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About PvP Score Board

Implements an Alliance vs Horde score board for PvP e-sport events featuring a timer and synchronization. Can be used for any kind of PvP events such as open PvP games, war games, battlegrounds and arenas.


  • Alliance vs Horde score display with HD textures
  • Timer
  • Transparent cross-faction synchronization
  • Works in 5-man parties and 40-man raids
  • Remains displayed on screen when interface is hidden for event videos and live steaming
  • Fully controlled by raid leaders, do not require any action by other raid members

How it works

You need a Horde and an Alliance raid/party. The raid leaders of the 2 raids must be Battle.net/RealID friends to enable the cross-faction synchronization and have installed the addon (obviously!). The score board is automatically displayed and updated automatically for other raid members who have installed the addon. Give this short URL to your raid members to lead them to the addon download page: http:goo.gl/7utV7

The raid leaders first need to set up the Battle.net synchronization. To enable synchronization, just type /sbsync folllowed by the name of the other faction's raid leader's in-game character. The other raid leader must do the same with your character.

The addon only works when in a raid or party. Commands and controls are only available for raid leaders and assistants. Type /sb to enable the score board on the screen of both raids' members who have installed the addon. To set up the timer, type /sbtimer followed by the amount of time you want. You can enter seconds, or use the mm:ss or hh:mm:ss format. (ie /sbtimer 500, /sbtimer 7:30, /sbtimer 1:30:00).

If you need to adjust the score, you can do it anytime by typing the /sbscore command, followed by the Alliance and the Horde score. (ie /sbscore 3 2).

Once a faction scores a point, just click the "Goal!" button below the faction's score. A huge notification appears on the screen with the faction logo and a cool cheering crowd sound. The timer is paused. Press resume button below the timer to resume the game.

The score board keeps showing on the screen when the interface is hidden. This allows videomakers and streamers to show the whole action of the game and the score without the annoying WoW interface, as on TV!


Commands are only available to raid/party leaders.

  • /sb Toggle score board
  • /sbsync characterName Enable score board synhronization through Battle.net. characterName is the name of your Battle.net buddy's WoW Character to synchronize with.
  • /sbscore AllianceScore HordeScore Change the score.
  • /sbtimer Time Change the timer's time. Accepts seconds or mm:ss and hh:mm:ss formats.


  • Legion TOC update


  • Fixed goal/timer animation showing twice if triggered by current player


  • Updated for patch 5.1
  • Score board now hides when the player leaves the group


  • Fixed Battle.net communication (BattleTags)
  • Fixed button layout when interface scaling is disabled


  • Updated for WoW 5.0.4


  • Fixed pear-to-pear communication to BNet buddy when the status message is initiated by another party assistant.


  • Initial release
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