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About QuickQuest


QuickQuest is a quest automating addon that will do the most enduring questing tasks for you.
It allows the player to quickly accept and deliver quests, among other features, to speed up the questing experience.

It comes with a solid set of options, accessible through typing /quickquest or simply /qq in the chat.

It has the following features:

  • Automatically pick up any quest.
  • Automatically deliver any quest.
  • Automatically use items that starts a quest.
    • Item filter in the options for blacklisting certain items.
  • Automatically skip single gossip options.
  • Automatically pick up trivial quests.
    • Only works if the player is tracking trivial quests through the minimap.
  • Highlights the most valuable quest rewards.
  • Holding shift will temporarily disable the automating.


If you'd like to help translate this project, please follow this link:


If you have a question, please use the comments section on Curse/WoWInterface.
If you would like to report a bug or contribute to the project, please follow this link to get started.


Please see the LICENSE file.

Changes in 70300.33-Release:

  • Added: Chieftain Hatuun to the NPC blacklist

Changes in 70300.32-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Changed: Update embeds for regression fix

Changes in 70200.31-Release:

  • Changed: Proving Grounds is being ignored globally now
  • Fixed: LibStub not being packaged recusively

Changes in 70200.30-Release:

  • Changes: No auto-gossip for class challenges

Changes in 70200.29-Release:

  • Fixed: Items not showing up in the blacklist on first load

Changes in 70200.28-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Removed: Support for ignoring quests, removed by Blizzard

Changes in 70100.27-Release:

  • Fixed: Libraries path

Changes in 70100.26-Release:

  • Changed: Profession world quests ignoring now work on any locale

Changes in 70100.25-Release:

  • Changed: No longer attempts to automate delivery of "Supplies Needed" world quests

Changes in 70100.24-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Changed: No longer attempts to automate delivery of work order world quests

Changes in 70000.23-Release:

  • Added: Option to disable during Withered Scenario (need localization help!)
  • Added: Automated rogue class hall door opener
  • Added: Exception for Nomi's (MoP version) daily cooking quests
  • Changed: Added values to items from the Sixtrigger Brothers' quest chain
  • Removed: Old beta client compatibility

Changes in 70000.22-Release:

  • Fixed: Incorrect path in the pagacker metadata file (internal fluff)

Changes in 70000.21-Release:

  • Added: Sassy Imps to the blacklist
  • Added: Option to automatically share quests (warning: prone to be annoying)
  • Added: Support for ignored quests
  • Added: (Hopefully) proper support for auto-completing quests
  • Added: Legion's new bonus roll currency NPC to the blacklist
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Changed: Using a library to create the options
  • Changed: Using a library to handle API inconsistencies
  • Fixed: Garrison scouting missions not being ignored
  • Fixed: Auto-accept quests' window getting stuck
  • Fixed: String error in the options
  • Fixed: Garrison "Mission Specialist" NPC for Alliance not being ignored
  • Removed: Auto-accepting quests that start from items (handled by the default UI now)

Changes in 60100.20-Release

  • Added: Garrison scouting missives to the default item blacklist

Changes in 60100.19-Release:

  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Sealing Fate automation still running (quest was changed)

Changes in 60000.18-Release:

  • Added: Royal Reward as cash reward from quests in Uldum
  • Added: Blacklist for auto-accepting weekly seal quests
  • Changed: Improved behavior for auto-accepting quests
  • Changed: Blacklist more commonly misclicked NPCs

Changes in 60000.17-Release:

  • Added: More options for handling gossip in raids
  • Changed: Blacklisted bodyguards from auto-gossip
  • Changed: Disabled localizations until they are more mature
  • Fixed: Modifier not working when inverted
  • Fixed: Quest rewards sometimes not highlighting properly
  • Removed: Delay option

Changes in 60000.16-Release:

  • Added: Changelog
  • Added: Localization
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: "Auto quests" should now complete properly
  • Fixed: Further issues brought on by the beta client
  • Removed: Compatibility code for "Mists of Pandaria"

Changes in 50400.15-Release:

  • Added: Support for "Warlords of Draenor" expansion

Changes in 50400.14-Release:

  • Fixed: Darkmoon Faire teleporting option

Changes in 50400.13-Release:

  • Added: License
  • Added: Metadata file for the curseforge packager
  • Added: Custom dropdown to avoid tainting default UI
  • Changed: Renamed the addon to "QuickQuest"

Changes in 50400.12-Release:

  • Added: Automatically accept area-triggered quests
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Starting-area quests
  • Fixed: Options not being selected/shown when using chat command
  • Fixed: Item caching
  • Removed: Forced quest tracking logic

Changes in 50300.11-Release:

  • Added: Information on tooltip for items in the filter options
  • Added: Support for filtering items that is part of a quest
  • Fixed: Items in the filter options not having textures

Changes in 50300.10-Release:

  • Added: Delay option
  • Changed: Update Interface version

Changes in 50200.9-Beta:

  • Added: Item filter options
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Make sure we're able to start the quest from an item before we try to start it

Changes in 50001.8-Beta:

  • Fixed: Errors during login due to early BAG_UPDATE event firing
  • Fixed: Logic behind reverse modifier behavior

Changes in 50001.7-Beta:

  • Added: Options
  • Fixed: Make sure the quest is tracked on accepting it
  • Fixed: Issue with area-triggered quests
  • Fixed: Remove even more spam from the chat

Changes in 50001.6-Beta:

  • Added: Item filter for specific repeatable quests
  • Changed: Disable auto-accepting quest items while at a merchant
  • Fixed: Remove more spam from the chat
  • Removed: Quest log modifications

Changes in 50001.5-Beta:

  • Added: Support for "Mists of Pandaria" expansion
  • Added: Champion's Purse real value (10 gold)
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Select the first quest reward automatically if there's only one
  • Fixed: Get the correct index for gossip quests
  • Fixed: Taints caused by Blizzard leaking a global variable
  • Removed: Quest querying system

Changes in 40300.4-Beta:

  • Added: Automatically pay the Darkmoon Faire teleporters
  • Added: Spam filter for auto-accepting quest items
  • Changed: Disable auto-accepting quest items while at a mail box, bank or guild bank
  • Changed: Disable auto-gossip feature while in a raid

Changes in 40300.3-Beta:

  • Changed: Disable while at the guild bank
  • Changed: Let quest querying be forced if needed
  • Changed: Manually add quests to the completed list

Changes in 40300.2-Beta:

  • Fixed: Quest querying

Changes in 40300.1-Beta:

  • First public release
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  • 2
  • 3
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