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  • Updated Nov 17, 2014
  • Created Jul 29, 2013
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  • License: Public Domain
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About RareAnnouncer

Addon to announce Rare NPC spawns, location, and health to the area general channel (if option is selected) upon targeting the rare. It will intermittently announce the health of the rare while you are fighting it to let others know if they can make it to the rare before it dies.

Assist players to group up to tag and kill the rares for daily and weekly quest rewards on the Timeless Isle.

Players wishing to know the last spawn time of a rare may send "raretime Huolon" into General chat. The addon will then respond with "Rare: Huolon was killed 11 Min ago". This command works with NPCID, or partial name of the NPC.

A coordinate addon, such as TomTom, to allow them to input the rare spawn coordinates when someone else announces them via the "/way X Y" command, or a map addon that will allow them to see coordinates. HandyNotes with the Timeless Isle Rares plugin is also handy for rapidly seeing the area that a rare can spawn in.

Support for Isle of Thunder and Northern Barrens removed.
Please refer to MOPRares and Battlefield Barrens addons for announcing in those areas.

Problems? I rarely check Curse.com PMs, please submit a ticket on the CurseForge project site linked above to submit problems or errors.

2014-11-17  TonDef  <TonDef>

[6c6ce34713e2] [tip]
* Localization.deDE.lua Localization.esMX.lua Localization.frFR.lua Localization.itIT.lua Localization.koKR.lua Localization.ptBR.lua Localization.zhCN.lua RareAnnouncer.lua RareAnnouncer.toc

- Updated toc
- Fixed finding 'General' chat if not set to channel #1
- Repaired repository links

2013-10-23  Dragonsangel  <Dragonsangel@Joan.home.gateway>

* .hgtags:

Added tag for changeset a9eea80688f6

[a9eea80688f6] []
* RareAnnouncer.lua

Sorted the issue of the screen/wow freezing when you want to move the tracking window
  (issues no: 5, 8)
Corrected the bug where the menu options are not propperly loaded
  (issues no: 13, 20)
Implemented code to handle spawn timers of more than 2 hours and adjusted some rare's spawn timers
  (issues no: 18)
Fixed an issue where the frame would stop updating after it was moved.
  (issues no: 7)

2013-10-07  Dragonsangel  <Dragonsangel@Joan.home.gateway>

* .hgtags:

Added tag Beta for changeset c9d56ebc2040

[c9d56ebc2040] [Beta]
* Localization.enUS.lua RareAnnouncer.lua RareAnnouncer.toc

Possible fix for the death announce and request spam
Implemented code that should solve the freeze on move issue
Minor fix in English translation

2013-10-02  Dragonsangel  <Dragonsangel@Joan.home.gateway>

* .hgtags:

Added tag for changeset 4dbf00a0936d

[4dbf00a0936d] []
* Localization.deDE.lua Localization.enUS.lua Localization.esES.lua Localization.ruRU.lua Localization.zhTW.lua RareAnnouncer.lua

Corrected bugs with localization
Corrected a bug with the "Name" text not showing
Removed some redundant code

* .hgtags:

Added tag for changeset cc58bcf44df1

[cc58bcf44df1] []
* Merged Russian and Spanish localizations into branch
Updated ToC
Corrected one issue with kill time colouring

* Localization.esES.lua Localization.ruRU.lua RareAnnouncer.toc

Merged with Spanish and Russian translations
Updated TOC file

2013-10-01  Dragonsangel  <Dragonsangel@Joan.home.gateway>

* .hgtags:

Added tag Beta for changeset 871606ace29e

[871606ace29e] [Beta]
* Branch creation for Beta/Release taggin.
Only code that is in a state to be released to Beta or Release version should be merged into this branch

* Localization.deDE.lua Localization.enUS.lua Localization.esES.lua Localization.zhTW.lua RareAnnouncer.lua RareAnnouncer.toc

Updated the NPC ID of Cranegnasher in the main LUA and all translated LUA's
Added a centralized function for determining the text colour for the time
Strengthened the RC message handling incase of errors
Propperly named the RC functions (Instead of RS)

* AddonCore.lua Localization.deDE.lua Localization.enUS.lua Localization.esES.lua Localization.zhTW.lua RareAnnouncer.lua RareAnnouncer.toc

Initial commit of all the files

* Branch creation for Dragonsangel

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