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  • Supports: 7.3.0
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  • Updated Sep 21, 2017
  • Created Sep 20, 2016
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  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: 1.3.0
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About RCLootCouncil - GroupGear

A simple module that shows your group/guild's average item level, the number of traits in their currently equipped artifact and equipped gear. Requires RCLootCouncil to function. It'll list itemlevel for everyone with RCLootCouncil installed, but requires people to have GroupGear installed in order to show the number of artifact traits and gear (as this info isn't directly available from RCLootCouncil). 

From v1.3 missing gems/enchants can be highlighted, and if data isn't available it'll show the reason why.



Simply open the window with "/rc gg" (or "/rc groupgear " or "/rc gear") and you're rolling! You can check if people have installed this module by hovering over the version number in the RCLootCouncil version checker ("/rc v"). 

To change the highlights simply click the magnifying icon and choose which highlights you want. Currently the following highlights are available:

  • Missing enchants
  • Non-epic enchants
  • Missing gems
  • Non-epic gems

Only enchants on the necklace, cloak and rings are counted.



At some point it'll be able to gather data from people that doesn't have RCLootCouncil installed. Feel free to suggest other features that could be usefull.


  • Highlights
  • You can now choose to highlight items that are missing enchants and gems.
  • It's enabled by default - click the hourglass icon to toggle.

  • Gear icons now shows automatically once the data is available.

  • Clicking the Guild or Group button will now show everyone in that category.
  • A explanation text will show instead of gear if data couldn't be gathered.

  • Sorting by gear now works as intended

  • Average ilvl no longer includes people without data.


  • Updated .toc for 7.3.


  • Updated with future RCLootCouncil changes.


  • Updated .toc for 7.2.


  • The crossrealm fix made it unable to respond to guild requests.
  • Sorting the columns will now properly update the gear column.
  • Should no longer show dublicates.


  • Guild and Group buttons switched places to be in line with the Version Checker.
  • Convinced clients to respond to Guild/Group requests without opening the window.*

  • Now works crossrealm.


  • Gear

    • Added ilvl inside the gear icons.
  • Rank

    • Removed as the window felt too large.
  • Added the average item level of the queried group.

  • Fixed a bug where closing the window wouldn't allow for further updates.


  • Gear
    • Added a new column for players' equipped items.


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