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About Premade Group Finder


I have been working on an addon that will alarm you and notify you about premade groups that are of your interest. I know some people here are looking for the rare mounts in WoD and at times you can see groups like "poundfist is up" but it can be frustrating and boring to spam update premade groups. So that is why I made this addon. Now you can enter custom keywords such as "poundfist", "poundfist is up", "up" or "Blackhand" and as soon as a group is created with that name you will get notified!

Contact me in-game: Ant <Endless> on Kazzak for troubleshooting or questions


  • It automatically refreshes your premade group list every 10 seconds (you may change this interval to what ever you like)
  • Profiles, to quickly swap between keywords
  • Sorts all groups by date rather than ID
  • Minimap button with functions to open options, toggle enable/disable and load profiles
  • Blacklist troll leaders or filter out keywords to avoid
  • Once a group is found containing your keywords you will be notified in the following ways:
    • Everything is customizable for your preferences.
    • A raid warning sound will be played!
    • You will automatically whisper yourself about the name of the group and what keyword was found!
    • You will automatically whisper all your chosen friends about that a group that you are looking for has been found. It will also let them know about which keyword was found and the name of the group to notify them as well!
    • You will automatically apply / sign up to the group or even groups if there are several!
    • A movable text indicating a group has been found and informing you which one
    • Your WoW-icon on the taskbar flashes
  • PS. It will only notify you once per group that is found to avoid spam.

Slash commands

  • '/pgf' - Opens the options
  • '/premadegroupfinder' - Opens the options
  • '/premadefinder' - Opens the options
  • '/pgf enable' - Enables the addon
  • '/pgf disable' - Disables the addon
  • '/pgf add/remove "keyword" - Adds or removes "keyword"

Minimap functions

  • Left click - Opens the options
  • Right click - Enables/disables the addon
  • Shift click - Opens your current profiles


  • Set up the addon with /pgf
  • Open WoW's Premade Groups
  • Select a category that suits your keywords the best
  • ????? Sit back and relax

Known bugs:

Upcoming features

  • Continued language support
  • Search in multiple categories
  • Option for advanced popup
  • Something really cool!

Special thanks to:

  • hadEsFTW for designing the icon for the minimap button!
  • All you awesome users, really appreciate your feedback and ideas <3

Version 4.3

-Support for 7.2


Version 4.2
-Support for 7.1
-Fixed a bug with minimap not changing on color
-Fixed a bug with version checking on connected realms

Version 4.1
-Minimap Button
-New minimap-mode, On Hover
-The icon is now attached to the minimap
-Added tooltip for instructions to use the minimap button
-Minimap button changes color depending if it is enabled, green for enabled, red for disabled
-Minimap button was converted to .lua from .xml
-Improved UI
-Added Active and Inactive lists, with buttons to move, add and remove keywords freely between lists
-No more "keyword " or "keyword ", the tail of every keyword is trimmed.
-Improved and optimized the matching algorithm
-Added Legion: World Bosses to the default profiles
-Added a blacklist with the possiblity to add and remove blacklisted variables such as Players, Keywords and Servers
-Hooked in to blizzards UI to notify the user if a group has been blacklisted by adding a text in the gametooltip
-Version Checker
-Added a version checker to tell the user if the user has an outdated version
-Group Identifer
-Improved group identification, not only does it factor in the name of the group but also the leader and how long it has been up to make it possible to get notified by 2 different groups with the exact same name
-Refresh rates default is changed to 10s from 30s
-You can no longer choose to sign up as roles your class can not perform
-New auto sign up option, "while not in a group" in addition to "Always" and "Never"
-Clean up
-Renamed 85 variables and functions to PGF specific names
-Optimzied RAM Use
-Friends & Whisper notification

Version 3.5
-Extended support for 7.0.3
-Groups are now sorted by ascending age rather than descending.

Version 3.4
-Added support for 7.0.3

Version 3.3
-Added the option to hide the minimap button
-Restricted placement of the minimap button to inside the game's border.
-Added a button to reset the location of the minimap button
-Increased the framelevel of the minimap button to show above minimap for instance
-Fixed a lua error that appeared at login
-Made an update for the lists in options to get updated in real time when you load a profile using the minimap button
-Fixed a bug from Blizzard where you have to type /pgf twice or press the minimap button twice before it opens the PGF-options instead of game options

Version 3.2
-Fixed a bug with the visual notification where it had a chance to permanently be showing
-New notification option! Flashes the wow icon on your Windows taskbar if you are tabbed out and a group is found
-Visual notification position is now being saved after logging out
-The refresh rate in the settings now get changed without having to press enter if you change the number
-If you open the Group Finder and puts something in to the filter the addon will pause until you remove the filter or close it down, it will also pause if you are manually applying to a group.
-Minimap button implemented with 3 features. Left click opens the options, right click toggles enable/disable and shift click opens your profiles!

Version 3.1
/pgf now makes you see the lists tab rather than the settings tab

Version 3.0
-Added profile feature
-Restored command lines from v1.0a (/pgf add "KEYWORD" /pgf remove "KEYWORD")
-Major visual updated
-Added settings tab for all settings
-Added lists tab for keywords and friends
-Added profile tab for profiles
-Fixed a bug where search on login feature only would search once rather than continuously
-Added enhanced sorting (1. Bnet friends 2. Friends 3. Guildies 4. Date 5. ID)
-Fixed a major bug where the addon would only search in your standard language rather than all checked
-Replaced visual notification with a simple plain text that fades away
-Always give chat notification
-Added standard profiles for Tanaan, Garrison bosses, rare mounts, mop and wod world bosses

Version 2.3(Hotfix):
-Fixed fatal bug with some people not getting auto-signed
-Restored 2 old command lines /pgf enable and /pgf disable to quickly enable or disable the plugin without having to go in to the options
-Added a visual popup notification. If you have ideas of how you want it to look in the future put it in the comments!
-You can now choose which role/roles you want to sign up as

Version 2.2:
-Added support for 6.2
-Removed character limit on friend's names

Version 2.1:
-Added Real-ID support, you can now add in-game friends, battletag friends and realid friends to your whisper notification list
-Added feature to remember what the latest category you searched in was
-Added option to notify guild about groups you find
-Fixed UTF-8 encoding
-Whisper notification to yourself has been simplified, it will now pop up as a system message instead of an actual whisper. The information provided is also simplified.
-Changed logic behind keywords, "poundfist up" as keyword will now trigger all groups that has those two words in it i.e. groups called poundfist is up or poundfist camping group up will both be triggered by the keyword. This is the single most important feature so it may be changed for the better in the future depending on feedback and results.
-Added text to inform you in what category PGF currently is looking in.

Version 2.0:
Added option interface:
-Added option to enable/disable sound notification
-Added option to enable/disable whisper notification
-Added option to enable/disable automatic sign up
-Added a list of all keywords
-Added a list of all friends
Fixed a bug where PGF tries to invite you to a premade group while you already are in a group/raid and are not the group/raid leader
Fixed lua error on login caused by calling a non existing function.
Fixed lua error caused by sending nil values to string.lower()
Added German translation by Xévrélia-Kazzak (if you would like to help with translating the addon to another language please contact me).

Version 1.1b:
Removed text-dumps from chat regarding the value of cmd and args
/pmgf disable will now properly disable the addon
Only notifies you and your friends once instead of continuously sending notifications
Added support for notifying Battle.Net friends
Fixed a data bug which caused old friends to be overwritten by new ones under certain circumstances.

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