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  • Updated Aug 19, 2016
  • Created Oct 9, 2008
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  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: RandomCompanion 4.0.9
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About RandomCompanion

Choose a random mount or vanity pet at the press of a button. Companions can be weighted to be chosen more or less often, or disabled altogether. When mounting, RandomCompanion will automatically choose the best type of mount based on your location. Usage: Bind a key from the keybinding menu or... "/rc mount" to choose a random mount "/rc mount ground" to choose a random ground mount in a flyable zone "/rc mount passenger" or "/rc mount passengerground" to choose a mount that can carry passengers "/rc pet" to choose a random vanity pet "/rc autorecall" to toggle automatically recalling your vanity pet after resurrecting, changing zones, or taking flight paths "/rc randomrecall" to toggle recalling a random vanity pet after resurrecting, changing zones, or taking flight paths "/rc dismiss" to dismiss your current vanity pet "/rc autodismiss" to toggle automatically dismissing your vanity pet when you are stealthed and flagged for PVP "/rc raiddismiss" to toggle automatically dismissing your vanity pet when you are in a raid "/rc randomchange [number of minutes]" to toggle randomly changing your vanity pet occasionally. Default is every 15 minutes

Updated Interface version to remove out of date errors - Thanks Himekaidou

Fixed an LUA error being reported at login due to a bug in Blizzard's scripts - Thanks Cipri

Updated for WoW 7.0.3

Updated for WoW 6.2.2
Added detection for Draenor Pathfinder achievement to allow flying in Draenor.
Removed option to treat Draenor as a flyable area since it's no longer necessary.

Updated for WoW 6.1 - Thanks Zensunim

Added an option to treat Draenor as a flyable area, disabled by default

Low level characters will now use the Riding Turtle or Sea Turtle if you have one.
Fixed a few bugs dealing with mount priorities.
Fixed a traincrusher bug.
Fixed a bug with guild page/herald not being disabled by default.
Fixed a bug with recalling your pet from pre-6.0 WoW.

Fixed vanity pet weights to allow different versions of the same pet to be weighted different.
Fixed numbers with lots of decimals when dragging the weight slider

Added an option to allow using flying mounts in ground-only areas

Big update for WoW 6.0.
Updated to new MountJournal functions for 6.0.
New flying and scaling mounts should be auto-detected when Blizzard adds them instead of needing to manually add them each time. Key word: "should"
Removed checking for professions since Blizzard handles this better.
Allow flying mounts in non-flying areas.
Cloud serpents no longer require the Cloud Serpent Riding skill.
Switched to a different method of checking if the loaded mount list is up to date.
Had to switch back to the internal IsFlyableArea() since flying mounts are now usable in non-flying areas. This has caused problems detecting the correct mount in the past.
Fixed Abyssal Seahorse not getting used in Vash'jir.

Updated for WoW 5.4.
Added new mounts from WoW 5.4.

Updated for WoW 5.3.
Added new mounts from WoW 5.3.
Fixed a bug involving account-wide weights not being loaded correctly.

Updated for WoW 5.2.
Added new mounts from WoW 5.2.
Fixed a few bugs with dismissing pets.
Added Account-Wide weights option to Options panel.

Fixed a bug with the weight sliders.
Made a change to allow pre-5.1 pet weights to work again. Any pet weights set with RandomCompanion 3.1 will be lost.
Added Cloud Serpent Riding detection.

Updated for WoW 5.1.
Added new mounts from WoW 5.1.
Made changes to when reloads are handled if the pet list changes to help eliminate slowdowns.
Added some missing mounts to the flying and scaling lists.
Fixed the mount IDs for the jewelcrafting panthers.
Changed the event that initializes RandomCompanion from PLAYER_LOGIN to PLAYER_ENTERING _WORLD.
Totally re-wrote how mounts are loaded. This should allow for better control over what gets summoned under different conditions.
Fast swimmer (currently only Subdued Seahorse) support has been added, but is untested.

Added the ability to clone renamed pets.
Fixed a bug with manually dismissing pets.

Fixed several bugs with dismissing pets or re-summoning the same pet that you already have out.
Fixed an issue where RandomCompanion gets REALLY confused when the mount list gets out of order.
Fixed cloning vanity pets.
Fixed a LUA error when pet/mount names are not cached yet.

Shortest time between versions ever
Fixed a taint issue in the glyph window

Fixed a bug with Traincrusher pets
Fixed a bug with mounts that require professions.
Fixed importing mount weights from pre-WoW-5.0 versions of RandomCompanion.
Removed more code that is no longer necessary.

Major update for WoW 5.0...Expect lots of bugs related to vanity pets.
Removed several sections of code that are no longer necessary such as zone detection and snowball detection.
Removed pet cooldown detection because it's sorta broken at the moment.
Added "/rc quiet" to toggle showing the full "RandomCompanion loaded" message when logging in or reloading.
Added support for the Feldrake mount.
Made the Corrupted Hippogryph work correctly in non-flying areas.

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