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About Raid Roll (With EPGP support, roll tracker and loot tracker)

Raid Roll is an addon that can be used to perform a raid roll. A raid roll lists all players with an ID beside their name. Then it performs a roll and announces who the winner is (based on the ID). You can also track rolls made by players on any loot that drops. This function supports the EPGP system of distributing loot. The addon also contains a loot tracker which can be used to announce or monitor loot that has dropped.

[Note: For anyone looking for a good raid and loot tracking addon i would recommend Headcount2 ]

1. Raid Rolling


A raid roll is a roll for a piece of loot that anyone in the raid can use. This may be a mount or a bag of gems. Normally this is very confusing for people and the leader may be accused of "ninjaing" the loot. Using this addon you can perform a raid roll by listing each player with a number beside their name and then rolling and announcing the winner.


  • /rr - Raid Rolls
  • /rr [Itemlink] - Raid Rolls (includes the itemlink when announcing winner)
  • /rr re - Rerolls
  • /rr re [Itemlink] - Rerolls (includes the itemlink when announcing winner)

2. Roll Tracking

Standard Rolls

By default the roll tracker will appear whenever someone says an itemlink in raid warning or when someone says the word "roll" with an itemlink in the same sentence. It will then track any 1-100 rolls made within 60 seconds of the announcement. By default it hides all other types of rolls and duplicate rolls but these can be shown by enabling the option in the options menu (see 4. Options Menu) or in the mini options menu (click the v on the roll tracker).

Finishing Rolls

When you are ready to award the loot you can click the button "10 sec + Announce Winner". This will announce that there is 10 seconds left to roll, then 5 seconds left to roll, then announce the winner. You can skip this countdown by pressing the "Finish Early" button. If you want to skip the countdown altogether then this can be enabled in the options (see 4. Options Menu).

EPGP Support

This addon also supports the EPGP loot distribution system. When this option is enabled (either in the options menu or with the command "/rr epgp") then it will show the PR value (their priority) rather than their roll. It will show people with less than the minimum EP in red and those who are above the minimum EP in green. Players below the min EP will also have less priority on loot and will always lose to a player above the min EP value. This can be disabled in the options menu (see 4. Options Menu).


  • You can mark a player by left clicking on their name. These marks do not affect the outcome of the rolls but may be used by the master looter to see who has received loot already
  • You can ignore a person in the current roll window by right clicking on their name. This can be useful if people change their mind about wanting a specific piece of loot.
  • You can announce the winner again after the rolling has finished by pressing the "A" button
  • You can do a 1-100 roll by clicking the "R" button
  • You can award the loot to a person by clicking the "Award Loot" button. You will get a pop-up to confirm your choice.


  • /rr show - Shows the roll tracking window
  • /rr disable - Disables tracking
  • /rr enable - Enables tracking
  • /rr mark [Name or RollerID*] - Marks the roller with an !
  • /rr unmark [Name or RollerID*] - Removes the ! from the roller
  • /rr mark !reset - Resets all ! on rollers
  • /rr all - Toggles tracking of all types of rolls (e.g. 1-50, 50-100)
  • /rr unan (/rr unannounced) - Toggles tracking all rolls or just announced rolls (An announced roll is when someone says "[Itemlink] Roll"), creates a new ID after 60 seconds
  • /rr assign de <player> - Assigns <player> as disenchanter, if <player> is left blank it assigns your target as the disenchanter
  • /rr assign bank <player> - Assigns <player> as banker, if <player> is left blank it assigns your target as the banker

3. Loot Tracker

Loot Window

While using this addon you will send information regarding any epic loot to the raid and guild in the hidden addon channel. Anyone else using the addon will pick up these messages in raid (you can also pick up messages in guild by enabling the option in the options menu (see 4. Options Menu) ) and display the loots in the loot tracker window. You can link all the items that dropped from the current boss by clicking "Link Loot". "Clear Data" will clear all data. M1 and M2 are buttons that only show up for raid leader and assists, they announce in raid chat the strings: "Roll [Item] Main Spec" and "Roll [Item] Off Spec" {[Item] gets replaced by the itemlink automatically}. These strings can be changed in the options menu. You can also enable a third M3 button in the options.

... more to come

Setting Messages


  • /rr loot - Shows the loot tracking window

4. Options Menu

5. Special Thanks

Special Thanks to:

  • - For their kind donation
  • Dridzt - Fixing up my code
  • JLBurnett04 - For their feedback and suggestions
  • natal - For their feedback and suggestions
  • TagofFire - For their feedback and suggestions
  • Lord_Deimos - For their feedback and suggestions
  • b4nSh33 - For their help with the German localization
  • StingerSoft - For their help with the Russian localization
  • SWGolgoth - For their help with the Spanish localization


  • Fix by Shadowajohn
  • Problem was: In WoD all variations of the same bit of gear use the same ID (but has a diff itemstring containing the bonus stats, if it's heroic/mythic etc.). The addon was grabbing the itemstring via the ID (meaning it got the default, normal mode version of the gear) and not using the one gotten via GetLootSlotLink.


