.
- "Loose" tab icon choices (ones the user copies to Interface\Icons themselves) will show as a blank icon instead of throwing a lua error on the notes and win record windows.
- Titlebar buttons (Close, Minimize/Maximize, Lock, etc) use a new method so they don't look so awful when reskinned.
- The "Single Panel" toggle button is now a pullout-type arrow that points in the direction the window will expand/collapse.
- The Single Panel toggle button will also hide while the window is minimized.
- Darkened the border around all square "pushable" buttons.

06/02/2016 version 4.4.3
Changes for Legion(beta):
- Both standalone and journal modes can be used interchangably just like on live clients. All observed scrollframe issues seem resolved in the latest beta build.
Changes for WoD(live) and Legion(beta):
- Added option "Show Species ID On Pet Cards" under Pet Cards & Notes Options to show the species ID on pet cards.
- Fix for the ability buttons remaining "checked" after an ability is chosen.

05/27/2016 version 4.4.2
- WoD(live) fix for team tab icons turning into red squares when chosen from the new/edit tab dialog.

05/23/2016 version 4.4.1
- This version supports both the WoD(live) and Legion(beta) clients.
Changes for both WoD(live) and Legion(beta):
- Removed ability to search for team tab icons by the icon name. This is no longer practically possible in Legion since icons are referenced by numbers now instead of names.
- Removed "loose" icons from icon choices for team tabs. These are the icons manually placed in Interface\Icons.
- Fix for the default type filters not being properly restored if the user left the journal with some types filtered.
- Fix for various cosmetic issues for users with less than three battle pet slots unlocked.
Changes for Legion(beta):
- The Legion client has major bugs with moving scrollframes between the pet journal and standalone frame. Until this is fixed, you can only choose whether to use Rematch as a standalone window OR integrated with the journal. NOT both. The choice is decided by the Preferred Window Mode in the Options tab. Choosing a new Preferred Window Mode will confirm the choice and then Reload the UI.
- Fix for inability to choose an icon for a new team tab.
- Fix for adding a pet to the queue causing the pet list and queue to be empty on next login.
- Fix for lua error when attempting a leveling toast.
- Fix for animation changes.

05/15/2016 version 4.4.0-Beta
- toc update for Legion Beta
- Various fixes for Legion API changes (C_PetJournal renames, flag renames, SetTexture(r,g,b) to SetColorTexture(r,g,b), etc)
- Important: The standalone window is temporarily disabled!
- Fix for default type filters not being preserved reliably.

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