  • TOC bump to 6.0.2
  • Update embedded libraries to latest versions
  • Change GUID parsing to get mob name to work in 6.0


  • Modify roll chat message parsing to handle positional print arguments used by the German client


  • Finally nail down assigning loot to cross-realm players
  • Note: To help cross-realm player names fit in the roll window, you can increase Add Rank Width in the RaidRoll options


  • Rework chat message roll parsing to accommodate cross-realm characters from realms with a space in their name (aka multi-word realm)
    • Replace a lot of string parsing with locale independent regex parsing
    • Delete now unnecessary special handling of zhCN locale roll messages
  • Minor performance improvement in character name matching with multi-word realms

v4.7.9 (beta)

  • Added change proposed by Jfalcon to change RR_HomeRealmNameLower


  • Exclude Sha Crystals from loot so disenchanting doesn't add them to the loot tracker
  • A few cleanups


  • Fix bug that prevents multiple rollers from being displayed in roll tracking window


  • Merge the RaidRoll_EPGP addon into the main RaidRoll addon. The "Enable EPGP mode" option controls EPGP support.
  • Revamped roll tracking window columns and widths
  • Improved "Add Rank Width" option to add space to the name and rank columns
  • Add "Also show roll value" when in EPGP mode option
  • Delete never implemented "EPGP Quiet mode" option
  • Left clicking on a rollers name properly cycles their mark
  • /rr mark and /rr unmark commands fixed up
  • Lots of cleanups


  • Change roll frame custom image with builtin Pandaria image
  • Make loot tracking frame not always be above other frames
  • Add instance chat channel support for PR reporting after a /roll
  • Cleaned up /rr command processing
  • For testing, support raid rolls and raid re-rolls when solo


  • Change loot tracker to also sort items alphabetically so similar items are grouped
  • Replace loot tracker's custom Lich King image with builtin Siege of Orgrimmar image
  • Layout tweaks to loot tracker window
  • Instance channel support for all messages
  • Error messages (e.g. cannot assign loot) are prefixed with a red colored "Raid Roll error:" to better grab your attention
  • Applied workaround to properly open Interface -> AddOns -> Raid Roll from the roll window's Options button


  • Change loot roll detection to ignore messages from players other than yourself. This should prevent other people's chat messages from hijacking your current loot roll.
  • Fix party detection so RaidRoll can be used in a party again!
  • Converted lots of globals to locals
  • Converted lots of "if debugging on them print local message" to function calls
  • Removed or compacted many debugging statements


  • Fix option slider values being fractional
  • Any existing fractional values will be converted to integers on upgrade
  • Small consistency tweaks to options panel layout


  • Support 5.4.2 change that adds the realm name suffix to the guild roster character names (fixes PR/EP/GP for mains and alts always showing 0)
  • More code cleanup
  • Remove useless statement ending semi-colons


  • Bump TOC for 5.4.2
  • Show version in options panel title
  • Add more info to /rr help output (English only atm)
  • Lots of code cleanup


  • Russian fix attempt #3


  • Russian fix attempt #2
  • ToC update


  • Russian Locale fix?


  • Fixed some RR_Command errors (Like when you click on someones roll)

Raid Roll 4.6.4

  • ToC Update
  • Slash command fix (/rr)

Raid Roll 4.6.3

  • Itemlevel = nil bugfix on item sending

Raid Roll 4.6.2

  • UnitIsGroupAssistant fix

Raid Roll 4.6.1

  • Ignore sigils

Raid Roll 4.6

  • ToC Update
  • Various MoP Fixes

Raid Roll 4.5.2

  • Toc update

Raid Roll 4.5.1

  • Added option "/rr assign bank" to assign current target as bank
  • Added option "/rr assign de" to assign current target as disenchanter
  • Added option "/rr assign bank <player>" to assign <player> as bank e.g. "/rr assign bank killerpet"
  • Added option "/rr assign de <player>" to assign <player> as disenchantere.g. "/rr assign de killerpet"
  • The option for disenchanters or bankers shows up if noone rolls on loots or if you ignore all rollers (via right click). If only a banker or disenchanter is assigned then you can give the loot to them by clicking the button (left click or right click). If both are assigned you can assign the loot to the player of your choice. Left click to assign it to disenchanter. Right click to assign it to banker.
  • Added option to announce in chat what item is being assigned and the reason for assigning it (may be disabled in options)
  • Many phrases that were announced in "/say" when you were not in a party are now announced locally (if i missed any or any phrases are not working as intended please write a post)

Raid Roll 4.5.0

  • Toc Update
  • Fixed bug with mouse scrolling

Raid Roll 4.4.19

  • Shift-Clicking Itemlinks in the loot tracker is fixed

Raid Roll 4.4.18

  • Toc update

Raid Roll 4.4.17

  • Added check for ItemLink = nil

Raid Roll v4.4.16

  • ToC update

Raid Roll v4.4.15

  • Added "ACP Cataclysm Compatability"
  • Default GP = 1
  • Hopefully more accurate EPGP variable saving

Raid Roll v4.4.14

  • Updated toc file

Raid Roll 4.4.13a

  • Added Simplified Chinese Localization

Raid Roll 4.4.13

  • Item checking by id rather than name
  • Russian 1st letter bug fix (hopefully)
  • You can now award old loot with a click (ones that you have finished rolling on and are on a new item now)

Raid Roll 4.4.12

  • Even shorter addon messages sent

Raid Roll 4.4.11

  • Shorter addon messages sent

Raid Roll 4.4.10

  • Fixed a bug when scrolling with the loot tracker

Raid Roll 4.4.9

  • Added option to loot tracker - Only display loots for WotLK raids
  • Fixed "you are not in a guild" spam when looting mobs
  • Added option to accept "!bid" values with no numbers beside it

Raid Roll 4.4.8

  • Zh-tw attempt 2

Raid Roll 4.4.7

  • Zh-tw re-encoded

Raid Roll 4.4.6

  • Added slash commands for options
    • /rr config
    • /rr option
    • /rr options

Raid Roll 4.4.5

  • Minor bug fix

Raid Roll 4.4.4

  • Updated German and Chinese phrases

Raid Roll 4.4.3

  • GuildInfo fix

Raid Roll 4.4.2

  • Russian Locale fix

Raid Roll 4.4.1

  • Added option to announce Multi Rollers (People who roll more than once)
  • Added the EPGP module which must be enabled for EPGP to work (Disabling this module will reduce requests to the server)

Raid Roll 4.4.0

  • Fixed bug with spell/achievement links being treated like itemlinks
  • You can now track bids in chat. e.g. "!bid 28" Default: OFF
  • You can now track "!epgp" command in chat. Default: OFF

Raid Roll 4.3.4

  • Added French localization
  • Fixed Guildinfo bug

Raid Roll 4.3.4

  • Chinese language fix (Attempt 2)

Raid Roll 4.3.3

  • Fixed bug where loot tracker was always opening on a player looting rather than only opening when new loot was found
  • Fixed bug when using announce messages for 5th+ items
  • Fixed French roll tracking issue (hopefully)
  • Fixed Chinese roll tracking issue (hopefully)

Raid Roll 4.3.2

  • Removed debug message

Raid Roll 4.3.1

  • Hopefully fixed Chinese rolling error

Raid Roll 4.3.0

  • You can check if the addon has loaded using "if RaidRollHasLoaded == true"
  • You can have 3 buttons for announcing (Default is still 2)
  • You can show alts PR values as their mains PR value (EPGP)
  • Fixed naming conflict with Neat Freak

Raid Roll 4.2.9

  • Fixed a clash with EPGP
  • Added localizations

Raid Roll 4.2.8

  • Updated localizations (thx to all who contributed)
  • Moved some checkboxes

Raid Roll 4.2.7

  • More German localizations added

Raid Roll 4.2.6

  • Bugfix

Raid Roll 4.2.5

  • Added many tooltips
  • Added ability to report winner to guild (or officer)
  • Rearranged options menu
  • Moved priority options to its own category


  • Stable release

Raid Roll 4.2.1 Beta

  • +10% more russian

Raid Roll 4.2.0 Beta

  • Shows roll/epgp info on player mouseover
  • Loot tracker can be loaded optionally

Raid Roll 4.1.0 Beta

  • Added roll button
  • Added announce winner button
  • Added No countdown option

Raid Roll 4.0.1 Beta

  • Fixed Russian localization

Raid Roll 4.0.0 Beta

  • New Loot tracking interface
    • Can be shown by alt+left clicking the LDB button (or /rr loot)
    • Only sends and displays epics and certain rares looted in raids
    • Possibly only displays for raids in english client (If someone could clarify this it would be great)
    • You can disable the showing of the window in the options
    • You can also receive loot data from guildmates in guild channel (You dont have to be in the raid, disabled by default. May be useful for Guild Leaders)
    • Auto resend item data to reduce chance of item not being in local cache
    • Customizable messages for rolling on items
  • Added ability to ignore a person from the rolls list (right click their name)
    • This is only for that roll id / item
  • Added ability to mark a person with various marks (currently "!", "(N)", "(G)", "(NG)") (left click on their name)
    • This applies to all roll ids / items
  • Removed 5 second 5,4,3,2,1 countdown
  • Countdown counts from 10 seconds then announces at 5 seconds then announces winner
  • Added option to auto announce the countdown and winner
  • Added button to clear roll memory
  • Added button to clear mark memory
  • Renamed "clear" button to "new id" button
  • Countdown button now says "Awaiting rolls" when no rolls are present
  • Fixed bug with awarding items to players (doesnt find the player)
  • Fixed bug where it was not accepting "Roll [itemlink]" commands from party leader
  • Added ability to auto close window after awarding loot
  • Added ability to finish rolling early if there is less than 10 seconds left in the count

Raid Roll 3.9.2 (Temp Bugfix)

  • Fixed bug when people roll a non 1-100 roll
  • No longer announces 5,4,3,2,1


  • Added Russian localization


  • Added award loot button

3.8.3 Looter Alpha Cosmetic

  • Shiny

3.8.3 Looter Alpha

  • Testing the loot tracking, players shouldn't notice any difference between this and 3.8.3, if you do then please leave a comment. If you want to display the loot frame type "/run RR_LOOT_FRAME:Show()" but remember it is still in alpha stages


  • Fixed bug when you roll and arent in a party
  • Added ability to change roll time (5s to 120s)


  • Added announce button
  • Auto tracking any items linked in /rw


  • German rolling fix


  • Added EPGP Support, You can enable this in the options menu
  • Fixed bug with setting ranks (Rank names not showing up)


  • Added class colors to the rolling screen

3.7.3 Dridzt Version General Cleanup (no functionality changes)


CODEBASE: version 3.7.3


  • reformat / properly indent RaidRoll.xml because: "it hurts our eyes!"
  • use 'self', '...' and the locally passed arguments making it wow 2.x+ compliant in place of the deprecated 'this', arg# globals.
    • remove the redundant extra frame creation in RaidRoll_OnLoad(). We already have a reference to the addon frame (see above).
    • fix the event handler accordingly RaidRoll_Event(). We already have a reference to the addon and the arguments. because: it's cleaner (doesn't create an unneeded extra frame), doesn't pollute the global namespace, current implementation will break eventually when the deprecated wow 1.x globals are removed.
  • make the RR_Test() function actually do something and use it for debug output instead of ChatFrame1:AddMessage and DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage because: consistency, actually checks that DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME exists before outputting, won't bug out on passing 'nil' or non-string arguments.
  • globally replace getglobal() with _G[] because: it's wasteful and adds performance overhead to call a global function to do a table lookup a gazillion times, instead of doing the table lookup directly.


  • Hopefully fixed the bug on startup
  • Added tooltip for the item being rolled on


  • German localization modification


  • You can now modify the guild rank priority


  • Modified the options menu's
  • Added scroll bar for scale
  • Added scroll bar for rank width
  • Added ability to show/hide group
  • Hopefully fixed scrolling error
  • Fixed rerolling error
  • Added more words to be localized


  • added the slash handler /rrl (i will remove it if there is any conflicts)
  • Fixed the "Leer" to "Leeren" in german localization
  • Catching rolls is now localization independent thanks to zanglang and his addon "RollTracker Lite"
  • Removed those annoying SendAddonMessage whispers for users from Lightning's Blade
  • You can now raid roll in a party as well as in a raid. The commands are still the same (/rr and /rr [Itemlink])
  • Added a debug option ( /rr debug ) which can help in finding and reproducing any bugs you find


  • DB nil error bugfix


  • Localized in German


  • Fixed a null bug


  • Added scrollbar
  • Added ability to mark rollers with an !


  • Added options screen
  • More LDB support
  • Non-standard rolls are marked with a *


  • Added name to LDB button


  • Minor LDB support
  • Added width function


  • Added ability to track many rolls from one person
  • Added ability to track guild ranks
  • Added ability to give higher ranks priority
  • New GUI


  • Changed the position of the item name (that is being rolled on) to make it easier to read


  • Automatic window resizing if the itemlink is too big


  • Added commands:
    • /rr enable - Enables raid rolling tracking
    • /rr disable - Disables raid rolling tracking
    • These settings are saved between sessions


  • Settings are now saved between sessions on a per character basis
  • When you create a new window it waits for someone to roll before counting down


  • Options are now displayed in the raid rolling window


  • Fixed a bug where someone saying an itemlink with "roll" in the name would open the rolling frame
  • Added a 60 second countdown to the top left of the frame
  • Allowed the tracking of non-announced rolls


  • Fixed a bug with a player roll 100
  • Added the ability to track all types of rolls (e.g. 1-50, 50-100)
  • Only tracks rolls made within 60 seconds of the announcement


  • Now tracks rolls made on items


  • Added ability to announce itemlinks using one of these commands:
    • /rr [Itemlink]
    • /rr re [Itemlink]


  • New command "/rr re" to reroll


  • Fixed a nil error


  • Fixed bug
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 10
  • Next


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